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  1. I'm going to nitpick and point out that is not how ionizing radiation works. It would 100% effect anything that's electronic including IPCs. I'd go as far as to say radiation should act as a flash to maint drones, cyborgs, and IPCs while the radiation is above a certain threshold but speaking those words aloud just agro'd every silicon and IPC main. Just look up Radiation and how it effects electronics.
  2. 90% of the roll the dice used is to get a fake spook out of the player base, or with the pretense of an already decided event happening. Considering there are already guidelines in place about the frequency of admin events, or more accurately how frequently we shouldn't do adminbus or event rounds, this shouldn't be an issue. My intention when I do this is to cast a vote first if the server wants a round modifier or not. This is something I do whenever I am planning on doing an event round so its nothing new or surprising. Players are always going to try and expect or predict things admins do. Adding a list of roll the dice round modifiers isn't going to change that.
  3. So I decided to make a list of "round modifiers". This list has 3 free spaces. 5, 10, and 15. Everything else is something that impacts the station as a whole. I want predictions on how cursed it is or potentially could be. As well as a thread to give people an idea of the chaotic things to come. Bear in mind using this list as a reference won't help you. I intend to randomize the actual selections, meaning 1-4, 6-9, 11-14, 16-20 options won't be exactly as listed. 1. Cloner Removed 2. Rogue Singularity 3. S Class Contraband in Maint 4. No Gravity 5. Nothing 6. Rod Storm 7. Solar Eclipse 8. Error 404, Multiple AI Detected 9. All lightbulbs removed. 10. Nothing 11. No Vending Machines 12. Floor Cluwne Infestation 13. Rolling Blackouts / Malfunctioning APC 14. No Starting Power 15. Nothing 16. Multiple Radiation Waves 17. No Disposals 18. No Round Start Robots (beepsky / medibots) 19. Nuclear Device is relocated 20. No Fire Extinguishers or Firelocks Also another disclaimer. This list is for when I do the Roll The Dice. Not every admin.
  4. Oh this is a neat thread. Well lets see, we can start off with my killed off character, Menkheres Veritas. He started off as a human Assistant. He stayed away from Cargo since it wasn't interesting for him. At some point in time, while he was waiting near Brig to talk to the Head of Security about shadowing a Security Officer for off-the-job training, a Traitor suicide bombed the Head of Security, putting Menkheres into crit. Medical transplanted his brain into a humanized Farwa and became a Tajaran. Later getting enough training to become a full time Security Officer. He was eventually captured by the Syndicates and held for ransom against his wife, Sophia Veritas. Unfortunately he was killed after Sophia was caught by Cyberiad security and failed her objectives. His life was well lived but ended to soon. Assistant > Security Officer > Security Pod Pilot > Deceased Then there's Sophia Veritas herself, a Vulpkanin. She has a very neat freak personality, hating it when blood gets on her coat. Her favorite department used to be a tie between Engineering and Security, with Medical being nice until the inevitable shit hit the fan, blood getting all over medbay and it becoming stressful. She also had a pretty sad time as Scientist where she blew herself and a couple close friends up... multiple times. Sorry Shockpoint. Having dabbled with Security, Medical, and Engineering for the most part, decided to try Command out, starting with Chief Engineer. This was before the SM was brought on station by the way. Rarely doing Head of Security unless absolutely necessary, and having a love/hate relationship with Blueshield. She has a bit of experience with Captain but doesn't enjoy the weight of a station's responsibility on her shoulders. I believe she did HoP quite frequently but stopped when it became a regular occurrence of her becoming Acting Captain. Assistant > Security Officer > Station Engineer > Medical Doctor > Virologist > Chemical Researcher > Chief Engineer > Head of Security > Head of Personnel > Blueshield > Captain I have an AI / Cyborg Persona I used to play quite a bit, Red Queen & Red Prince respectively. Though Red Prince is now decommissioned with SecCyborgOS being phased out of NT Manufacturing. There is also the IPC H.E.L.P.eR. that specializes in Medical.
  5. Yes but we still circle back around to what the point is of time-gating it? You still won't get experience without actually doing the thing. It's like jobs requiring job experience to get the job like hello how do I get job experience if you won't hire me to get the experience.
  6. If you think about it, karma locking a job is loosely time-locking a job. Since you need to be active and contributing to the round (for the most part) to get karma to unlock it. It's also worth asking, to what end? Why time lock it? If it's keep people who are inexperienced from playing it. Then the counter argument is, how else are you expected to get experience in that role? The two jobs Blueshield has similarities to are Security for the combat reason, but you're not security. And medbay, but really just the paramedic where you stabilize the VIP to get them to Medbay where THEY fix them. I personally wanna hear more of your suggestion given our counter arguments.
  7. DISCLAIMER: There are my personal opinions based on what I witnessed while spectating or playing myself. I love the changes to Vampires as it adds more variation then previously. Alternatively I only really saw "ITS OP" issues with Hemo. Full power blood needs to go back down to 500, not 1000. My reasoning for this revert is after doing math based on full pop count (150 players), and how the gamemode determines the numbers of vampires. vampire_amount = 1 + round(num_players() / 10) If there are 150 people at high pop, that's 15 vampires attempting to get 1000 total blood for full power. That's 5 crew members for each just to get to full power. That doesn't take into account upkeep of the ability. Based on those numbers. That's half of the crew needed just for them to get full power. It leads to far too much murdering just for the sake of getting full power. With lowpop of 50, that's 5 vampires needing to kill 25 to get full power alone. An alternative is changing the gamemode's equation to have less vampires per crewmember. Blood Bringers Rite should not be able to work through windows. On Kerberos I noticed a vampire on the bridge use it, and it attacked a person standing in the primary main hallway, through 2 windows, and a space tile. Doors I can understand, but not glass and definitely not space. I believe that vampire later stated in deadchat that the regen rate of the rite was a little too powerful but I will let that person come forth if they'd like. Vampiric Claws needs to have their attack speed reduced slightly. It does decent damage and drains blood, but if they're glared you can get 16 hits in before the ability wears off which almost guarantees a kill. Blood Eruption should not ignore armor. Instantly stam crit people with hardsuits when it's an aoe is a bit powerful.
  8. It's sort of difficult to make things proportioned correctly when everything needs a sprite large enough to click on.
  9. A few counter arguments to this. One. Why would SR not gib a changeling just like any other sentient? That sounds snowflakey to me. Two. -> Three. Making them immune just adds a method to tell if they're a changeling. Beating the shit out of them until they get them to a gibber or chapel?
  10. I have a few issues with that OR setup from both a sanitary perspective and a game play (antag) perspective. On the other hand the symmetry (minus that damn trashcan) sings to me.
  11. As some people may have noticed a large amount of the forum topics have been moved from their respective forums to an archived forum. This process is semi-automated - any thread that is not an announcement, ban appeal, application, up-to-date guide, or in the Introductions, NSS Cyberiad Crew Records, and Stories of NSS Cyberiad, and hasn't had a response in over a year will get moved to the Archive. If a discussion comes up that appears to be connected to an archived thread, feel free to link that archived thread in the new topic. Keep in mind though, that trying to necro a topic without good reason may result in a warning.
  12. Wolf annoys her but hasn't made her angry.
  13. Name: Sophia Veritas Age: 24 Gender: Female Race: Vulpkanin Blood Type: O- General Occupational Role(s): Bartender, Surgeon, Chemist, Virologist, Security Officer, Head of Security, Station Engineer, Chief Engineer Biography: Originally persuaded to join NT and sign up for the Cyberiad by her late husband Menkheres Veritas. Qualifications: Skilled at the legacy engine setup. Passed medical and security SoP and Space Law qualifications, Employment Records: Prior Medical and Surgical Experience Prior Security Experience Prior Engineering and Electrical Experience Revoked RnD Clearance - Check Security Records for Details. Security Records: Revoked RnD Clearance due to having multiple mishaps resulting in max capacity explosions in Test Lab, resulting in the death of multiple crew members. Medical Records: Shellguard Munitions right hand prosthesis. OCD - Dislikes having blood on their clothes or their body. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): (Source: MysticLiger) Other Notes: Tends to hold a grudge if angered.
  14. 1. Oh god I'm a girl! 2. Oh god I have a tail! 3. Oh god this is like my nightmares, we're all gonna die! 4. Ew why is there blood all over the floor. >:c
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