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  1. When the station gets hit by the Singulo but its on a diet.
  2. 3 threads that only got like 9 views and were forgotten
  3. Basically: Gloves of the North Star, but the damage is added up for a short while and delivered in one big burst. Why? Because it would be absolutely glorious. The Details: When you attack someone with the gloves, they wouldn't instantly be damaged. Instead, there would be a delay during which all further damage caused by the glove would add up. After the delay ends the entire accumulated damage would hit the target in one big burst. Everything like bone break chance would be handled as if one big amount of brute damaged hit the target. For the length of the delay I currently don't have a precise number in mind, but it would have to be pretty short.
  4. For what my opinion is worth, I support the Field training Officer job. Keeping track of all aspects of Space Law and SOP can be hard for new officers. Giving them someone in security they can turn to if they have a question (That isn't an already stressed HOS) sounds good.
  5. This is a small 800 word story I randomly felt like writing, its in here cause the "Stories of NSS Cyberiad" forum section is for things that actually happened in rounds. --------------------------------- This story is one that has not actually happened on Space Station 13, but on one of the neighboring Stations. Space Station 12, to be exact. Now it’s important to mention that Space Station 12 is not nearly as chaotic as Station 13. Even their clowns are calm compared to the fear inducing enigmas that are the Station 13 clowns. However, there was one day when Station 12 went to complete shit on levels that would have made any Station 13 clown proud. A day where science went too far. The sequence of events on that day began - like many great stories do - with a group of drunk scientists(I didn’t say that Station 12 was completely innocent concerning work ethics). Witnesses who still had intact memories of the events reported that the scientists apparently were unhappy with the low amount of beer, so they decided to use all their fancy tech to upgrade it. No one is sure exactly how they did it, but they managed to create the first known instance of bluespace beer - and then used their machines to create a whole lot more. Now, these special beer bottles somehow held more beer per unit of beer, effectively increasing the total amount of beer in them. However, bluespace being the unpredictable thing it is, the bluespace beer also had an unexpected property: If you were to actually attempt to drink it, the bottle teleported its entire content straight into your body, affecting your body the same way as if you had exed the entire extra capacity bottle. This resulted in the scientists instantly becoming drunk on levels not thought possible. Before succumbing to alcohol poisoning the scientists managed to announce the creation of a new world wonder and shared the bottles among the crew, while forgetting to mention its special property. Many unsuspecting crew members who only wanted to drink some beer were hit by sudden giant amounts of alcohol in their system. Even command fell victim to this, resulting in a series of concerning faxes sent to Centcom and the Syndicate in alternating order. Both sides realised that the station was in its most vulnerable state yet. Instantly an ERT and a group of syndicate Agents was send at the same time. One to secure, the other to steal whatever weird new technology Station 12 had managed to create. It is important to note that the faxes were not eligible enough to convey the special properties clearly, which caused one of the syndicate agents to fall victim to the bluespace beer. Scientists at Centcom have theorized that some of the bluespace beer got ported directly into the agents holoparasite implant, causing a malfunction which in turn created a never before seen module: “Alcohol”. The Holoparasite then proceeded to hunt after any crewmember who hadn’t ingested any bluespace beer yet, punching massive amounts of alcohol into their system. This new module wasn’t optimal, for the parasite also involved the rest of the syndicate team in its rampage, effectively neutralizing them. The ERT arrived soon after, but to their surprise what was left of the Stations crew had appeared to have become pretty good drinking buddies with the holoparasites host. An attempt to dispose of the alcohol holoparasite resulted in the forming of a giant angry lynch mob which forced the ERT members to retreat. A decision was made by Centcom to put together a new Squad unlike any other: The “Emergency Sober Team”. Equipped with syringe guns full of Antihol, they proceeded to go to war against bluespace beer. In the end they managed to defeat the holoparasite and save most of the station from death by alcohol poisoning. The only crewmembers of Station 12 left completely sober that day were a slime politician who declared bluespace beer as a chemical weapon and a group of Cyborgs that fended of the holoparasite when it tried to go after the slime. Having taken back control over the station Centcom utilized their BSA to remove any trace of the machine responsible for the mass production of bluespace beer. Unofficial sources say that Centcom feared the amount of expenses the syndicate could cause with this technology. The clones of the scientists responsible for creating the machine were injected with enough amnesia to make them forget the last two days of their life and told to never experiment with beer ever again. The very next day life on Station 12 went back to the usual, with no one being completely sure how Centcom managed to repair the station that fast. And that’s the end of this story, or at least of what the official and unofficial sources have to say about it. There is a rumour that the instructions for creating bluespace beer were recovered by the EST and stored somewhere deep in Centcom's database. Whether this rumor is true or not, maybe it would be for the best if the instructions stayed lost forever.
  6. I swear I have read through the list of traitor items on the wiki so many times and somehow missed it every time. But hey if it's already in the game than at least that means it wasn't a bad idea.
  7. Hello there, it's me again with more suggestion. Bad news is its only two this time, good news is I improved the format a little bit by adding a "why" section where I talk about some background thoughts I have about the idea. Box of Energy Shurikens - 6 Tc - A box filled with Energy Shurikens. Perfect for people who love throwing things. When thrown Energy Shurikens deal 20 Damage and embed upon hitting someone. Why: Because it would be nice to have a proper high damage throwing weapon. It would kinda be the more expensive and stronger version of those syndicate cards. “A reminder of the one time the syndicate worked together with the Spider clan.” Rabies Shot - Scientist only - 6 Tc - An injector that when used on a simple mob turns it hostile after two minutes. Holds 5 Charges. It should be noted that the user of the injector is in no way safe from the wrath of the simple mobs, so best to get away fast. Why: The basic idea behind this one is to have a traitor item made for xenobiologists. We all know how they love to sometimes spread massive amounts of neutral mobs through the station like space bears and the likes. Now imagine what chaos could unfold if these mobs suddenly turned hostile. Concerning sentient simple mobs, the injector could either outright refuse to inject them or the players would be told to go wild. “Not the Bears!”
  8. No man has ever had a worse day than me on that round. The paragraph of ranting in the screenshot doesn't even begin to describe the horrors of working under the chef. I was full of meat that was made out of my old body after I got cloned, we regularly got attacked by giant spiders and different variants of Goats (including a Goat that came out of blood like a slaughter demon) and at one point the Chef put me on a meat spike which he regretted so much that he ended up gibbing himself. After I took over the kitchen I was set on arrest for some reason (maybe because an officer mistook a spider on a meat hook for a real one and emptied his lasers into it). I went in prison for over 10 minutes. After coming out I decided to retire the chef life and gave my chef hat to some assistant who had worked in the kitchen while I was in prison. As I tried to fully leave this life behind I was suddenly abducted by aliens and teleported BACK INTO THE GODDAMN KITCHEN. This is where the screenshot happened. I was literally unable to stand up. Then I proceeded to randomly emit EMPs until I died of oxygen loss. The End.
  9. Hello and welcome to this community! On the matter of roleplay have some tips: You probaby already know about the "me" command, but what about all the possibilities of the emotes? With the use of *help (if I remember right else try to use any not existing emote command and it should tell you which one shows the list) you can check all possible emotes. Some of them have very interesting effects, like *collapse just making you flop to the ground like you had a seizure (I think you even take some brute damage!) or *deathgasp sending the message to everyone near that normally gets sent when you fully die and a whole lot more to experiment around with.
  10. This is your Bible, always keep it close to your heat.: https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Edit: Also I completely forgot to like say Welcome to the Space station 13 Community, prepare for a vast number of wild rides. Seriously though always nice to have moar people!
  11. I did not expect the double character action coming from Spark, BUT TWO CAN PLAY AT THAT GAME --------------------------------------------------------- Wind over the Void would have been happy enough with the amount of work 1 meteor creates, but an entire meteor shower?! That just meant enough leaks that some other engineer was going to have to help him out if he wanted to have a chance to fix all of them before some unlucky crew member gets himself spaced. At least Cargo was fixed by now. Welp, time to circle the station some more until he reached the next leak.... ... Looking at Chase Tireman, you could easily mistake him as a time traveler who forgot to adapt his look for the time period he traveled to. Not many humans wore a fez combined with cheap sunglasses in the 26th Century. If you were to actually talk to him, it would only make you believe it even more. However, currently Chase Tireman was not in a condition to speak, much less hold a proper dialogue. Lying on a bed in dorms, he was busy slowly recovering from a major case of alcohol induced headache and some not quite as major but still painful chest pain. "Should not have taken part in a drinking contest that involved a kidan, not my raddest idea. I'm not sure what they served us, but it sure caused most of my memories to cease to exist - and fuck something up in my che- wait a second this chest pain isn't coming from inside my body!" Looking under his jumpsuit, Chase Tireman realized that someone had stapled a Note to his chest, which was like... who even DOES THAT?! Removing the staples, which made him - despite the major headache - desire some more of whatever he had back then, he managed to free the note and take a closer look at its contents. "Dear Drunk Idiot, This note is an official reminder that you work for the cool kids now. I'm gonna be honest with you, at the time when I pitched you to the higher ups I was probably half as drunk as you where. I... didn't actually expect you to be accepted as an agent which makes this really awkward. It probably helped that I told them you would do it for free. Ps: If try to back out of this we're totally gonna find and murder you. Cheers!" At the end of the note was an arrow indicating for Chase to turn it around. So he did. "Objective 1: Steal something of worth Objective 2: Escape on the shuttle (Preferred Alive)" Below were some codes and instructions on how to utilize them. Chase Tireman couldn't shake of this feeling that they weren't actually putting that much trust into him. Following the instructions, Chase Tireman input a code into his PDA which opened a hidden window. He was greeted by the words "Telecrystals Left: 10". The feeling instantly intensified. Scrolling through the options, Chase Tireman noted that he couldn't even afford some of them. Not like he was planning on getting the big dangerous sounding ones anyway. After a short look through it was the "Job Specific" Option that caught his attention, because what could be cooler than something only someone with his job could have. It also helped that they were gloves literally designed to steal stuff. Putting on his new Pickpocket's Gloves, stashing the note somewhere where no one would find it and closing the Uplink - which now had 4 telecrystals left - for now Chase Tireman exited the Dorms room, wondering why it was build so deep into maintenance.
  12. Sorry didn't have much time today to visit forum so I didn't get to answer this earlier, concerning character limits I didn't really have any in mind. I don't have anything against reading lotta text. ---------------------------------------- Wind over the Void is currently officially in the process of circling around the station in search for leaks. His shift has just started and there should be no chance of any leaks existing, but this station also wasn't like most stations. You never know when a meteor or, when some god just really felt like ruining engineering's entire day, a rod is going to crash into the amalgamation of metal the station has as walls (I mean would you trust walls that are hand made out of metal sheets?). Before working on this Station Wind over the Void once had a run in with one of these rods while drifting through space. Back then it punched a hole straight through his body without mercy. He was lucky that it missed any important organs. Concerning chances of survival they were still the better thing to collide with compared to meteors, who were notorious for ending many Diona's lifes. Speaking of Meteors, one just so happened to be zooming towards the station at high velocity. Wind over the Void was just chilling near the windows to space at cargo, when the meteor crashed into the Station before he could even react. One of the reinforced windows ceases to exist, which means there was nothing standing anymore between the cargo area and the cold vacuum of space. While the atmospheric alarms begin reacting to the sudden loss of air and pressure, Wind over the Void thinks to himself that he at least has something to do now.
  13. 1 Suffering that was born in the gap where wellbeing has been excluded.