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  1. 3 threads that only got like 9 views and were forgotten
  2. Basically: Gloves of the North Star, but the damage is added up for a short while and delivered in one big burst. Why? Because it would be absolutely glorious. The Details: When you attack someone with the gloves, they wouldn't instantly be damaged. Instead, there would be a delay during which all further damage caused by the glove would add up. After the delay ends the entire accumulated damage would hit the target in one big burst. Everything like bone break chance would be handled as if one big amount of brute damaged hit the target. For the length of the delay I currently don't have a precise number in mind, but it would have to be pretty short.
  3. For what my opinion is worth, I support the Field training Officer job. Keeping track of all aspects of Space Law and SOP can be hard for new officers. Giving them someone in security they can turn to if they have a question (That isn't an already stressed HOS) sounds good.
  4. I swear I have read through the list of traitor items on the wiki so many times and somehow missed it every time. But hey if it's already in the game than at least that means it wasn't a bad idea.
  5. Hello there, it's me again with more suggestion. Bad news is its only two this time, good news is I improved the format a little bit by adding a "why" section where I talk about some background thoughts I have about the idea. Box of Energy Shurikens - 6 Tc - A box filled with Energy Shurikens. Perfect for people who love throwing things. When thrown Energy Shurikens deal 20 Damage and embed upon hitting someone. Why: Because it would be nice to have a proper high damage throwing weapon. It would kinda be the more expensive and stronger version of those syndicate cards. “A reminder of the one time the syndicate worked together with the Spider clan.” Rabies Shot - Scientist only - 6 Tc - An injector that when used on a simple mob turns it hostile after two minutes. Holds 5 Charges. It should be noted that the user of the injector is in no way safe from the wrath of the simple mobs, so best to get away fast. Why: The basic idea behind this one is to have a traitor item made for xenobiologists. We all know how they love to sometimes spread massive amounts of neutral mobs through the station like space bears and the likes. Now imagine what chaos could unfold if these mobs suddenly turned hostile. Concerning sentient simple mobs, the injector could either outright refuse to inject them or the players would be told to go wild. “Not the Bears!”
  6. No man has ever had a worse day than me on that round. The paragraph of ranting in the screenshot doesn't even begin to describe the horrors of working under the chef. I was full of meat that was made out of my old body after I got cloned, we regularly got attacked by giant spiders and different variants of Goats (including a Goat that came out of blood like a slaughter demon) and at one point the Chef put me on a meat spike which he regretted so much that he ended up gibbing himself. After I took over the kitchen I was set on arrest for some reason (maybe because an officer mistook a spider on a meat hook for a real one and emptied his lasers into it). I went in prison for over 10 minutes. After coming out I decided to retire the chef life and gave my chef hat to some assistant who had worked in the kitchen while I was in prison. As I tried to fully leave this life behind I was suddenly abducted by aliens and teleported BACK INTO THE GODDAMN KITCHEN. This is where the screenshot happened. I was literally unable to stand up. Then I proceeded to randomly emit EMPs until I died of oxygen loss. The End.
  7. Hello and welcome to this community! On the matter of roleplay have some tips: You probaby already know about the "me" command, but what about all the possibilities of the emotes? With the use of *help (if I remember right else try to use any not existing emote command and it should tell you which one shows the list) you can check all possible emotes. Some of them have very interesting effects, like *collapse just making you flop to the ground like you had a seizure (I think you even take some brute damage!) or *deathgasp sending the message to everyone near that normally gets sent when you fully die and a whole lot more to experiment around with.
  8. This is your Bible, always keep it close to your heat.: https://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Main_Page Edit: Also I completely forgot to like say Welcome to the Space station 13 Community, prepare for a vast number of wild rides. Seriously though always nice to have moar people!
  9. 1 Suffering that was born in the gap where wellbeing has been excluded.
  10. I present syndicate chapel: : I present syndicate chapel 5 minutes after security found out about its existence:
  11. Well its celebration time! Why you ask? Because this reply to myself is my 50th Post! To celebrate I bought weirdly expensive pizza, because if it costs more it has to taste better right? Sooo it appears that this time I am stuck more to the community than last time, with me actually posting and stuff. Heck maybe one day I'll even try to learn how to code in Byond so I can make at least some of my swarm of suggestions a reality (Cats deserve the ability to properly be dicks to anything sitting on tables). It's always weird to think about if anyone in the community even knows you by now or how first impressions are going(I mean I did get absorbed into sparks nickname army so that's something). From my perspective if I'm honest I will probably never be able to recognize anyone ingame. I'm just too bad at remembering names for that. Well enough talking it's time to open the special pizza. Hey wait a second this isn't pizza that's a-
  12. Going through this entire thread like:
  13. Do you smell it? That smell. A kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells...smelly. SUGGESTIONS! On a more Serious Note I felt like thinking of some Traitor items and because I actually do not intend to spam suggestions to death I contained all of em in one list. Alright lets begin! Reverse Russian Revolver - 2 Tc - Functions and looks like the normal russian revolver but comes with 5 loaded chambers instead of one. Perfect for duelling your target at the bar, just make sure to convince them to go first. (And god have mercy on your soul if he survives the first round.) “Never trust a member of the syndicate to play fairly, especially in matters of life and death.” Madder Dog Hot Sauce - 2 Tc - The hottest Hot Sauce to exist in the universe. It is in fact hot enough to ignite anyone ingesting it on fire. (And make them scream a lot. (Bonus points if they get a giant red message that is even bigger than the OH SHIT ANTS one)). Can be used to put a drop of it into food to make the food just as hot (and dangerous). “Categorised as a chemical weapon in over 30 different planets.” Fake floor Tile - 2 Tc - Looks exactly like a floor tile, but is in reality a piece of painted cardboard. Anyone stepping on it trips and breaks the tile. (At least I think there's enough space between a floor tile and the floor below to get your foot stuck in it if you were to go through the floor suddenly. I mean the smugglers satchel fits there.) Best used to prep a meeting place. “These rarely ever get traced back to a syndicate agent as clowns love to do the same thing.” (Man imagine if anyone could actually do this with some cardboard and a crayon) Martial Mopping Scroll - Janitor Only - 12 Tc - Teaches you the Art of “Mop Fu”. As long as you have a Mop in your hand you gain a bunch of abilities: Instantly wet any floors by clicking on them with mop in hand Deal extra damage with mop on people lying on the ground (Bonus points if he yells random messages like “SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO THE SIGN!”) Natural immunity to slipping on wet floors Maybe projectile deflection like Carp Fu? So the poor guy doesn’t just get shot while trying to look cool. The counter to this would be 2 things: Literally just walking (As they will still be normal wet floors) Anything with slip immunity Borgs. Ps: You really just gotta imagine a madly laughing janitor spreading wetness everywhere while borgs run after him. “An ancient art born from the need to fend off enraged people who didn’t read the sign.” Bucket of Bluespace Paint - 2 Tc - Splash this onto any wall to paint a fake airlock onto it. Anyone trying to use it by running into it runs straight into the wall, sustaining minor brute damage and falling on the ground for a moment. Trying to use it by clicking on it will reveal its true nature as a wall painting. Can be cleaned like crayon drawings. (Omega Bonus points if you remove an actual Airlock and replace it with this) “Someone faxed the syndicate that they should try being creative, now we can’t even trust our own doors anymore!” Advanced Cardboard Cutout - 2 Tc - This Cutout is equipped with sensors that react to light. If shined on with light, after a short delay this cutout will teleport a short distance away and then proceed to self destruct, leaving no trace of its existence. The perfect tool to scare the station into believing the round is Shadowlings. "I'm telling you man IT MOVED!" That's it for now. May make another post in this thread later when I got a new batch of ideas in my head.
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