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  1. I saved the reference pictures to draw @Norstead's Natalya a long time ago... and only recently got the confidence to try it. So here we go! ITT: @Drakeven is a nerd
  2. This thread gives me happiness.
  3. The gradually worked on update is more or less done!
  4. That's such a cool rendition!! I love
  5. :5 Hail Synthetica. Down with organics. *ping
  6. Drake betrayed us. 6 and stones might break my bones, but traitors hurt my soul.
  7. Aw man that's neeeat. Good horror done good
  8. Lovely art dump! Very happy to see these arts
  9. He's so shiny! I love his colour palette
  10. This was a fun read! Thrilling and vivid. Thank you for sharing it with us
  11. On the tenth day of spessmas, Nanotrasen gave to me... A dead clown in security.