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  1. I've been ill! But here's sushi Shesi!
  2. Screenshots I collected lately... Betsy the cultist. My ghost, the morph-turned-Legion-fallen-in-chasm. An old body of mine, de-brained mid-speech, and retaining its speech bubble. I tried.
  3. Oh my god thank you for your work on this, I enjoyed it immensely. Bloody brilliant.
  4. Such a cute Aelwyn!! I love how expressive everything you draw is, and how you put that expressiveness into every bit of the drawing, it really shines through!
  5. I love this art thread so much Everything is so dynamic, your grasp on poses and colours are so wonderful I'm so glad we get to see your lovely art
  6. This is so cute, holy heck!
  7. Yes good!! Bald man with his mouse is so pure, my goodness
  8. I love this. Absolute nerd goodness.
  9. thank you to @Drakeven for the creative colossus nickname seen here
  10. Thank you the comments I get here make me happy happy And the requests too, I have saved them! For now I just have some silly draw the squad doodles and a meme Top to bottom Shesi and Kikeri Cory, Shesi, a xenomaid, Kikeri, Y.A.Y.A and Phoebe Kikeri (left) and Songiki (right) being dramatically affectionate to Gikikigi (middle) A xenomorph and a terror spider holding Cory accountable for being too robust
  11. MORE MACHO ART! Ahh, I'm excited to see a thread update Such cool arts!!