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  1. Not so much this time; prepping to get back to study. (more like playing games)
  2. Hey there! Paradise Station, and Space Station 13, can have some scary game modes and antagonists, so it might not be your type of game, and that's perfectly fine, alright? Feel free to try it as much as you feel comfortable, and as long as you are playing non-Command and non-Security roles, and not a team Antagonist like a Cultist or a Shadowling, if anything gets to be too much for you, you can just close the game window. And with that being said, if you're confused or unsure, feel free to use adminhelp or mentorhelp for help and clarification. Most noises you don't like can be disabled
  3. many thanks! Shading is my one true love. Whilst I'm here, I'm moving my commission art to this thread. Info here- My Ko-Fi: https://ko-fi.com/iantine (you can find infrequent art updates here) My proudest example so far is a commission for Drakeven of her kobold: DM for more info if you are interested!
  4. Here's some assorted recent stuff
  5. Heck yes! Super glad to see you make an art thread! Hope to see more!!
  6. Couple of requests and gifts My own stuff Don't ask
  7. Something I love about your art is how much character there is in it Not just in the face, but in the colours and the vectors and the poses, it's all emotive and I love that
  8. Reminds her of Jason Jedd... who is good, so is good. *nodnod *nodnod
  9. So cool, calm and collected..! Hiding behind more robust friends seems to work...
  10. These are GOOD, I like them a lot! I love sketchy style things, they just feel really vivid
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