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  1. This was attempted previously - pretty much word for word - and denied, see this PR https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/15293
  2. I love your style so goddamn much.
  3. This is adorable and I love it so much
  4. This is absolutely fantastic. Hilarious, informative and super creative read.
  5. Companion unit!! That's so cute! I love their colour palette
  6. I really love the feel of this one.
  7. Yessss, good, the more you post the better! I'm loving all of it
  8. More awesome art to look at! Heck yeah!! I love it!
  9. spent a lot of time on this! various vox I enjoy the original size is double this, but the file size is a bit bulky!
  10. Your art remains a huge inspiration to me to this day <3
  11. Hey, engineer! It's been three whole minutes! Where's the power to xenobiology!?
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