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  1. Apparently not. Spread of mouth is so inconsistent. It works when it should not and works not when it should. Did I not make myself clear enough? Do I really need to speak it out once again aloud? Not that I am dissappointed anyways in any possible way. Do not disturb me on any plattform, be it discord, steam, skype, reaxys, any social networks etc. if you are just going to fucking talk about whats happening here; if you are in an administrative position dont talk to me whatsoever on said plattforms. I want my peace and not be enraged because frankly any form of powertripping pisses me off. I dont mind the few people doing it who are being actual friends. The rest... It does not yield anything of use. I am not going to go into full privat mode just because some scum do not know their boundaries. Especially now that I come to think after yesterdays reminder by some individual who fucking talked to me. Remembering me that someone fucked an entire situation up and did even have the audacity to ask me about a different case I was forced to deal with and not excusing once for their major fuck up. Demanding someone to be sorry while not being able to apologize... Again. If you just fucking talk to me on discord about this game or are associated with the administration do yourself a favor and take your hand and talk to it. It just pisses me off so much I cant even enjoy a week of recovery and vacation. Good fucking lord. Also good grief add an option for people to erase forum accounts. It is not that hard.
  2. Chitin is suprisingly heat resistant unlike Keratin. Toxic chocolate is pretty memish. Make them like... pass out faster from oxyloss due to a faster metabolism rate or something
  3. - IPCs are incredibly fragile... I know its their gimmick to be vulnerable to EMPs but really... instant kill? Who uses semiconductors and transistors in the future... or lacks emp proof materials. Make them pop off a limb, mute them and severly damage their internal components maybe. But not outright kill them. Its a joke for most antags to kill an IPC. - Greys could get an immunity to Fluorosulphuric Acid. Because the Sulphuric Acid immunity is pretty useless considering only Fluorosulpuric Acid is used for murder. That or maybe make Sulphuric acid heal them slowly over time, kind of like Saline Glucose, just less efficient. - Make cardtridges printable for plasmamans suits. Allow cargo to order spare plasmaman suits for some points. - Remove Slime Squishing, Make Slimes weak to all temperature extremes, not just cold, but give them chemical resistance. Neurotoxin and Sarin should do considerable less damage considering they lack a liver and their brain is their slime core. - Drask: Dunno make their armfins actually have a unique bashing sound because they look like they can be used for fighting. Make them maybe glow ever so slightly on their colored arm things. - Vulnerable to heat (not fire/laser/energy/xray damage, just hot atmos), but harder bones to break. Maybe do something with their bones like... not being able to use patches with styptic powder due to having an exoskeleton. Raise brute resistance to balance that out.
  4. Exactly, those stupid poppy seeds contain it in such ridicolous concentration that any chemical synthesis results in being more costly than just extracting it.
  5. Not making Morphine has a reason. There is no way to synthesize Morphine effectivly IRL nor will there be. Only certain plants contain it in larger ammounts.
  6. The mining location being a boring hunk of stone that contains literal trash for loot (most of the time. Okay the ultra rare demon heart never actualy happens if you are antag and they dont hire from manifest ever despite you being able to demon crawl is a huge advantage for sec) instead of a lava filled hellscape is another big pet peeve I hate when RNG screws me over and I roll miner. If it only was some lava filled hellscape with worthwhile challenges, ruins, rewards and loot I would love mining.
  7. TIL always carry a welder to burn paperwork
  8. - Paperwork - Fastmos. Even 1 bar to vacuum doesnt sen you flying. - Sec officers arresting for menial things despite real threats being out there (You vandalized that one window while there are ops inbound) - NT Reps that think they can fire anyone they don't like. - Powertripping NT Reps. - Blueshields not getting more weapons because "Revolver is enough". Then get emped or disarmed and lack a backup weapon.
  9. I know that too well @Normalyman. Esha sounds feminin. But is actually a guy. And I was thinking of him being female the entire time I was playing sec vox.
  10. Slade looks really dapper. Also Spark got abs.
  11. Krav Maga actually hurts people. Dont neck chop people to mute them if they keep screaming, despite how supicious they might look.
  12. Inbefore sec takes clowns shoes when Ruum is antag to prevent soap slip with neglectable slowdown.
  13. If there was something like an "Controllable/Filterable X-Ray-Vision" Gene IRL and its easily add able to anyones genome you can be sure as hell that police and military forces across the world would use it all the time. Heck I would love such an ability even when "just" working in a lab because it would be so handy to have. The SSD on roundstart is common but oh well... if you set all fucking combat intensive roles or roles where you expect to get into action to medium if not high priority and wind up with genetics despite having it set to never and your prefs stating you want to be a Civi if no prefs are aviable (read in as Pseudo RnG fucked you over again) people are of course "cheating" on the system by going ssd, being brought to cryo late, so they dont give up their respawn rights. Do note I do not encourage that stuff. Atleast pretend you do the job and cryo after 30 minutes for reasons like "Yeah dont assign a combat oriented person to fucking medical" or some shit. People who SSD because "NOT ANTAG IN TWO ROUNDS" however despite getting their high priority role... those are fucking horrible. Hacking into a Gateway: Fuck queues and fuck paperwork. Takes the HoP a good 10 minutes to deny the clown all access before activating those fucking flashers, or show him that he wont get all access by gently tapping him with the E-Gun. After thats done guess what: You can file out a form on while you should get gateway explorer while the people hacking into it get a headstart and have clear all the fun stuff (T-Spiders and Syndi Base). On a more unrelated note: The department suffering the most from people who want to be Civi and not doing anything is Botany. Heck I sign up as botanist too if no Civi roles are aviable... then go to the HoP, provided I have my QoL stuff assorted, and ask to be swapped to Civi. And know whats worse? FUCKING HOPS WANTING YOU TO DO PAPERWORK TO BECOME CIVI! GOOD LORD, I BURN THAT FUCKING PIECE OF PAPER INFRONT OF YOU AND JUST NOT DO MY JOB. Those HoPs are the fucking worst. Paperwork in general is horrific if you have to work with that crap on a regular basis IRL. Fuck I know that you have to wear safety goggles in a lab, no fucking need to tell me that every half year and make me fill out bullshit that "assures" my colleagues and me know that. God I HATE paperwork. I cryo over fucking paperwork bullshit. Paperwork bullshit antags that fake paperwork in the most unbelieveable way and still require me to FAX central with PAPERWORK give me fucking conniptions. Fight already like a man. With guns. With Fists. With Energy blades. But not with fucking paper you sadomasochistic prick.
  14. Red hairs is good. Especially if the rest is black :eyes:
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