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  1. I could beat both of you with both arms tied behind my back
  2. The prettyboy must be beaten up! And the slimes must be bullied ...and the robot must be EMPed
  3. Honestly being a roboticist main way ages ago i hated how cramped it was, something like this to just give us more space in general would be a real, real big improvement in my opinion.
  4. Just be cool like me and have one, dweeb though really, that'd be a useful feature for alot of people so i agree
  5. To be fair that's 99% of Shesi "Wait i shouldn't be doing this? But why?" (Also the art is amazing, thank you Drake <3)
  6. Hooray! My first screenshots in this thread, i got to finally be an evil bastard as Shesi and it was real fun, good Rp! I'd basically swirlied Niti, the warden and it turned into a whole set of shenanigans where they totally committed warcrimes such as drowning me, emotional and physical trauma etc. It turned around and Shesi ended up capturing Niti in response and these said screenshots happened, an officer came along and stopped the execution from happening and with a whispered "you owe me" Shesi took off. Only to later call in that favor in the form of giving him their ID so he could wal
  7. It was a massive amount of fun, not often i get involved in RP like that onstation! #SpacenetForevereventhoughtheymurderedme #Andenslavedme
  8. look at that bullyable nerd! good work!
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