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  1. Make it so that you can look at wire functions for various hackable objects around the station in the blueprints. There could be a spot in the menu where you just choose the object you want to look at and it will tell you what each of that objects wires do for that round. Would add some actual use to the blueprints and also it makes sense that the blueprints would have details on how the station wiring is configured.
  2. So before lavaland, the gulag was never used because it was terribly easy to escape and also little use for it. With lavaland, its a little more useful but it's still way faster to just brig people instead. TG has whats called the gulag teleporter Basically you stick someone inside it, put a prisoner ID in the console, set the amount of points needed on the console, then press "Process Prisoner." All of the prisoner's things will be moved into a a reclamation terminal on station they can use when they're back, their cuffs that they have on will be removed automatically at the te
  3. Pretty much everything about ss13 is volunteer work. if you want to update the wiki go ahead and do it. If someone wanted to be dedicated to keeping it updated they could but it's just that no one is bothered to
  4. If the explosion could process instantly and not create a lot of lag this would be cool, but I just don't see it happening otherwise.
  5. If making them not bleed internally is too big a buff, you can add a counter weakness by making them take a load of damage and get a really long stun and be unable to talk clearly for a short time (slimes dont have "mouths" or if they do they are just there to blend in and dont actually have a function. According to their lore and just release vibration from their bodies to talk) when affected by drying reagent. Dont make it a 1 shot but make it to where if you get affected by it youre pretty much a fish out of water and if an antag wants to kill you, youre dead once this happens since youre
  6. As a vox player I can confirm. Brute weakness means Im pretty much always in surgery every time I take damage. but yeah porting nanites from TG would be better.
  7. Hand breaking is really annoying, its so easy to do (only takes 15 damage) meaning any weapon of any substance doing brute will 1 shot break your hand. TG removed aiming for hands and feet completely (I think it was for that reason but I'm not 100% sure on that) I'd really like to see it reworked in a way such that aiming for hands does not practically make the hand removed. I like your idea of the downsides being changed specifically for broken hands, rather than being unable to pick anything up and just dropping everything perhaps make the dropping happen only occasionally and make it s
  8. I did every 2-5 rounds even though thats not entirely accurate because I usually don't play science, but every time I do play science and mining isn't bad I make telescience.
  9. You can? I didnt know that. Im gonna have to do that sometime, but it would indeed count because youre on z2. That seems abuseable though, theres some pretty fat loot at the syndibase Misread your comment. TG actually has a feature similar to my recommendation and you just have to be on the white ship and it counts. I think it has to do with the tiles because I know you have to stand on the white tiles of the ship or it doesn't work (cant go in those engine rooms). I think going to syndibase would be potentially to abuseable, especially since it gives you a place to go where other players
  10. It makes sense that if you have the ship you could just fly away therefore "escaping" for the purpose of antag objectives. This has the benefit of giving antags a way of green texting even on rounds where the station is condemned and gets nuked (terrors, xenos, mid round blobs out of control)
  11. Just reworking pAIs to be less shit but also not too good would pretty much be the same thing.
  12. Just make it so they don't see their messages until either A) The round ended or B) They died and turned on antag hud
  13. Yeah I think that buff could work, it's an interesting change, combined with adrenals it's usable since you have good block chance against stuns and can use the adrenals when you do get stunned But generally team oriented stuff has to be REALLY good to even be worth using because the fact of the matter is that antags are selected completely randomly and the chance that other nukies are competent isn't high so it's just best to one man army and if other nukies are good they'll be doing the same and it works out.
  14. Perhaps clarification on what constitutes multiple crimes is what's needed. Breaking 3 window panes wouldn't be 3 charges. But breaking a bunch of windows at the bridge, then breaking a bunch at cargo, then going and doing it at RnD would. Additionally certain crimes could be immune to stacking. Trespass/ BNE/ Major Trespass could limited to one charge per location trespassed/BNEd/major trespassed. So you can't get 3 charges for Major Tresspass for breaking into the bridge 3 times but you can for breaking into the bridge and security and the teleporter. Non stackable crimes: Narcotic
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