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  1. I don't disagree. My point is that even if this was implemented, if an officer that kills you wants to keep you dead, they will via another method so this doesn't change much at all.
  2. Why SR specifically? I see the decapitation method used far more frequently than SR gibbing, that and cremation, and they all effectively have the same outcome for the changeling besides maybe the possibility of not getting borged. All methods generally prevent the changeling from reviving before they even get a chance to and I don't think changelings should be entitled to a chance to revive if they're caught by security. Codewise, not very difficult to implement however this would conflict with their headslug ability which gibs the changeling so something would have the change there too.
  3. Cryotube mechanics are interesting, they inject chemicals about once every 34 seconds, and inject a total of 10 units split among the ratio of chemicals in the container, so for example the cryoxadone accounts for 0.8 parts of the whole container, so the cryo tube would inject 8 units of cryoxadone into the patient. Now, cryoxadone has a metabolism rate of 0.4 units per cycle (a chemical cycle being around 2 seconds), so by the power of maths this means that you'd have 1.2 units of excess cryoxadone in the patient by 34 seconds which means you could lower the ratio of cryoxadone in your mix. This isn't much but considering the other chemicals in the mix, only 1 unit of each would be injected every 34 seconds which isn't really long enough to do anything useful. Personally, I'd pick epinephrine over ephedrine due to the fact it has a lower metabolism rate, no addiction chance, is better at healing oxygen damage, and will help people with cardiac failure. I may also put some perfluorodecalin in the mix too sometimes, only downside would be the addiction chance in this case. I find mito to be overrated in cryo mixes, and is probably better replaced by something that'll just heal external damage instead. My reason for this is that not many people are going to have so much organ damage that it's going to cause them to be unstable and actually kill them. In the case of a heart attack, epinephrine will help prevent that in the first place and therefore prevent the oncoming brain damage.
  4. Behold me, my wife and her 4 foot tall beaked plush partner. Angery
  5. They go through 9 tiles of rock, which is 3 more than the advanced plasma cutter. The fact they don't move fast on lavaland is a bug that will need fixing, they are meant to.
  6. Keep balance in mind here, removing internal bleeding would be quite a big buff, and how would slimes restore their blood now, besides iron and saline glucose?
  7. While it'd be stupid to buy and play a job you don't know anything about, having an amount of karma does not imply security experience. You'd want this to be locked behind a time limit. I'd personally be for just adding a separate title for security officers, like I see some people using the nurse job (lewd jokes aside), that shows that they don't really have much experience in the role and are still learning. I think officers already have enough people to go to for advice anyways; you have a warden, HoS, IAA, magistrate, NT rep, your fellow officers and mentors to ask for help and advice from. I see this resulting in something like internal affairs where they have no real authority and people will just argue with them all the time over trivial shit.
  8. You even get ammonia from the lockers. I personally like having to work from all the base chemicals and wouldn't really want that to change, especially since you get pretty much all the basic compounds you'll ever need from the chemical storage closets anyway. Energy management is and should remain an important part of playing chemistry, the two chem dispensers are more than you need to make all the medicines if you don't waste a load of chemicals.
  9. I love it, now we just need to get every doctor to read this!
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