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  1. I mean like, the initial popup at round start for people to begin voting. Then at round end you could still add your vote in before it actually finalizes the choice?
  2. Heck I would say have the vote take place at round start while everyone is waiting there at the lobby. They have nothing better to do than wait for the round to start, maybe more might do it while they are waiting.
  3. Siding with Neca on this. The issue is primarily with the vast majority of people just not even bothering to vote because they do not care, forget about it, or think their vote would do nothing. Removing the choice entirely from the players and forcing something down their throats is not a good path forward in regards to something which effects every single round. From a few days ago, heres when I reminded people to vote in an announcement at round end and surprise surprise Delta won the roll. What is telling about this though is that this is a total of 21 votes when the server had around 80+ people in it at the time on the hub listing. I cannot sign off on removing the choice from the playerbase as they are the ones who are playing it every round.
  4. This completely slipped my mind that we put PRR's in here too. April 11th, 2022 @CharliminatorHas been promoted to PRR
  5. April 25th, 2022 @ConfectionCoreHas retired from admin to mentor
  6. The honk is always watching.
  7. Grug give good rocks. Grog give pointy stick for many years of rocks.
  8. Finally you have random shennagains, builds, and pranks I have done to the playerbase as a player myself in game hiding amongst you all either as my character Henry Grandpa gadow or incognito.
  9. Then you have little dance/music parties I occasionally hold as Mr Bones on quiet rounds for the players to relax to as I play music for them and take requests.
  10. Some remaps/minor events I have done to make things a bit different.
  11. Here are some shennagains captured of the players in their natural habitat. Yes, the image below is security capturing a changeling and keeping it contained for the entire round.
  12. Here are some events I give to the crew for them to do during slow rounds, or something to keep things interesting. This line of things will be the build your own shuttle events I run. Had to crew fix up the white ship a few times in the past as an event after docking it at the station. I also have the crew build their own shuttles in order to leave the station.
  13. So, prepare yourselves. Because here comes Grandpa's dump of screenshots and gifs from over the years. Starting with the gifs First thing I did getting admin. Stuck ghosts into the ponies at the lobby screen and made them dance. 2018-11-19_19-12-51.mp4 Quiet round with nothing going on. Decided to frighten the engineers. And the days of Fastmos which some of you were not around for. un3km5i.mp4 Next comes player driven events.
  14. Apparently this grandpa grows plants. Well, it fits what Gadow has gotten into in the back room of the cargo warehouse in the past with his black market drug dealing legit medicinal herbal smokes.
  15. @WarriorstarHah, the amount of work it took me to make space fake was pretty crazy. I am glad everyone that was there that round enjoyed that curveball.
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