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  1. I think they mean something more portable, like a proper organ cooler/carrier you could hold in your hand like a first aid box.
  2. So! With the arrival of Free Golems also meaning the arrival of TG's spawner role stuff, I put together a couple of simple enough to make ideas that could be added to the cycle to ensure we've got at least a couple available during every round. Role: Space McDonalds Essentially the staff of an interstellar Fast Food chain restaurant in the same sector as the Nanotrasen station. A special corporate portal would allow customers to be ferried between the station and the restaurant, where the restaurant staff can take their orders and make food from a special restaurant-themed menu, either by manually cooking it or using some sort of corporate synthetic food replicator. There'd also be a drive through, where the Mechanic and Security Pod Pilot can order food from their pod on the go! Role: Podmen Enclave Essentially the same role from Lavaland on TG, but obviously with a few changes. They'd be located on a small, secluded station, with an incredibly large botany bay, supplies and basic living quarters, and free reign to grow whatever plants they like with little chance of interference, save particularly adventurous folks from the NT station. Role: Space Hotel Again, a port from TG. A luxurious hotel and retreat station's staff, tending to guests who arrive from the Nanotrasen station via a similar method to the Space McDonalds idea, a corporate portal. It'd be up to them to keep their guests happy by whatever means necessary, with sufficient supplies to do so for an entire round. They'd also have to deal with the occasional pest problem, to keep things a bit exciting. Role: Crashed Abductor Mothership The small crew of a large Abductor vessel that has sustained major damage after colliding with a large asteroid. All of their abductor science and implantation equipment was utterly destroyed, and the crew must use what tools they have available to sustain their life support, repair atmos damage and await whatever rescue that might come to save them. Role: Merchant A travelling merchant with their own trading station and shuttle. From the station, they'd be able to freely order an impressive stock of goods to sell aboard the Nanotrasen station, including more exotic items that aren't usually available on the station itself, such as vintage spacesuits and other cool but practical knick-knacks. Role: Nostromo THIS would be a lot rarer as a spawner menu option, but would essentially be a derelict but intact ship floating through space, filled with the corpses of the prior crew and populated by a single Xenomorph Drone, unable to evolve into a Queen but potentially a threat to whatever intrepid explorer accidentally stumbles upon it. The ship itself would have an impressive haul of vintage and rare technology for those who manage to survive it's guardian. Thought these up after about ten minutes! I may post additional replies with more ideas over time.
  3. I'd rather not have that made a thing. I'm quite fond of my Vulpkanin character, whom I play nearly every round, and locking folks out of their characters'd REALLY piss a lot of people off.
  4. Honestly, the ability to make IPC's with organic brains'd work just as well as what I thought up.
  5. Animal-styled cybernetics'd be sweet aswell. With the option for tails too perhaps? Could go all cyber-vulpkanin.
  6. That'd work. Humanoid heads and different body variants for IPC's would be brilliant. Allow them more variation than just having a TV for a head.
  7. IPC's are more full on robots. This'd be like...say.....General Grievous, for example. Full on cybernetic body, though with organic components if chosen.
  8. So, I noticed on another server that they had the option to COMPLETELY replace all of your body, organs and brain included with cybernetics, essentially becoming a full on humanoid cyborg. I'd totally love having such an option here. It'd work well for quite a few of my characters.