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  1. yeah.. but what about slimepeople then?
  2. still, its not fair to one hit kill someone, it makes tratior RD's easy as hell to play!
  3. then how did the "other things" end me up in space?
  4. its shits all broken. -low charge time -can teleport you to the area in space where you'll die and your body will not be found i mean, getting teleported to a death in space just like that is annoying and overpowered, it does not give the victim a chance to fight back.
  5. the gist: -everyone turns into figurines as the station goes as normal -nuke rounds with mini-nuke ops figurines with mech figurines and cyborgs, with lethal toy weapons -mini wizard rounds -nanotrasen tries to send the ert to kill them -every weapon turns into a lethal toy version of itself. -basically mini-paradise. i know this idea sounds half baked, so additions and things could be nice.
  6. i am sick and fucking tired of crashing into other people when i leave the asteroid. Make it so the magboots arent only in eva and engineering god damn it.
  7. why the hell does clover field sound like Joseph Joestar... mfw lewd skrell janitor/surgeon
  8. What would you character's voice sound like? Do a description or if you can, post a link saying something with their voice.
  9. The guitar is too Loud and it's fucking annoying. What idiot made that damn thing?!
  10. I listen to the screams of clowns dying horribly. and also anime beatmania/inital D tracks m8. When my character listens to music on headphones, I suddenly put on some music on my headphones.
  11. Hey, I'm on the route to plasmaman with 37 karma so far. I'm aiming to as much karma as I can each round... but sometimes I get lots and the other times it stays. What i am just asking is that I still don't know or understand how to spice up the round and make it interesting to random strangers instead of in-game friends. Could.. any of you help me on this? Please?
  12. What about.... a verbal tic?
  13. Cool Cool, but if what if she was "genre savvy" and knew when to fight or run?
  14. Wow.. thanks phantasmic...