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  1. i made this last night in like 30 minutes, it turned out good for all it's worth though *sprite of security abusing assistants not included
  2. On one issue of the news I caught the CE getting arrested for being an antag. Needless to say, everyone freaked out.
  3. Since playing as an IAA requires you to actually have people come to Internal Affairs (which never happens ever), I make a newscaster channel called 'Internal Affairs News' and kind of report on the happenings on the station. It's been well received thus far and it's a nice productive hobby when IA is not being used.
  4. post your out of context screenshots here here's mine
  5. the title says it all. So two peeps, a sec officer named Valthorne and a barber named Emery, are getting married and we gather in the chapel... what a nice wedding! (im the IAA) it's all good and well, nobody got rowdy and no bombs exploded, there was cake and gargle blasters... i love this setup! when the AI thought it'd be great to pipe up: "Unidentified lifesigns detected aboard the NSS Cyberiad." so everyone panics, and people cry as xenos crash the wedding and it was fun pictured: harvey crying about the shuttle not being the
  6. I listen to the FTL soundtrack, personally. What do you listen to?
  7. Virology. Save everyone from oxygen deprivation or kill everyone mercilessly with the power of pathogens
  8. Managing to survive a blob round where the blob has consumed 3/4 of the station: Playing virologist for the first time:
  9. Maynard either goes off for a lunch break or helps the bartender.
  10. //more characters to be added// ---------------------------------- Name: Maynard Bardell Age: 31 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: O+ General Occupational Role(s): Medical Doctor, Virologist Biography: Maynard, born in the month of March during the year 2529, always had a fascination with small things. No, not small things as in bugs or rocks, but the things that you can't see and are always around, on, and in you. Viruses. Pathogens. Every type was interesting, calling his name to be further studied. He would often visit hospitals during the summers just t
  11. Hey, some of you may have seen me around the server; I've been playing for a good while now, and I just decided to sign up for the forums. My character in game is (unoriginally) Cyrus Jazzberry. The name is subject to change. My favorite jobs to play are Medical Doctor and Virologist, mainly because I find helping people fun and experimenting with viruses to be entertaining. That's all for my brief little introduction; see you all on the station!
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