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  1. i made this last night in like 30 minutes, it turned out good for all it's worth though *sprite of security abusing assistants not included
  2. On one issue of the news I caught the CE getting arrested for being an antag. Needless to say, everyone freaked out.
  3. Since playing as an IAA requires you to actually have people come to Internal Affairs (which never happens ever), I make a newscaster channel called 'Internal Affairs News' and kind of report on the happenings on the station. It's been well received thus far and it's a nice productive hobby when IA is not being used.
  4. post your out of context screenshots here here's mine
  5. the title says it all. So two peeps, a sec officer named Valthorne and a barber named Emery, are getting married and we gather in the chapel... what a nice wedding! (im the IAA) it's all good and well, nobody got rowdy and no bombs exploded, there was cake and gargle blasters... i love this setup! when the AI thought it'd be great to pipe up: "Unidentified lifesigns detected aboard the NSS Cyberiad." so everyone panics, and people cry as xenos crash the wedding and it was fun pictured: harvey crying about the shuttle not being there soon enough
  6. I listen to the FTL soundtrack, personally. What do you listen to?
  7. Virology. Save everyone from oxygen deprivation or kill everyone mercilessly with the power of pathogens
  8. Managing to survive a blob round where the blob has consumed 3/4 of the station: Playing virologist for the first time:
  9. Maynard either goes off for a lunch break or helps the bartender.
  10. //more characters to be added// ---------------------------------- Name: Maynard Bardell Age: 31 Gender: Male Race: Human Blood Type: O+ General Occupational Role(s): Medical Doctor, Virologist Biography: Maynard, born in the month of March during the year 2529, always had a fascination with small things. No, not small things as in bugs or rocks, but the things that you can't see and are always around, on, and in you. Viruses. Pathogens. Every type was interesting, calling his name to be further studied. He would often visit hospitals during the summers just to observe virologists doing their job while he sat outside their offices, peeking in through windows. Sure, he had no idea what was going on, but it was still enough to propel him forwards into his studies of microbiology. Upon reaching his high school years, he decided that it would be a decent idea to also pick up medical classes; so he did. The work load was heavy, but he persisted. After his high school career was over, he signed up for a prestigious college, Weatherford's Institute for Medical and Scientific Research, or WIMSR for short. He was accepted, much to his relief, and proceeded to go along his path of microbiology, dropping medical classes. After his second year attending Weatherford's, he was selected for a program that would send him to a research station located at the Tau Ceti system. However, during his stay, the station was struck by an undetected meteor shower. During the chaos, he was struck in the head by a piece of debris, causing him to fall unconscious as well as incur minor temporary memory loss. The station was evacuated, only losing two crewmembers during the shower, and Maynard was hospitalized for a good amount of time, a month to be exact. He did, however, make a full recovery. The one thing he can't quite answer, however: why can't he remember where he was born? Why can't he remember his parents? Why did no one visit him in the hospital? The salt on the wound was WIMSR deeming him "unfit" for continued attendance, on the grounds of "potentially unstable". His doctor sent various letters to the institute deeming him mentally well, but no reply was ever received. Upset at the loss of his past and the loss of his education, he decided to leave the Sol system, or as he put it, "the system of broken dreams". Eventually, he found the company of NanoTrasen, and they were enthusiastic to have him join the workforce... Qualifications: Subject has studied virology aboard a research station that was located at Tau Ceti. Subject possesses an adequate knowledge of medical science. Employment Records: Subject has been employed at various clinics and general hospitals across the Sol system. Has not been employed at anywhere of notable interest. Security Records: July 16, 2554: Subject was arrested for shoplifting. The stolen item in question was a pair of purple glasses. Medical Records: [Clearance: Medical] Personnel Photo: He is rather tall, standing at six feet and two inches. His hair and beard, oddly purple, are well kept, not a single strand too long or out of place. His lab coat is buttoned up, and he looks generally disinterested. Commendations [only to be added by admin]: Reprimands [only to be added by admin]: Other Notes: Name changed as of 8/3/16. Might tune up the bio when I have the time. When not doing virology work, he likes to help the bartender. Alias Cadwell Harvey Griswold
  11. Hey, some of you may have seen me around the server; I've been playing for a good while now, and I just decided to sign up for the forums. My character in game is (unoriginally) Cyrus Jazzberry. The name is subject to change. My favorite jobs to play are Medical Doctor and Virologist, mainly because I find helping people fun and experimenting with viruses to be entertaining. That's all for my brief little introduction; see you all on the station!