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  1. A fairly simple idea, but perhaps one that may be complex to code? I'm unsure. An idea that I proposed today in deadchat while discussing revenants was for them to have some remains on the station that could be found and laid to rest by the crew as an alternative option to simply lethalling the revenant with lasers like so many other antags. These remains could be a random spawn, or they could be placed by the revenant when they spawn - they could have abilities disabled until the remains are placed down. The remains would likely need to be cremated by the chaplain; an additional interaction with them could include holy water. Perhaps a temporary dampening of some of the revenant's powers? The Revenant could also receive a message in chat when their remains are disturbed - perhaps angering them and granting a slight buff to some of their abilities to counteract the debuff of the holy water. I'm unsure of the balance - obviously people will start hunting for remains as soon as a revenant is reported. But I feel this would be a good addition to a fairly popular mid-round antag role, that ties in with the traditional folklore about revenant spirits - scorned souls destined to walk the earth seeking revenge.
  2. I actually really like this idea. It's a classic trope in heist films; leaving a fake in place of the original. I'd vote for it being obvious on examining the item, with a description of "That's a Captain's Antique Laser Pistol. It doesn't look quite right..." or something to that effect. I'd definitely let it retain fingerprints though. Maybe a time-based fingerprint retention, explained in-lore by a mildly acidic compound within the putty? Has fingerprints when originally formed that degrade over, say, 10-15 minutes.
  3. So, it's no secret that Wizard rounds are often very short and sweet. Be it from a rookie wizard making an error, a crewmember with a plasmacutter mech removing the wizard's heart, a crewmember with a spear insta-critting the wizard... I propose that the death of the wizard does not end the round - much like Nukies, who can all die and the round continues. If the wizard has caused enough havoc for a shuttle call, then it can end with a minor/major victory for the wizard or the crew. For example: Major crew: Wizard defeated, >X% of crew alive/escaped Minor Crew: Wizard alive, >X% of crew alive/escaped Minor Wizard: Wizard dead, <X% of crew alive/escaped Major Wizard: Wizard alive, <X% of crew alive/escaped. This is not set in stone, and could of course be varied to prevent it being pure murderbone. I also propose that the death of the wizard early in the round - be it a rookie mistake or lucky crew kill - means that the round continues, with the midround antags taking over. Wiztended, if you will. Perhaps the midrounds could even be increased in number/frequency if wizalivestatus=0. Basically, Wizard rounds are very black and white. Either they're a robust wizard and cause utter havoc, or they die super fast. This suggestion aims to make that far more grey. Or, Grey.
  4. As a Grey main, yeah, getting ignored when you use telepathy sucks. The system was already changed from how it worked in the past - you used to be able to ID telepathy targets if you couldn't see them, now they're just 'unknown entity'. Honestly, I'd like to see something that makes it more obvious to the recipient that they're being spoken to. Think about it - you hear a voice in your head that absolutely isn't you. You're GONNA notice that. Whereas in-game it's this little line of text that's so easily missed.
  5. Fairly simple really - add in an underwear & socks customisation option to the Wizard's Den. When changing body it randomises your underwear, this is undesirable for those of us with drip. Second, add in extra jumpsuits - if you spawn as, say, a plasmaman wizard but change species, you have no jumpsuit and have to bug admins for one.
  6. Name of Event: The Great Escape One Sentence Description: CentCom are sending a prisoner transport to the Cyberiad for a supply stop and the station must contain them within perma; the Syndicate however wants their people back. Map Changes: No Code Changes: No Suggested Number of Players: Technically any. A number will be needed to play as the prisoners plus a SolFed/CC guard and ship pilot. The number of prisoners is up to the event admins - I'd say 6 would be a good number. Full Description of Event: A Centcom/SolFed prisoner transport is due to dock with the NSS Cyberiad as a supply stop-off and to repair & re-arm following an encounter with space carp while navigating an asteroid field, before it continues on it's way to [destination system]. Once it docks, the crew must deliver supplies to the vessel so it may continue it's journey. Meanwhile, the prisoners aboard the vessel are to be held in the Cyberiad's own permabrig. Security must ensure they do not escape, as they are all hardened criminals with ties to various nefarious organisations - namely the Syndicate. Speaking of the Syndicate, this is where the round's traitors come in. Embedded within the crew as usual, their objectives are to break the prisoners out of the permabrig - or attack the guarded convoy of prisoners as they move from the transport to perma itself. They may also have other objectives as normal, but this will be their primary goal. They should then take the prisoners to a location for extraction, much like the contractor system - though I imagine a ship outside the station would be a better alternative to this.
  7. Pretty simple suggestion really, something I've desired for a few years on various servers, but have never seen. Cyborgs... With hats. Imagine being able to put a hat on a cyborg? How cool is that? It'd allow a lot of personality to be given to Cyborgs, and make them a lot more memorable to players. Give an Engi-borg a hard hat with a light! A suave Service-borg a boater, so it can serve drinks in style! Or a security bot a beret, so it can represent the beating down of the unwashed greytide even more than usual. Simple suggestion, flavourful idea. Oh, also allow cyborgs to use the character's flavour text, I guess. *doffs cyborg cap*
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