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  1. I decided to get fancy with my assassination attempt. While it didn't work, itw as still fun for all involved.
  2. Deluxe Rage Cage! With a Shocking Twist! Version 2.0! Emitter Funtime Edition! Didn't have time to add weapons before the round ended.
  3. I took that at the end pretty much. Yeah, we just had the emitter on. We were pretty much pumping in spacelooped nitrogen with the scrubbers pulling out everything else. Originally we blasted it with the emitter some 4 times, but since we didn't see it do anything funny we just left the emitter on. The fact that all of atmos was overpressurized with -100c nitrogen was a minor side-effect. EDIT: Supermatter number #2, ghettorig edition with even less OSHA compliance was less of a success. Luckily it only caught fire after the escape shuttle left.
  4. Via a carefully managed construction process of not telling anyone what we were doing until we were ready to stick the shard in. Atmos built its very own supermatter. Barring a teensy accident with poorly secured windows leading the entirety of atmos being chilled to -120, everything went splendidly.
  5. Continuin the proud tradition of voxy journalism. Gonzovoxies are the best.
  6. 2 of them, actually. A third was in the marauder and got killed later. The other two were too incompetent to set up the nuke.
  7. Today I got a plant that even confused all the mentors! Postround, when asking Fox, it was revealed that it was a reagent that was removed from the game. Was related to xenoarcheology or something.
  8. I feel like I've finally come up with an atmos setup I really like. The only downside was that I was too lazy to remove the door from the turbine chamber. Next time, I'm removing the door and moving the vents to the center row. Any other ideas? Also the pressure pump has a pipe cap on it. It's not actually hooked up to the pipe leading to the turbine.
  9. Oh, I didn't think of having multiple mixers pumping into one output pipe.
  10. The turbine isn't super hard. First you need to get science to fully upgrade it. Then, you probably want to get rid of the useless vent in the room that's supposed to draw stuff out into a canister. Replace it with a second injector. To turn it on you need an Atmospherics Automation Console. We chose to try a bigger burn chamber and added a few more injectors. As for piping in gas, there's an insulated pipe that runs from atmos to the turbine, we simply used that. Bypassed the mixtank, had the orange line o2 line hooked up to a gas mixer, along with a line straight from the plasma tank. Had a three pump setup that pumped to the turbine chamber through the line, and another three in the turbine itself to pump into the injectors. There're probably better ways to pump more gas in, but we couldn't think of a good way. Just having a straight manifold instead of the mixer was giving us trouble. Either way, it works decently. Will try to improve when atmosvox next time.
  11. After ages of trying to fix my atmos rig working for literally no reason, the atmos crew got things working. It's not ideal, because the mixer was putting out the mix at 1400 kPa instead of the 4500 it was toggled to. Still, got good power out of it.
  12. I discovered burgers as the chef. I know they can be made bigger, but I ran out of ingredients. If I'd had more wheat for spaghetti I could've made it much bigger.
  13. That, or the traders negotiating with a syndie for the traitor to steal them something in exchange for a hacked AI board.
  14. Now, this has probably been suggested before, but it wasn't in the first 2 pages so I'm too lazy to search. Basically, what this stems from is Vox Traders not being very fun for most people. With traitors/vamps/whatnot, they usually at least have some happen that affects them. With Vox Traders, it's usually negotiations with head of staff and at most one or two vox sort of screwing around. I've seen this same thing suggested in OOC chat quite a bit, so might as well make this fancy thread. Basically, what I suggest is making it a mid-round event akin to Borers. It'd have to be retooled into being a smaller team, possibly, or having the team size scale. The objectives would have to be rebalanced as they could quite possibly have very little time, as well as having to deal with overall chaos.They'd also likely have to be re-tooled a bit. One of the other effects would be them actually having to raid. As it stands, most of the time command gives them everything short of the person they have to yoink. There's just very little reason not to do so. With them having to do so during a more chaotic round, it'd lead to them using that to their advantage. That, and possibly trading equipment they have to help the crew in exchange for what they want, stuff like that. Overall, it's likely too complicated, but I think it'd end up being an overall positive change.
  15. I was wondering about that too. Maybe their sync wire was cut at some point? They didn't get the last 10 or so laws.
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