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  1. There have been some discussions of removing cloning in the past, namely this one from 2017... so, its been a while since this has been brought up from what I've seen. My thought is a bit different from this topic, however, I do agree with the ideas Wolf brought up in this one. My thoughts would be to not entirely remove cloning but allow people to make a preference on the character screen whether they want to be clonable or not (has to already be a clonable species obv.) It would be something you can only change between rounds but allow you to mark yourself as Do Not Clone (DNC) which would show up on a health analyzer. It would also display a message on the cloning console when you tried to clone someone that was DNC (something similar to unclonable species now). I think this would allow for more RP than just "Oh, defib doesnt work anymore, let's clone em" cloning itself is just a boring deus ex machina of BAM you're now alive again magically. It is a process of course, but its such a bad RP element that adds nothing to the game. It also does not allow for new medical players to actually learn how to play med well. If you all you know is, "darn, the patient died, guess we just clone", you come out worse off as you now aren't learning how to TREAT people. Needless to say, this suggestion is here to find a middle ground between completely removing cloning as it is, and leaving cloning as it is. It allows players the choice that we sometimes wish we had. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.
  2. With the recent change to vulp NV being nerfed, I'm suggesting that the range be increased from the dismal 3 tiles it is now to 5 or 6 tiles with a larger debuff to what vulps have now. Something on par with what kidans, grey, and nians have now. This could be anything from rolled up newspapers causing stamina damage / minor brute, chocolate being poisonous (or grapes), being colorblind to have the NV actually work (how it used to be), and more! It should be a gimmick much like the other species's debuffs are. It allows for a fun drawback to being able to see in the dark better than other races. I think adding in something to debuff a better night vision would allow for more rp possibilities for antags to take advantage of, i.e. poisoning a vulp with hot chocolate, or using a rolled up newspaper to stun them. It adds the ability for people to be more creative with the species still having the boon to night vision.
  3. Exactly! It's funny, but it would be very helpful for the job. I mean the PDA sprite is so unique that one would think it has more functionality.
  4. An idea I had while playing librarian last night. (And this might be a thing, i could just have missed). Making it possible to access the newscaster from your pda with full usage. That way you can be on the move while making stories and not be stuck staring at the wall. It would be a very small change but would be a nice quality of life for librarians.
  5. Probably one of my favorite bars I've made. Pardon the colorblindness, and this was also before glass floors and fancy windows :3
  6. Here's an oldie. All the way back when we had the tesla and singulo on cyberiad.
  7. Brigbay is always more fun when fancied up :3 I love making it looks pretty like this and like its a tiny medbay
  8. A fun design for bar, took a lot of fungus and about an hour of work
  9. Hadn't played bartender in a long time and I was inspired by a friend's bar I had seen. This is what I came up with :D
  10. Ah, did not know those species had that option, but yeah. If that option was given to the other species it would be nice too. I don't think it would be too hard to do the same thing.
  11. As I am not a coder, I will preface this with an obligatory "I don't know how this would be implemented" Anyways, with that out of the way. I would like to suggest (not sure if been suggested before) that we add a 'nonbinary' option to gender when creating characters. I imagine that it would be similar to taking the already existing examination descriptions when people are masked or in hardsuits with the 'They are...' and such. But would extend to when unmasked. It might also include extended clothing options for people who pick it. I would certainly use the option and I believe that if it were an option, other players might feel more comfortable with it too. Thank you for reading.
  12. Hello! I play a few characters on para, mostly Baron Faust and Hakarr Sharr'Khaazan. I've been playing on this server since at least 2016, maybe earlier can't rightly remember. I've seen so many changes with this server and it certainly feels like home sometimes. Definitely have loved my time here and all the good memories. Though this is the first time I've actually done this. It's nice to meet everyone <3
  13. Oh boy, another thing i just remembered. Not knowing how to play a certain job and actively willing to learn it, and no one wants to teach me. Even after going through the wiki and relevent guides and being confused still... toxins... and getting nothing from anyone else in the department. Granted it being a calm round and people arent rushing. Im always willing to learn new things.
  14. Laser tagging a sec officer and getting a swift laser blast(two or more times) and limping back to medbay...
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