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  1. Ah, Jay’s best friend finally shows his face. Good to see you.
  2. Rules will be adjusted when I obtain further challengers and witness things that need to be changed. People who are banned from my challenge will be allowed to participate whenever I feel like it. (Which could be never)
  3. Think you are robust huh? Think you can take on the entire station and maybe other antagonists? I am now doing a fun little thing to amuse myself on the server. This is known as the Jayfeather challenge. During any extended or traitor round. You may offer yourself to the challenge of mine. Be wary that I do not want you to randomly go out of your way to go civilian or assistant just to try your luck. You only get one chance, remember? The challenge is to take thirty five crystals and Hijack the shuttle at all costs while causing as much damage and death as
  4. One of the few IPC security players who weren't shit. I'll miss you.
  5. Jay Wingler is a simple Tajaran and just tends to be a lazy fella. Living in a shack at Mars is simple enough. He custom crafts and designs energy swords and just tends to practice in the art of cutting things with glowy swords. He doesn't even sell them, just likes to collect and admire his own work. Otherwise he just tends to sit around at bars, roams the local cities looking for something interesting to do or just sit at home meditating in solitude. Rather a boring guy he is.
  6. I was the Chaplain, so it was quite fun. Heheh, Cid made me laugh.
  7. Reminds me of zombie master, that game was good. Yes. A blob like overmind controlling zombies.
  8. How many ghosts would have to swarm a diona to kill them? Jeebus.
  9. I will never forget that round where a clown killed three nuke ops with bananas.
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