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  1. Following extensive discussion regarding the changes to Maintenance and their impact on gameplay, we have come to a conclusion that the current Maintenance has serious design flaws, fixing which would require an entire remap in its own right. To wit: the newest iteration of Maintenance is seen as lacking proper architectural flow, overall design cohesion, and being filled with random elements that are seen as not having any adequate reason to be there, among other flaws. It is the opinion of the Heads of Staff and Maintainers that, in order to remedy these design flaws, and improve the design of Maintenance, a full re-remap would have to take place. Because of that, it was seen as a preferrable option to simply return to a tried and tested version of Maintenance for the sake of improving the overall experience of the community.
  2. If you take a trip over to tech storage (by engineering, roboticists have access to that room), grab the autolathe, protolathe, and if R&D seems unreliable, destructive analyzer boards.You can temporarily deconstruct a borg recharger and a mech fabber to get the parts needed to construct the protolathe, which you link with your console - then print out several matter bins and another manipulator, with which you can construct an autolathe using the console screen from the mech fabber. Finally, you can print out duplicates of all the parts you've borrowed (and extras, if you want to make other things), and now you've got a fully-stocked fabrication room of your own, without having to wait for R&D to respond to your requests to do things.
  3. Crazylemon


    @Davidchan Cryotubes *do* multiply used reagents, but they don't multiply on-touch reagents like synthflesh, styptic powder, and silver sulf. Fortunately, I don't think anyone ever really abused it before I patched it. It multiplies the reagents at a 10x scale, but with the default cryo mix, it's 10u of cryox - and only 4u of that is going to process before another dose is administered. Thus, %60 of the cryox isn't going to have an effect - you'll want to sub the rest of the beaker with other drugs, since patients are unable to process cryox outside of a cryotube, or in space.
  4. I can confirm that an IPC without electricity is as fine as a human who is completely starved: Slow movement, not much else.
  5. Well, with the new year fast approaching (2 days remain!), you are probably getting very anxious about the state of the freeze, and wanting it to lift by the time January rolls around. To, at the very least, get the plate clean for new feature PRs to go through, I will get the following PRs merged: Kyet's Playtime Tracking Kyet's Basic Terror Spiders After that, I'll get Fethas' Shuttle Template Manipulator merged, releasing a lock on editing the map - At this point, I'll merge FalseIncarnate's Nanomob Hunter, and will consider the freeze finished. Hopefully, this relieves your concerns about the state of the codebase.
  6. Pretty sure it doesn't make YOU say it, so you can wickerdoll ~ your victims to stupidity all you please
  7. Some sprites so it doesn't look like you're putting a robot limb in the fridge, and sure it'll be simple enough.
  8. A plasma pistol won't get you to combat 6, but combat shotguns from cargo will. You may also want to add a section that details how to receive payment for your research (print out 10 tech disks, load each technology type onto them via "disk operations", deliver to cargo and have them put the disks directly inside a crate, no extra containers).
  9. The resources are already downloaded on your computer - look at your BYOND cache.
  10. The way the limbs were "fragile", were that the limbs would fully disintegrate when capped on damage, leaving nothing behind. Would this address the concern about the condition being too easily treatable?
  11. Fludd: That'd be a headache to code, and mess up a whole bunch of mob datums.
  12. As above, this is to gauge opinion on whether slime people should have no bones in exchange for their limbs falling off easier.
  13. It's easy to make the head not easily removable - and if I made the head fragile, I'd move the slime core into the body.
  14. If you need someone who's being cloned to be dead forever, try EMP-ing the cloning pod while they're growing - it'll leave them without a means to re-enter their body, and seal the deal in an assassination.
  15. It's anti-implemented, this thread never existed. -1