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  1. I didn't see this mentioned anywhere yet, but currently Umbrae are able to cloak while on fire, and it cloaks the fire as well. I'm assuming this is because it just cloaks their sprite, and the fire is an overlay, so I didn't make a bug report over it. Since fire gives off light and is the direct counter to vamps (more or less) it seems like they should not be able to safely cloak and extinguish themselves while on fire.
  2. I've already spoken about this in length elsewhere, and I'm sure most of you involved in this know my opinions as a Brig Physician main, so I'll keep this succinct. The issue is that people either A: Build Medbay 2.0 in Security complete with cloning and cryo, or B: Treat the role as a security officer with medical access, rather than a medic with security access. This addresses the first one, which I also feel could be addressed by SOP changes and OOC intervention when people are abusing the role. However, it leans into the problem with the second one, rather than tries to distance itself. I think that's moving in the wrong direction. This just basically makes you a sec officer instead of trying to differentiate the role as a care provider and an advocate for prisoners, which is the best thing that Brig Physician offered. It also basically entirely removes the medical aspect, which as a medical player is obviously really frustrating to me. I guess I would rather see this than the entire concept removed wholesale, but I don't think I would play it. I consistently do: Janitorial work, Repairs, Renovations and Repainting alongside RP and care providing in the brig, and I'm *still* left with a massive amount of free time. Removing the medical care portion of the job will give the role even less to do. And with our medical system, you're already a one-man medbay if you have a stocked medical kit. If you can stabilize someone, you can heal them to full health. EDIT: I this it's prudent for me to add that I don't think this is a bad role. I actually quite like the concept. I just wouldn't want to see Brig Physician get replaced by this.
  3. I love the concept of having more interesting things to find and do on Lavaland than just get gamer gear. Stuff like this is great, in my opinion, if it's implemented properly. It encourages cooperation between departments and makes for unique RP. You still get the good feels of finding something neat, but without it being something that upsets the round balance. Even if it had nothing to do with the ????? trait, adding cool xenoflora to find for Botany to then grow would be very cool. I agree with the other issues being posted here, however, that both Botany and Mining are both extremely powerful as is, and don't necessarily need more toys. I think @PacifistDalek has the right idea in that it would be good to have this potentialy replace some existing traits - or alternatively, just make for some fun stuff to grow even if it's just cosmetic.
  4. Thanks! I didn't notice that, I'll amend it to a gender-neutral term.
  5. Hello all! If you're a part of the Paradise Discord server, you've probably heard at least one of heated discussions revolving around the Brig Physician role lately. Too many people are abusing the role by treating it like a Security Officer with medical access, rather than a Physician with Security access. Additionally, there have been some concerns with Brig Physicians building a second medical bay in the security wing - while in my experience this is extremely rare, I do believe it's something that's unhealthy for the game, and shouldn't really be happening at all. Rather than remove the role completely, as I believe it has a lot to offer in terms of both roleplay and gameplay, I'm proposing some minor changes to the Brig Physician SOP. While I'm not operating under the delusion that these will completely fix the issues that people are taking with the role, I do believe that it's a step in the right direction, will discourage BP's from abusing their position, and provide a springboard for both IC and OOC intervention. Combined with a time-lock or increased karma cost on the role, I believe that we will see a marked improvement in the quality and playstyle of Brig Physicians in the future. My additions will be in green, removals in red with a strikethrough, and my explanation of the amendments in spoilers. I have adjusted the wording on some of the entries, primarily changing "Brig Medbay" to "Security Medbay" as that is the formal title of the room, which I believe is appropriate for a formal SOP. Code Green 1. The Brig Physician may not, under any circumstance, arrest anyone perform arrests, detain crewmembers, or process them for brigging; 2. The Brig Physician may not, under any circumstance, interfere with Security’s duties; 3. The Brig Physician may not, under any circumstance, directly alter a sentence, or attempt to contest one with Security personnel. Contacting a Magistrate/IAA/NT Representative is still acceptable; 4. The Brig Physician must wait until someone is brigged and their timer starts before bringing them to the Brig Security Medbay. Exception is made if the Head of Security or Warden allows it, or there is a problem that requires immediate medical aid to prevent death; 5. The Brig Physician may not stop a timer if a prisoner is brought into the Brig Security Medbay for treatment. The timer is to continue while they are treated. If the timer runs out during medical treatment, the prisoner is to be released; 6. The Brig Physician may not restrain a prisoner unless they are actively hostile; 7. The Brig Physician is permitted to carry a flash and a can of pepperspray for self-defense purposes only; 8. The Brig Physician must maintain the Brig Security Medbay, himself themselves, and all treated prisoners in a hygienic condition. Should the need arise, this extends to the rest of the Brig as well; 9. The Brig Physician must escort all prisoners requiring surgery to Medbay personally, and make sure that they are returned to the Brig before being released. The Brig Physician may also choose to construct a smaller surgery room inside the Brig Security Medbay; 10. The Brig Physician is not permitted to construct a Cloning Chamber or Cryogenic Cell in the Security Medbay. Patients requiring cloning or cryogenic treatment are to be personally escorted to the medical bay to receive such treatments; 11. The Brig Physician is not permitted to surgically install combat implants; 10 12. The Brig Physician is not obliged to treat any injuries prisoners sustain from self-harm. If they kill themselves, put them in a body bag, label the body bag with their name and "suicide", and deliver the body bag to medical for storage in the morgue. obligated to treat any injuries sustained via self-harm. If a prisoner commits suicide, they are to be placed in a body bag, labelled appropriately with their name and "suicide", and delivered to the Coroner to be interred in the morgue. Code Blue 1. All Guidelines carry over from Code Green. 2. Additional equipment may be provided by the Warden for self-defence. Code Red 1. All guidelines carry over from Code Green; 2. All guidelines carry over from Code Blue; 3. Additional non-lethal equipment may be provided by the Head of Security or Warden for self-defense purposes only; 4. The Brig Physician may surgically install combat implants with authorization from the Head of Security or Captain. Please give me your thoughts! Additionally, while I know that Brig Physician is a hot topic right now, I would like to keep the discussion centered on the potential SOP changes, rather than "should the role exist", as that it outside the scope of this thread. Thanks!
  6. This would be super, super cool. Coding it as a language is a great idea, but it would need to (as you said) check for line of sight, check that you have at least one free hand, and couldn't go over comms.
  7. I have to disagree with this. IPCs are arguably the easiest crew to get back on their feet, and part of that boon is the fact that it can be done anywhere, by anyone. To reattach limbs we only need a surface. To be healed from completely dead, we only need wire and cable, which are ubiquitous (and 99% of the time are in the backpack of any IPC, including the dead one you're trying to repair). Our "surgical" tools are just average tools. The main issue is, and has always been, that people just don't understand how IPCs work. I think that having a dedicated IPC-repair job might help with people learn that stuff (since a lot of Robos just pick the role to make mechs), but it won't remedy IPCs just not getting fixed despite the fact that 99% of the station has or can easily get the tools to do so. I also think they'd be bored out of their mind on most rounds, given that the Medbay (which heals an overwhelming percentage of the crew) is bored frequently on slow rounds. Gotta agree with Spark here. I've not played a ton of Robo, but I very quickly discovered how quickly you run out of things to do unless you're mass-manufacturing combat mechs. Robos desperately need more things to do, not less, in my opinion. I wouldn't hate for Robotics to have some more unique sprites that fit a "workshop" aesthetic, but that's more of a sprite issue than a code/role one.
  8. You're one of my favorite people to see around the station! I'll never forget Melinda starving to death because she didn't get her spesslaw, and then being irate with the paramedics who fed her chicken soup to save her. Can't wait to see more of you c:
  9. Perhaps this is just because Security module cyborgs have been discussed a lot lately, but I feel like I want to bring up that when I mained Silicons, I always thought there was one thing you should remember: Your loyalty is to your laws, above all else. To an extent, that also means loyalty to Nanotrasen and the crew (usually facilitated via laws), but nonetheless. It frustrates me when I see Secborg players harmbatoning crewmembers under Asimov, or observing (or worse, happily participating) as security officers abuse a prisoner. The moment that someone else becomes a violent aggressor against a crewmate (even it's the Head of Security themselves), you should be on them. Your job is to protect people, not to redtext bad guys. And I feel like that often gets lost. Obviously that changes somewhat under other lawsets, but I think the core of the point remains valid. I think that the best thing you can do when you go into playing silicon roles is realize that you're not really associated with any of the departments that your modules represent. You just have the tools to assist those departments when those goals align with your laws. I understand that this wasn't entirely the focus of your question, but I still felt like it was prudent to mention, especially to new Silicon players.
  10. I wrote a wikipedia-style article on Jäger Heavy Industries, the manufacturer who built M.E.R.C.Y. It's a tad on the longer side. I will continue to update it if there are new, relevant things to add (or if I do some custom sprites).
  11. In my opinion, it should be identical (and could perhaps be coded this way) to the bloody/mangled overlays you get after experiencing massive damage. That would probably the easiest code-wise, as well making it go away when someone has all of their brute damage removed - because if they're at zero brute damage, it would mean that the gaping hole in their chest had been closed up.
  12. Somehow, the Security Medbay became the designated hang out spot. I don't know how this happened.
  13. This is too true. I still have vivid memories of specific, amazing moments I've had on SS13 from years and years ago. SS13 creates such unique experiences that you really can't get anywhere else. I'm so glad you've enjoyed your time here so far, and here's to many more great moments.
  14. I really wish Medbay had been crazier that round. Imagine going into medbay while it's overwhelmed with injured, surrounded by bodies, fading in and out of consciousness, and some droid drags you into maints. You think, "Oh god this is it" only for you to wake up in the SECOND medbay, like some sort of fever dream.
  15. Shining a flashlight at the head of a player with less than 10 hours in the game blinds everyone around them. get it because they're bald
  16. Mercy does a little plushie collecting Favorite quote from the round, from Haakar Shar trying to find the anesthetic tank to put on himself before surgery: "HOW DO YOU FIND ANYTHING IN HERE???" "It is meticulously organized."
  17. Officer Mongo Brooks brigs a dangerous criminal for destruction of company property (maint wires).
  18. Woje said it better than I could've. It's something that doesn't require 100% focus, but serves as way to spend time with one another and provide a vehicle for conversation and RP. Sometimes I want to spend more time with the prisoners in perma, but I don't really have a reason to. Playing games with them would be a great IC way to spend downtime while also creating good opportunities for RP. You're the best, Mochi! I'd be happy to get back into spriting by doing some game boxes/unfolded boards. (I was secretly hoping for a board flip option, too) I would imagine that if this was implemented, the virtual chessboard in the Bar could easily be tweaked to allow playing chess with multiple players. On top of that, you could probably just make it a static version of the board game box that let you select games at-will.
  19. I had this thought while spending some time with the prisoners in perma earlier this evening. It would be amazing to have some simple board games such as chess and checkers available in certain areas and as a roundstart loadout option. There is currently a virtual chessboard in the Bar, but sadly, it is only singleplayer vs. AI., and not portable. My concept is to either have a singular "board game box" or one for each game. Like a body bag or portable stretcher, it can be stowed in bags or on surfaces, but using it in-hand folds it out into a gameboard that can be placed (or dragged?) onto surfaces. Clicking on the unfolded board then opens the UI, which would allow for game selection (if all of the games were contained in one board), resetting the board, or playing. Click-dragging the sprite back onto your player sprite would fold the board back up into its mobile form for safe stowage. I think this would be phenomenal for killing time in the bar, adding some more to a social hangout, and giving permabrig prisoners something else to do.
  20. Fabled pet of John Dungeon himself, the eponymous dragon from Dungeons and Dragons joins in on a game.
  21. Everyone starts with a microbomb implant. The perfect way to end any round. Nukie put you into stam crit? Blow up while they step over your body. Traitor need your hypospray? Fuck you, I'm taking it with me to hell. AI Malf? Send greytiders into to suicide bomb turrets and borgs. Being checked for implants? Confirm their suspicions by blowing off their hands. Slipped by the clown? Hide your shame by obliterating yourself from existence.
  22. Back when I mained Cyborg on /tg/, you had to have the specific department's encryption key slotted into your frame if you wanted to be able to talk on that channel. Basically this just meant going to sec and asking for a headset, which anyone could use a screwdriver on to get the security key. Having that functionality enabled for exosuits seems perfect. If anything it would encourage more communication between departments, encouraging roboticists to talk to supply or security while the mechs are in construction.
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