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  1. I got really mad when I learned more games are gonna be Epic Store exclusives, first Metro and now The Outer Worlds is coming to steam a full year after initial release. It's fucking stupid. In my opinion it can fuck right off, especially with its exclusives. Honestly, I don't want to start my PC and wait ten minutes while it launches Steam, GOG Galaxy, Origin, Windows Store, Battle.net, Discord (store), Bethesda Launcher, Uplay and the Epic Store. Anyone got any good arguments for the Epic Store?
  2. Being a Diona as Captain during Nuke Ops isn't fun, but this was probably the most awkward moment I've ever been in.
  3. I'm not sure about the whole IPC repairing their own internals, but I totally dig the part about re-attaching limbs... I lose my arm way too often.
  4. Ofcourse it wounldn't mean nobody can enter the gateway; it only limits the people that explore it at the beginning. If the gateway is safe people can enter it freely. Just like it is now.
  5. This would be a nice idea, I also saw that another person was offering to make more mixed drinks. You could post a suggestion here.
  6. I kinda like this idea, mainly because I don't like that a million people rush to HoP office asking for gateway access at the beginning every round. Maybe make it so there can be two, instead of just one. Makes it a little safer.
  7. yurivw


    Nice dude! I'm like the opposite of artistic. I kinda wish I could make stuff like that... Ah well.
  8. Finally got the Captain, RD and robotics working together.
  9. I would like this very much, I also forget to change my settings sometimes... Ofcourse I only get antag if I didn't really want to be it. Anyway, this would be extremely useful!
  10. Oh no, I didn't mean it literally. I meant I'm terrible at drawing... I feel bad now... My bad.
  11. Didn't even realise this was a problem, but it's definitly a problem that needs fixing.
  12. I like how you can actually see your skills improve slightly as you draw more art. I wish I could do stuff like that, but I can barely hold a pencil...
  13. Now making it a buyable item for a traitor clown sounds like a great idea! But regular clowns really don't need no-slip shoes imo.
  14. Hey! You played HL2RP? Like the SERIOUS stuff or the slightly less serious version? Anyway, welcome, bud!
  15. Good point. Never really thought about that. Maybe not then.
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