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  1. Imagine Gandalf and an Ent loved each other very, very much...
  2. I'm also going to post this without context.
  3. An unusual discovery while unearthing the engine in the last ground station round -- you can charge up field generators with a KA. That was a quite gruesome round. Started having to deal with gibtonites exploding near the station, continued with crew being eaten by station level tendrils and NPC xenomorphs, ended protecting the shuttle from terror spiders that were rushing in.
  4. Sorry kids, no gifts this year.
  5. Tips specifically for veterinarians since I rarely see people take advantage of them. * For your internals, grab a big oxy tank and empty it inside the portable pump in the surgery room, then use that pump to top up your emergency tank. Set emergency tank to 16 kPa and stick it in a pocket. If you are really going to go out on a trip with no return, then pack a spare big tank in your bag. If you get an extended tank from a legion top that up and use it instead of the small emergency tank. * The red tanks outside contain plain air, don't open the valve if you are using the pump to fill internals. * The green light sticks in the tool storage last much longer than the emergency blue lightstick. Drag also a desk lamp with you if going outside. * The green crate outside the west airlock has a trashbag, a spaceallin syringe and a bottle of booze. * The shotgun in the morgue locker is much better than you think. Empty it, cut it with the circular saw and load the one buckshot shell. Grab the cable coil and tools from tool storage and start tearing everything metallic, including vending machines and sleepers. Pack all the metal and wire, drag the fuel tank and a couple beakers or the emptied booze bottle to a room and start crafting improvised shotgun shells until you run out of materials. You should end with 20-30 shells depending on how much stuff you break apart. If needed you can use iron ores later to make a few more. Use the trashbag to store 14 of the shells. You may want to use a pocket instead of belt for it, so you can put away the pickaxe -- but beware, trashbag will only go in a pocket while still empty. * If you can handle the duffel movement penalty and want extra room, get the gauzes from medkits and wall nanomed and cut them to make 6 cloth, then use the cloth to make a duffelbag. * The ID actually has medical access. You can tune the medibot with it. * Don't try Suicide with the hug box. It actually kills you.
  6. Totally not robots. BYOS round with bandits "Have a nice trip, crew" A lot of nope Why are plane seats so cramped?
  7. Nah, for some reason, the bottom external airlocks in the outpost mass driver room are free access and unbolted. You can just waltz in and borrow whatever from the two suit storages. Since that and white ship are free access fixed spawns, getting a suit is really a no brainer when you spawn with a GPS.
  8. To play devil's advocate, technically the mechanic doesn't need a suit to build pods and test drive them. The job description is "mechanic" not space explorer. They can also just fly to engi sector and go in thru the mass drive airlock to grab an engi suit, if not from somewhere else.
  9. Skeleclown: Omae wa mou shindeiru Captain: "NANI!!"
  10. Assistants are clearly the worst department. They never assist!
  11. Mr. Screwdriver and Ms. Multitool
  12. Tator fakes stumbling in the arcade and dropping a pizza box. "Hahaha, that's obviously a pizza bomb" I open the pizza. It's a pizza bomb.
  13. ACK ACK like an idiot because I'm an actual plasma skeleton. Realize I never considered plasmamen reproduction biology.
  14. He's the plasmeme Cyberiad deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So we'll nerf him. Because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent nerd, a watchful powergamer. A dark blue knight.
  15. Screenshot dump time. After 4 or 5 recalls: When Paradise was down and we went to the clone server: When the Chaplain recruits you for their church: