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  1. I have a ton of peeves of people, and am not going to cover all of them: - People who want to have better role-play, then don't role-play * Refuse to do paperwork for jobs that are supposed to do paperwork * Generally, doing something just because it's 'faster' (not doing paperwork, Tesla every shift, most powerful chems, no anesthetic, breaking into places, not role-playing, etc) * Refuse to use self-preservation when a threat risks their safety just to 'try to be the hero' as most every role excluding war declaration by Nuclear Ops (though should still act untrained if they don't have the actual records to support them being trained with weapons) * Refuse to act out pain when not taking anesthesia (as a carbon-based life-form) * Yell at everyone for really stupid reasons (especially towards those who are new to the game, aren't very good yet, and are trying to learn in-game by role-playing it) * Inversely, not helping people in-game who are trying to learn in-game (usually the same people yelling at these people; show some human decency and teach them using role-play) * Those who act outside their role, such as doing surgery when a surgeon is right there (especially when they have no record they can do said thing in their employment record) - People who feel they are entitled to everything going their way * Break into places you don't give them access to (gateway) * Generally, those who break into anywhere to try to steal (you could properly give a reason you need something and someone might give it to you) * Inversely, those who refuse to give something reasonable to someone just because they might be an antagonist with a good reason/wants to do something fun for people * Those who act like absolute brats to security all the time and demand release/lawyer (if you know you are innocent, act calm, not freak the fuck out; they'll be more likely to actually listen to you) * Demanding Head of Personnel assistance immediate at round start because you didn't give the job you wanted/don't like the people you are working with - Those who try to always interact with the Captain rather than the appropriate department, such as reporting threats to security * Those who call out for Captain for really any reason other than survivor situations or Head of Personnel needs without a Head of Personnel
  2. Reminds me of a recent round (within the last week) I was AI, saw a civilian with full access, very first thing that civilian did was go into the Captain's office, taking his space suit and gear. This isn't inclusive of all the other stuff people take across the station they really shouldn't be touching because they are taking it away from other people who do have the access already (raiding surgery, armory, engineering, science), or as Jovaniph noted, making some areas very chaotic and full of people (such as Robotics and Research and Development).
  3. The reason to try against it is simply what's the point? It's more than just a few people wanting to add hands when you have plenty more people who do not want them added, because it'd give the cyborgs too much power. Part of balance is ensuring no single entity is too powerful. Cyborgs get a lot of bonuses that Carbons do not. Why make them more powerful? From a real-life and role-play perspective, they would NEVER be more powerful than a Carbon, or even better than a Carbon, for fear they'd rise up (which already does happen in the game). Secondary comes from the role-play aspect that if you make them completely independent, everyone loses their jobs and now you have something 100% of the time better and you might as well not play the role because cyborgs are better. It's the same with using the 'best' methods: We don't want to support people always using the absolute best methods, but to work with others to do things. Hence, cyborgs still need to interact with crew. It's a role-playing game at it's core aspect, and part of game design is remembering that and working around that so that it's still a proper multiplayer game, not a 1-does-all game solo game.
  4. Borgs do not need to be the 'masters' of anything. Borgs have many advantages, including time and speed, that other players must prepare for ahead of time or wait. For example, unless the AI is following you, a cyborg can get into anywhere faster than a player that doesn't have all access, and on top of that, cyborgs can get into most rooms that are bolted shut that players must hack open unless they are emagged. This can many times save 10 to 20 seconds, which doesn't sound like much until you understand that's all the time it takes for someone to be killed. For a medical cyborg going after an injured, they can start healing them on the way back to medical from more critical situations (at least stemming the damages) better than any other role in medical prior to getting to medical. Once in medical, a medical cyborg is also capable of fixing up the person in about 95% of the cases on their own with no interference (this is including in my statistics as a human doctor, what I play, where VERY rarely do I need to pull out/replace organs (amazing, <1% of the time with the exception of brain transplant, a maybe 2% at most, which object removal making up the remainder of the percentage, 2-3%). Medical Cyborgs are already pretty powerful in all rights as are, coming from a player who's main character is a doctor. They don't need to be 'better', which a fast medical cyborg is on par with me, and there are very few doctors who are 'masters' of their field and have the speed that a cyborg can have. It all depends on the player and their skill. The 'not having hands' aspect of all cyborgs is something that's existed longer than I've been playing Paradise, and something that isn't going to change. 'They should be equal' is not going to be a valid work or argument, because let's be honest in two regards: Firstly, they shouldn't be equal, and secondly, they each have their own pros and cons already that makes them benefit in difference ways. The list that was noted earlier? Carbons have to prepare to counter a lot of those things, cyborgs don't. Want to counter no air? You need to have a tank ready, equip it, and your default one is only about 10 minutes of air on default settings. Cyborgs can just charge in, no waiting, good to run from encounters. Want to counter atmospheric damage? For cold, any space suit will do, but you have to acquire a limited-access item to do it. Cyborgs can run right in. For heat/fire? Carbons have to get an atmos suit or CE's suit. Cyborgs can ignore heat for the most part, and for fire they can run through it without too much issue as long as they get the damage taken care of. (PS, atmos is becoming more dangerous, so why would you claim this makes no difference?) The immunity to most chemicals has come up, so the only real counter to cyborgs is EMP/flash. What's wrong about that? There are a LOT more counters to players than that, including a huge list of chemicals that can help and hurt them that they have to take time to try and counter. Cyborgs are immune to ALL sicknesses and MOST antag abilities. For example, against vampires, cyborgs are completely immune to glare, something that can screw over a carbon quickly unless they have the blindfold, and someone isn't normally just going to carry that with them as it's highly limited. You cannot steal from a cyborg and you cannot disarm spam a cyborg. Cyborgs can also easily push you away from them. With energy requirement, that's no different, really, than an IPC with the exception you must use a cyborg recharger (same as drones). There are two in robotics, one on the AI satellite, one in the dormitories in the last bathroom stall, and one in engineering (why'd you forget this one?). You can interact with electronic equipment, such as APCs, air alarms, etc, at range. Carbons must have ID access and unlock it to interact with it. You are more capable of solving some issues much quicker than waiting on engineers. With 'immortality', there are more things that can hurt Carbons than cyborgs. If you get killed in maintenance, just like a player, it's just as likely you won't get found. With cyborgs, anyone who checks the Cyborg Console will know your condition as you cannot disable their sensors. With Carbons, you can disable suit sensors. The 'free will' is assuming the AI is going to order you to do things, or that most players are going to order you to do things. And depending on your laws, you may be able to outright ignore the person. Crewsimov, for example, puts protecting of crew above the orders of crew, so if you are actively protecting/saving someone, you can tell the crew to sawed off because you ARE following your laws in listed order. The lack of hands is hardly a debuff, as even as a Carbon a lot of the things I'd need hands for when I'm a doctor, for example, I don't interact with. Only really picking up items is about it. Cyborgs have far more advantages than disadvantages, and are supposed to focus a single department. But they also have advantages outside their department that Carbons (in most cases) don't have, including more freedom of movement and interacting with systems. On top of that, why would Carbons reasonable make Silicons better than themselves beyond what they have already? Consider the RP implications, as well. We already know how bad it gets when cyborgs rise up against the crew, and they can easily take down the cyborg console and make it so crew cannot just lock you down or blow you with ease. That's just called planning.
  5. The issue with making it priority 0 would mean anyone could call the Quarantine Law, then reset the AI and if the AI was traitor, their Priority 0 law for traitor gets erased. You can't make it an ion law because then it's an 'error' law and would have to be removed anyway, but would also force the AI to have to do the ion law over their traitor law. It would be nice is AIs had 'Directive Laws', that go under ion laws and above numerical (starting at 0) laws.
  6. I do agree that anything that is to enthrall, mindslave, convert, or subvert to tell them to commit suicide is just idiotic. That isn't fun for your target in any way and not something we want to be supporting. It needs reminding that the people you are telling to off themselves for your objective are also players, and you're basically telling them to take themselves out of the round with no chance of not being killed. 'Go fight security.' does give you a technical chance to prepare and properly take down security if you are smart enough. However, it's still iffy. Using any of the above methods as a crutch for a role that doesn't exclusively need to use it (shadowling and cult do, it's part of their mode) is just too easy sometimes, unless you give them something fun to actually do. And people (myself included) wouldn't mind it as much if we weren't asked to kill ourselves every other time just so they either clean up evidence or kill us (seriously, do the dirty work yourself, you're an antagonist). When I do request people to kill themselves, it's usually end of round and they aren't my slave so they have every possibility to outright decline, perhaps even turn me in, but I do try to give a reason most times (sad story that fits my character's background). Personally, I wish it was possible to have a preference that makes it so you never get kill objectives.
  7. As of this moment, if I remember correctly, the conversion only lasts 5 minutes, which is one of the major down sides of the item. Should there be a way to tell someone is a thrall? Perhaps. But how would you suggest going about that? To tell them knowing when they stop being a thrall is something they are supposed to 'role-play' (*gasp!*) of basically, "H-how did I get here?" You can use the same thing of, "They appear to be dazed as their mind returns to them." The issue is, considering the missionary staff is Chaplain only, it's REALLY easy to meta (not just the fact it's a bit red staff). Could make it so, if not already, you have to two-hand it to use it, not sure of its mechanics. Maybe give it the ranged 'chant' for 2 or 3 seconds, if you remain in view of the user, it 'converts' you for the 5 minutes. Just long enough that it takes a stun to do, which seeing someone with a stun is a bit more noticeable, but just short enough a time most players can't react before they are thralled. Limiting the number of thralls you could have at any one time would be useful, as well, lending you to manage them a bit more (2 or 3 thralls at any time maximum, if you grab any more, the first in that list you lose grasp of as a thrall, ending their conversion early).
  8. Good news, everyone. The layout is mostly considered for the main station. It's being reviewed now to decide if any major changes should be made before I move onto adding in piping and actual items. If you have feedback, give it. If there is something you wish to see, state so. I can't say anything is guaranteed to be added, but if I like it and it passes review, we'll see to add it.
  9. Really, it'd just be making the stamina icon reflect only stamina damage, and health icon only health damage. I believe some other servers already have this, and as much as I don't like saying it, I think /tg/ is one of them, so getting something like this implemented might be really easy, for display purposes, at least. It'd also be more user-friendly, as people won't think they are taking damage from stamina attacks and won't disproportionately respond back with actual attacks as easily, at least for newer players where it can be difficult to know what's going on.
  10. @ZN23X Disarm spamming someone as is will already make it difficult for someone to get between point A and B or has the potential to lock someone down. If when the person gets up from knockdown like that they have 100% stamina again, after the stun time is done, they'll get up and be able to run, as disarm stamina damage would not stack in this case. How the stun time is calculated, however, may adjust how things work, though. I couldn't say for sure without practical usage of such an application. People already disarm spam just to be a shit to someone else. Nothing would change here and is more an administrative thing as it's not really possible to code people not to be little shits to others without 're-education'.
  11. This sounds like something that should and could be implemented not as its own value, but by usage of the stamina value, which would be a lot more openly available and obvious to the players already as it's already implemented. The only suggestion would be to make stamina its own user interface icon rather than part of the health status (last I checked, if you take stamina damage, your little icon will change to reflect this).
  12. This also wouldn't stop people from just clicking behind them rapidly to look behind them, something that can already be done.
  13. We'd need Regens or a head staff to pin it, I believe. Could be nice, as it's something we need more work towards. I'll state that this moment, progress is a little slow as I have been utterly focused with studying and Arma 3, but I do have the base-line of security planned out. I just need to do perma and the bathrooms I want, really. Then the AI satellite is next.
  14. Greetings. Looking for some people to play Arma 3 with, including Epoch (primarily) and Battle Royale. Sigholt Starsong and I are looking for players to play with semi-regularly or just to have some fun, do some tactical role-play, survive, wipe people out, die... The usual in Arma series. If interested, message one of us on here, respond here (if I remember to look), or message one of us on Discord.
  15. Nor does your side of the stance: It's a matter of perspective and intention by the players. If someone wants to screw over the antag, regardless of how they get back into the round they can do so, be it ERT or mid-round antag (with really the only exception being blob; some are just EASIER to do so, such as revenant). It's a matter of perspective of ERT being designed to be counter-antag (thus bring order) vs mid-round antag being strictly to increase entropy (thus bring chaos). How they go about doing so can hide many underlying intentions, such as meta-grudges, meta-knowledge use, and valid hunting via targeting specific people when you reasonably wouldn't go after them.
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