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  1. The downside of this is anything that detracts from sec arresting and then processing prisoners leads to calls of shitcurity because someone arrested has to spend 20 minutes from getting cuffed to getting sentenced, and then whatever the punishment is. Giving more tools to the detective is a great idea and if their job becomes involved enough maybe even having a 2nd detective on station at 80+ population, but having all of sec play detective, or giving any excuse for the detective to act like security detracts from the uniqueness of the role.
  2. o/ The Fuhrryer thanks you for your loyal service.
  3. I insulted the thread, not the players. Let me list the way in which this thread is a dumpster fire: - Pretending like you have any significant degree of support for these changes. - Pretending that even if you DID have significant support, that we'd be forced to enact them. - Cherry-picking miniscule parts of replies to try to validate your points while completely ignoring everything else.
  4. This whole thread is a toxic garbage circlejerk between two players who think they know better than everyone else.
  5. People abusing sending buttfaxes to Centcom because they want to get cluwned. We've started catching on to them, and they don't quite get what they want anymore.
  6. This is definitely something as is being looked at internally and is part of our criteria in the selection of new Trialmins.
  7. Between the new delisting system and our policies, I feel like this thread is much ado about nothing. Much more critical is putting in place map and gameplay changes to support the new reality of 150 player peaks with 100 player averages. THAT is what is needed most.
  8. ZomgPonies


    We're already looking at a cyberneticist position that would handle bionic and robotic limb / organ upgrade, implants and the like. This idea is redundant in that context.
  9. I've got a fungal infection for you to clean up
  10. I have the weirdest boner right now.
  11. And if you mean to turn your human body into a monkey, well, you're reverting to a lesser life-form. Your brain DOES change, as does every single other molecule of your anatomy.
  12. One possibility is to limit the amount of ACTIVE secborgs during a round. So if there's more than X, the option to choose that loadout doesn't appear to a new borg. If individual sec borgs are OP, then we need to concretely identify the ways they are, and find ways to adjust the power level of the specific module. Removing them completely is throwing the baby out with the bathwater and a terrible knee-jerk reaction to a possibly legitimate concern.
  13. I get the gibber from the chef, handle cloning effectively (meaning people can easily find their gear once cloned). All other dead bodies that cannot be cloned get stripped into the bottom left morgue tray and then thrown in the gibber. Meat gets added back to cloner for biomass. Skin is kept so I can make myself a skin suit and become a Real Human Boy. It might not be elegant, but it sure is effective and noone has to wait for cloning because Dr. Death decided to have a 30 minute autopsy circlejerk with himself. It's really good RP, but usually there's noone there to witness it and you just end up gumming up the works. If it's a boring round, I'll take all the unclaimed gear and open up a Used Item Store from the morgue. Edit: This is the EFFECTIVE way to play it with current pop. It would be great to have the leisure to perform long autopsies, but I feel getting players back into the round as quickly as possible is more important. Maybe if we ever overhaul cloning/morgue, there will be a possibility for both.
  14. LTH - I have many problems with how you go about arguing your point. As Neca said, taking things out of context is a big no-no, as is flooding a thread with replies trying to shove your point down people's throat or simply drowning out any differing opinion. Lastly I'm pretty sure I've seen some brigading from you. All those things make it way, way harder for the decision makers to actually take what you say at face value because the signal to noise ratio just isn't there. Sure you're clearly passionate about your viewpoints, but you need to remember that you are just one voice in a community of thousands. tl;dr: Get off your high horse and learn to contribute in a more productive manner.