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  1. Lets try to revive this by putting it back to zero.
  3. No, I don't allow this. Go back to 0 - collect no money and ... monopoly was long time ago. Just go back
  4. Appeal Declined - Please count to 1000 before appealing again.
  5. I got instructed, as a new trial, to stop this nonsense. Is this how I do it?
  6. Now lets make it confusing. This is either a 9 or a 0. Schroedingers 9 so to say. Edit: Why did I write 19... what the heck was I thinking
  7. I am mixed about the new system - and here is why. I like the idea of reworking crit, of making it more deadly and more serious, but it comes with a huge nerf to medical systems and makes the decision often just a two way street. Can I fix him fast? - Fix him fast Anything more complicated? - Into cloning they go. This two-way approach to medical is partially due to players being lazy, and partially due to them just not knowing better, the chemist being trash or other unforeseen consequences. I had a few rounds where Fox was my Doctor, and I have seen in person that, if you know what you are doing, you can fix people without stuffing them into cloning. In addition, several times he fixed me up from things that I thought were a guaranteed death. Nevertheless, unfortunately not every player is like this. Personally, I would ask for more depth in the medical system. I have just taken a short look at TG station, and frankly, I know nothing about how their medical system works. However, the idea alone of brain damage that add random effects sounds far more advanced than what we have right now. I agree, medical should become more interesting, but personally, I would add more systems into the diagram of procedures. Example: Allow them to clone people, but - it might result in brain damage - and woops, person has now "Monophobia - The patient will become increasingly stressed when not in company of others, triggering panic reactions ranging from sickness to heart attacks." which needs to be treated as well. In addition: No system should be reliant on one factor. Currently, I feel like the chemist is too important. Destroy the cloner, kill the chemist (or chemist area) – Medbay is done. Back then they still had the defib as a last resort, but this path is now closed. Overall - the game is Semi Realistic - allowing us to bend the rules, reality, and time just enough. Because if Survival Games taught me anything: Realism is not always fun.
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