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  1. Is it really that hard to ask science or cargo to make extra cassettes? Yes, actually Getting people to do things for you is always a mixed a bag as there are all kinds of people and they like to be uncooperative now and then for no particular reason For example, I've seen a some QMs refuse simple requests like making a multitool or ordering a box of metal and have it get to the point where you gotta involve the captain. Another time I even had a roboticist refuse to repair an unsalvageable sec borg while I was sec and I had to force my way into robotics and do it myself. I personally think you shouldn't need outside help for really simple things like extra cassettes and whatnot. It just makes the process really tedious as you can either get it easily or you'll need to pull teeth to get one. And you don't normally run into situations where you need extras but when you do, you generally need it asap or you're just wasting everyone's time.
  2. I'm against it personally A janitor's job most of the shift hugely consists of cleaning up trash and replacing lights because that's generally what all their job specific gear allows for. By giving the engiborg the light replacer module, you pretty much take away half of the reason to even pick the janiborg module. Also, while a maintenance drone generally has everything a janiborg does and more, it still has that drone lawset to follow so unlike borgs it can't really participate in the round aside from listening to comms about stuff to fix. And as for engineering having a box of replacement lights, you have to consider the fact that there are actually tons of them lying around the station that any civilian can pickup so it's more like "here's a convenient box of lights just in case you happen to need it" and doesn't actually mean that it's part of their job.
  3. It doesn't just shoot to the tile you go to when you move? because if that's how it works then a single shot is easy to avoid and it's only being on walk mode that makes it an issue (and if it doesn't work that way then I'm for scrapping. If it doesn't make the shot magically home in then it's not actually an issue)
  4. I'm on the fence with the idea. As the karma jobs and races are basically additional gameplay features and I do think there should be a way to actively pursue them outside of hoping people like your RP and are willing to give you a thumbs up, I can see why there's basically an RP gateway on jobs like NT rep and magistrate. However something like blueshield, sec pod pilot, and races like vox and plasmamen which all sorta heavily add extra gameplay mechanics (getting a free spacesuit no matter the job is pretty huge for example, as is taking no pressure damage) I feel shouldn't be so restricted by RP. And in a topic similar to this one I tossed in a suggestion about adding a job point system that basically functions like the karma system but instead of giving points for good RP, you give points for what you consider good gameplay. So when you run into a doctor that has surgery down like the back of his hand or a scientist that has research capped early in the shift, etc, job points would be more like a "I don't know much about your RP or character but keep up the good work" and encourage people to do their jobs. It's also possible to add job specific objectives onto it as an alternative way to earn points as this topic suggests. Rewards would be, imo, the more gameplay heavy jobs like blueshield, mechanic, sec pod, etc and perhaps job specific fluff items like a captain of the month medal for captains, a golden clipboard for the HoP, and other fun stuff. Just a thought
  5. I think it should at least keep 1 shot while still keeping the aiming reticle on but it shouldn't force you into walk. While keeping the reticle does have the "i'm aiming at you aspect", letting it keep 1 shot let's it have the "I could have shot you just now but I'm holding my fire and giving you a chance" theme. I agree that it shouldn't be an auto-aim win but I do think it should serve at least some in-game purpose instead of just a visual aspect. Cause I'm pretty sure if you can't force them into walk, even if you keep the auto aim for 1 shot, it's easily dodgeable if you keep moving (at least I'm pretty sure you can outrun the shots and it's mainly the fact that you're unloading an entire clip with each step that's aimed which is the main issue).
  6. So borers are obviously made for higher RP environments and, coming from the perspective as someone fairly new to SS13 in general (been playing for like maybe a month or two now), it really doesn't work out on this server with the way community treats antagonists. Honestly I don't even consider a borer an antag (and they probably aren't considered to be one) because it has no real defense mechanisms, no objectives (when you join as a borer there's literally no text that explains anything), and no consequence for letting them go other than NT doesn't like them and may or may not blow up the escape shuttle. You're just this slow as hell worm and everyone wants to kill you because you're a bug. So suggestions I'm thinking of to maybe help alleviate these issues are: - Give them an actual objective such as spawning a certain number of borers and having them in a host on the shuttle at the end of the round. - Perhaps giving them a growing mechanic similar to xenos where they store chemicals over time while in a host and then get some new passive abilities or actives as a reward for not dying immediately. General ability and stat changes such as, - Making them way faster than they currently are cause you quite literally die in one or two hits, you have no actual offense, and everyone will run circles around you. (maybe making it so they're fast at the start and then when they get a host and grow and become capable of reproducing, they drop back to their current speed) - When they do get a host, make it so after a certain amount of time or maybe an option that cost chemicals, they can give the host an urge (similar to cult mask) to not kill the thing in its head or to protect it. - Maybe an ability or two to use when not in a host to help them escape from people trying to chase it such as creating some alium space lube on whatever tile you're on to help give those assistants chasing you with a toolbox the literal slip. - (I'm not sure if something similar is already a thing in game) as they grow inside their host, they find a way to avoid being detected by basic scanning equipment like medhuds and need a full body scan to show up. (damn doctors ready to decap you for having a borer I swear)
  7. The gateway is to be bolted at all times and no one is allowed EVA access. The gateway will always have highly dangerous weapons that can be used to end your reign of comdomcy and should be closed at all times. If the RD insists on opening the gateway for science, he's most likely a traitor and should be spaced ASAP.
  8. I support ascendants not being almost immortal. I personally find rounds like this to be way more exciting for both the participants and anyone observing when both sides have a chance and winning the round comes down to how you play (and I would personally love to see the gamma armory actually used with the crew and ERT grabbing the big guns instead of rushing the nuke). As for enthrall going through implants, I would suggest maybe needing multiple shadowlings enthralling at the same time to do that while making the process take longer than normal if that becomes a thing
  9. Going off the idea of them having the option to be raiders or traders, here's an idea I came up with. How about giving them two sets of objectives where they have to complete multiple minor and major objectives but the major objectives are mainly how they win the round. Then command gets a fax from cc telling them about a trade ship nearby with stuff made from what they believe to be advanced technology and encourages command to secure some items for research. Minor objectives would reflect the small objectives like get 5 eguns or get some ore from cargo Major objectives would be the big ones like get the nuke or some high priority item and kidnap objectives (maybe make it so they have kidnap someone from command at the very least). Then maybe mess with their victory conditions a bit for example, All objectives complete and at least 1 vox escapes - major vox win Major objectives complete, no minor objectives done, and all vox escape - major vox win At least one major objective complete, all minor objectives done, and all vox escape - minor vox win No major objectives done, all minor objectives done, and all vox escape - minor crew victory Nothing done - Major crew victory So with win conditions like that, as a vox raider you can choose between being friendly with the crew and then once you get the minor stuff out the way you can afford some casualties trying to get the big stuff or you can go in and try and get all your major objectives done fast and leave. And since the vox can't win just by doing all the minor objectives, command won't feel bad for trading with vox.
  10. I like the fourth idea and the third idea And just to toss some more combat related things around, maybe adding some more stuff to grab like say, if you grab someone passively while they're on the ground with both hands (so grab, switch hands, grab) you can upgrade your intent and attempt to pin them to ground which could take as long as cuffing someone does. From there, the defender can undo the pin and pick themselves up by resisting with either grab, harm, or disarm intent which gives a message to the attacker about it and takes about the same time as it did to pin them. Then for fun stuff, the attacker can pick a counter intent rock-paper-scissors style and resist before the pin is undone to keep them pinned. Maybe have it go Harm So if the defender wins twice, the attackers loses all their stamina and the defenders gets up victoriously If the attacker wins twice, the defender loses all their stamina and they can't undo the pin for maybe another minute or more (if it all?) If it's a tie, the pin is undone but there's no stamina reduction Alternatively, if the defender doesn't resist, the attacker can upgrade his intent and attempt to choke out whoever he has pinned to get rid of all of their stamina. Same rules and penalties apply as if the defender was resisting. Seems like a good way to subdue someone without hurting them just in case you want to keep them still for some reason and you don't have cuffs.
  11. all my this being able to hide it in chairs would be fun stuff too
  12. Since the implant changes, I've seen quite a few people treat the implants as they used to work and generally need to be informed that they've been changed and don't make you loyal to NT (mainly people that don't play HoS too often and weren't around the day they got changed). If they were called protection implants or anti-brainwash implants or something, I think it would at least let people know that something happened to the implants so they're likely to ask about the changes.
  13. I +1 this. Dealing RNG for a decent virus (I remember going through a round where I went through 60 different mutations with no beneficial third strand) is already a hassle for Virologists at times and when a virus breaks out you're pretty much an essential to the station. I think it would make a good deal of sense for them to have some protection against carp without hoping someone has sec pod pilot or anyone can be bothered to help you out.
  14. Fun with the new test chamber and the firing range. Made a crossbow and a colleague made a pnuematic cannon. They also tested a Napalm smoke grenade when the RD was overlooking
  15. off the top of my head, how about removing the ability to bless tanks and instead make any water that goes in the chaplains' flask while he's holding it holy water and then give him the ability to splash a bit of holy water on people. Then make it so while chapel still blocks their abilities, vamps only get lit on fire in the chapel if they're covered in holy water. Makes it so you can just randomly grab people and toss them in the chapel to see if they burn. Also, maybe giving the vamps the ability to communicate via telepathy through either a small blood cost or a cooldown would help a bit
  16. Well at least it'd give you another reason to space the clown. That's always a good thing, right?
  17. I do wish applying a bruise pack didn't make it so you can't apply a trauma pack though since they don't heal any brute damage. ICly it would just be like replacing bandages. It helps when someone uses a bruise pack on themselves and you show up with a trauma pack but can't bring them to cyro or sleepers for whatever reason.
  18. I don't think we need an additional system that does the same thing karma does. If I were to make a suggestion to have role points be a thing, it would instead be a point system where you give points to people that do well at their assigned job rather than an enjoyable RP experience like Karma points with rewards that would basically be job specific fluff items. For example, maybe a special smoke pipe for the detective, a robust toolbox for civilians, a gold captain of the month medal pinned to the jumpsuit like a tie, fancy paperwork pen for the HoP, etc. Flesh it out a bit more and it can be a system that adds little achievements for good gameplay. Not necessary but could be nice, gives a little incentive to do well at your job aside from getting yelled at by a head of staff.
  19. Just noticed this but if you wiki space law in game, it takes you to http://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Space_law which is different from the one you posted, http://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Space_Law due to the L's in law. The one in game doesn't have the updated law about insulting an officer.
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