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  1. Nope. The turbine was left running on standard gas pumps. EDIT: I have just checked an end-round state of atmos gasses. Turns out the N2 and Oxygen can be depleted even without running a supercharged turbine. Mind you that this is post-shuttle departure situation. Still... I think these should be double capacity or infinite.
  2. Few days ago i was able to burn through the Station's Oxygen and Plasma supply by maxing out the turbine. Yes, fully upgraded turbine, with 19/81 Plasma to Oxygen ratio can literally burn all oxygen and plasma available in atmos in about ~50 minutes. I know that this is a VERY rare occurrence, but... Is there a way to make the atmos gas tanks contain infinite gas? Or at least to double the amount of gas in them? Also minor suggestion concerning drones: Please make their supply of Space Cleaner be bigger than 50 units. This is literally either 5 or 10 sprays depending on the amount being sprayed. When the station is literally OOZING blood, oil, slime and other filth, trying to clean it up as a drone means you will spend most of your time running to recharging station and back in order to resupply. Giving the drones 250 units of space cleaner would make them so much better at keeping the place clean. Thanks for reading! EDIT: spelling