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  1. I cannot imagine what unholy, eldritch power led you to do this. Let this serve as a monument to the hubris of Humanity, not content with merely breaking the bonds of sanity in one realm and needing to spread it to others. It is nothing more than madness, a watchful moment through the looking glass beyond the plane where mortal minds were meant to tread. And yet, it is beautiful in its own, unique way; a symphony of constructive, building insanity. It is nothing short of heretical. And this is why we deserve it. Praise be.
  2. Beg pardon if this was already said, but I haven't seen it, and I felt as if this much needed to be pointed out: As someone who's been around with the Admin Staff since around early 2015, I can confirm that while we don't necessarily have a fixed policy on Notes (as we never really had fixed policy on most of anything), we've never shied away from sharing relevant Notes with the player they were written about; provided there was an actual reason to do so. This could include, but not be limited to: Ban Appeals/Admin Complaints where the exact content of a Note is relevant, usually wh
  3. Esteemed Mr. Shaw Mr. O'Shaw Mr. Shaw, It has recently come to my attention that the Trurl's legal division has had a series of reports filed about you that were never followed through after being deemed as "frivolous", "superfluous" and, on at least one occasion, "idiotic beyond all measure". Thankfully, being the resourceful, dashing rogue that I am, I managed to "acquire" these reports and give them a thorough read. I was left with a single, burning question, something I absolutely must know: Why do you flex if you have no muscles? Best wishes and a continuation of a great da
  4. @necaladun A) Add morgue tray/trays to, say, a backroom near the armory B) Add cremator usage in the Full-Power Vampires/Changalangs caveats in Spess Law. All-in-all, doable, since it's already done anyway.
  5. I've... taken the liberty of redirecting this message to the Trurl's Psychological Evaluation Department. A representative will be with you shortly. Please do not resist.
  6. Company policy obligates me to inform you that we like our clowns and wish for them to have a good time, bless the Honkmother. pleasehelp
  7. Greetings, Mr. Concerned, I'm almost certain I've answered a question like this before, but I'll repeat myself just in case: ultimately, it is cheaper for us to deal with the fallout of occasionally hiring/inviting mentally unbalanced individuals than it is to institute a company-wide psychological vetting process; I'm sure you can imagine that logistics and bureaucracy get a tiny bit complicated when your organization operates on a literally galactic scale. So we just hire a few crazies every once in a while, pay off the lawsuits, provide clones when needed, and that's still a drop in th
  8. I wasn't even talking about you, but since you seem so inclined to deny any involvement, I'll make sure to notify Internal Affairs.
  9. For the last fucking time, SINA-, no, we cannot allow military-grade IPC platforms onto any of our facilities ever since your Central Processing Committee decided to start throwing lawsuits at us for failing to provide them with basic sentient rights or, in fact, a sense of self. If that wasn't enough, then we had the whole string of incidents with the Tranzor Terror, the multiple bombings on Mars, and let's not forget the devastating Bar Boycott of 2498. For safety reasons, you get plastic, and you'll like it. And if you don't, tough shit, you aren't getting anywhere near any of our shin
  10. Greetings, Dr. Z! A complementary box of the finest chocolates our Bluespace RnD Department teleported from the chocolate factories of Sweet Tooth Inc. has been sent to your desk, courtesy of being the only person to actually give enough of a shit to ask me how I am. Keep on keepin' on, darlin'. Anyway, life here's quite a way's better than what you call life over there; we're not really stuck somewhere that keeps being contested by a bunch of terrorist organizations, and frankly, we've got a way, way bigger budget for staff vetting, on-site security, station defensive measures and Bluesp
  11. First off, I'd appreciate it if you didn't reveal sensitive information such as CLASSIFIED ERT MISSION STATEMENTS on a public mailing list. Secondly, I made sure to fix your problems within a few minutes of me noticing no one above my paygrade was around to fix the problem for me: any and all non-human arrivals to the Trurl will be redirected to the ERT Training Program. Hope you brushed up on your Sinta'Unathi.
  12. Little known fact: it's the Communications Department that dispatches and monitors automated messaging systems. We don't receive them. Stop redirecting spam to our Department, Bill, no one's going to like you better for it.
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