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  1. Having more dynamic fires would do a lot to help promote the crew working together, it would also give crew members something to do and let them feel more engaged with the station and their compatriots.
  2. As it stands right now a fire outbreak isn't that big of a deal. It will quote often put it self out and doesen't spread to cause any damage, unless some form of atmos breach is involved. On all contained vessels fire is a very big deal and I would like to see it get buffed.
  3. Finally, a compliment about Security.
  4. This wonderful drone came by and paid me a visit for a round yesterday. He spruced up my core and we chatted the entire round, when I wasn't answering distress calls or door pages that is. I had no idea what he was saying for the most part but eventually we came up with a 1 beep = yes, 2 beep = no system.
  5. Hey all, I've been playing as Maverick Headley on the server now for 3+ months now. Thought I would say hi and let everyone know that I've been having a blast playing so far. I'm not super great at RP'ing but I'm having a ton of fun going through the motions of learning how to get good at it, even though it can be frustrating at times trying to think of new and creative ways to evolve my character.
  6. And the way that the Vox Raiders are written in to the game there is plenty of middle ground to work with. They could easily fit in to a hybrid category, which might be described as something of a Antag/Guest of the station mix.
  7. Regardless of the change I think that it might be a healthy change. The community is still very RP heavy, at least at night time anyways, and I think the community would enjoy it. This is why I'm making the suggestion.
  8. I'd like to suggest that some of the rules be changed to how Vox Raider rounds are handled, specifically in-regards to how they are/can be treated by the crew. Vox Raider rounds offer up a great opportunity for solid RP between the crew and the antags. I suggest that instead of Vox Raiders being considered KOS targets, that the rules be changed to offer them some leniency, so until they outright prove to be a criminal threat that they be treated as guests of the station. Today for example there was a Vox Raider round where in which I was one of the raiders and my crew and I went to the mining asteroid to trade. Without boo even being said by the miners they quite literally drilled holes in our heads, even though we continually stated we were there for trade. I joined this server because of the way RP'ing is valued by the admins and large portion of the community. Giving the Vox Raiders some opportunity to RP without being considered out-right Antags would be fun for all, especially since the Vox are considered one of my favorite species to interact with.
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