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  1. Ash Walkers and Hermit. Technically also beach bums and lavaland doctors, but those are dying soon.
  2. There should also be a way to make it without it. Current sandstone works well, especially because of ghostroles.
  3. Good old bud, Seer Greatest joke of the century Poly is calling Mono a copy! Get it?... cuz poly... mono... parrots.... haha...
  4. Not every god damn thing revolves around antags. Bridge hoboing is weird, it's like... why tf are are you cleaning floors in bridge hallway, when your station is equipped with areas to ACTUALLY spend time in. It's odd to me, I don't like it, it takes content away from service department. Personally, I don't really care if mr. antag man has harder or easier time, as it's a SECONDARY issue. Okay, back to the topic. I would love if you could set the job titles! "Assistant" is extremely simple and shallow title. Having titles like "Retired" and "Off-Duty" would be very fun, and would positively contribute to character arcs. Having an "Intern" job title would also be very cool! However, not sure if Assistant as a title should be department-specific, having an "Engineering Assistant", while cool, would honestly change nothing. People will take it cuz it sounds cool and do nothing with engineering. Leaving it only for HoP to set is probably better. "Tourist" would imply you are not hired by NT. If they had no paychecks, it'd be cool. Doesn't make sense otherwise. "Civilian" is maybe better, tho it's also even less deep than "Assistant". Woouldn't hurt, but also not a fan.
  5. Maybe create a new, non-standard job. "Miscellaneous Worker". Nobody can join it at roundstart, but HoP can transfer people there, for regular pay. Title can be, of course, changed. This is, kind of, avoiding the main problem, but should still work.
  6. Does it make sense RP-wise? Maybe. Personally, when I play assistant, I consider that a paid break from main jobs, not exactly being unemployed. My Blueshield character for example. They do a LOT for NT, even besides being a bodyguard. They get rewarded with (sometimes) having a paid leave (counted in shifts). That's how I explain a character suddenly going from being CMO, to a lowly assistant. They were not demoted, no. Just taking a paid break. I'd be all for reduced paychecks tho. It would both fit to my headcanon, and make sense RP-wise - they SHOULD get paid less than an actual worker. Dunno, maybe like 60%, 40%, of original paycheck? That'd be 50/75 per 30 minutes. Unless you want to go on some mass buying spree, this doesn't feel like THAT much of an issue. That is, by all means, a seperate issue. Bridge Hobos are basically AFK anyways, what do they need the money for? Let me tell you, you will NOT motivate them, ever.
  7. Recently, I heard a lot of ideas thrown around. Ideas about giving so-called "RP Jobs" (bartender, librarian, chaplain, psych, barber) more content. You know, make them more needed in the round. One argument I heard, is that "they are boring, they have nothing to do". I agree with that. So I would like to present my plan to make them more fun! 1. Turn off VSC and Git, you won't need them here. 2. Join a round of Para. 3. Go to, for example, library. 4. Ask the librarian to lend you a book. There, librarian content. Let's try another one! 1. Join a round of Para. 2. Schedule a meeting with the psychologist. 3. Go to them, have a long and deep talk about your character's problems. And there, one happy psychologist player! The REAL problem with "RP Jobs" is that people ignore them. You want them to be more fun? Then stop doing that. Go and interact with them. The two minutes you spend having your hair cut is the BEST thing you can do to make these jobs actually fun. They do not need any stupid features (magic healing stick for psych, really?), they need attention in-game. Problem of course goes both ways. People playing jobs for bullshit gamer bonuses, like chaplain for le funny sword, or psych for meth. That kind of people certainly do not care about RP with you. This post is also a call to them - there is more in this game than le funny. Go and try talking with people, even if THEY may not want to. I get that it is boring to get ignored for two hours straight, but if this post gets any attention, people just might make your round more fun! After all, ss13 is an RP game. It makes sense for RP jobs to exist, and for people to interact with them. There are more ways to change something than only with code. We just need to try.
  8. So, the scenario I had in mind would be killing someone, taking a photo, and then reviving their target for OOC reasons - they feel bad IRL that they roundended someone. This would 100% happen, eventually. Hence why a photo shouldn't be equal to permakill - traitors should still have SOME reason to make sure their targets STAY dead. Otherwise, what is stopping you from doing that? I'm sure syndicate would NOT be happy that you are scamming them this way.
  9. Eh, people being revived by traitors out of "kindness" would mean death has EVEN LESS impact than currently. Photo is a cool idea, yes, but it shouldn't be equal to someone STAYING dead.
  10. Problem is, both species and antags are used in other places. All the FPXXX ones probably should be though, yes.
  11. To clarify, all you guys would need to do is changing "FPQM" to "FPCT" (once we upload the file) Also, correct link is this.
  12. Plain access increase has problems, but it can just work as an indicator for general crew, CC, and new players about to join. If it gives no gameplay benefit, it won't be abused. Joe Smith the Cargo Technician can say "Oh, code orange is declared, guess we are about to loose power soon!" Xx_w0lf_xX the guy in the lobby can say "Oh, code violet is declared, guess I should join as an MD and help get it under control!" Also, "violet" isn't really related to medical. How about code white maybe? Or maybe code cyan? I like the idea tho! Being able to declare a station-wide emergency as a related head makes sense.
  13. my first kidan, Zvikk [...] Zarlan. Oh hey, them again... is that an e20?!? Seven minutes into the round?!? Ain't no way... My robor, Z.I.R.C., up to no good. And, last but very much not least: Two coolest nians on station, in the middle of their concert!
  14. Those are the easiest ways to do medical, yup. Our medical gets fun if you start to mess with chemistry more. Feed your patient some something from the fridge instead of using a mender next time! If you want to avoid cloning people, you can try messing around with Lazarus Reagent. It's certainly more challenging, and if you get good at it, it's even better than cloning (in some rather edge cases, but still!) I might also mention, cloning is slowly being reworked to require more effort to use. As for RP being lacking, I must agree. But it's due to timers being extremely strict in medical. Either a defib timer, timer when a chemical is in someone's body, timing on surgery etc. Unless you type fast, RPing with those around is just hard.
  15. I do not believe that MODsuits alone are entertaining enough to do for two hours straight. If said job got more content however, I'd say it could fly.
  16. PR has been made: https://github.com/ParadiseSS13/Paradise/pull/21721
  17. I might also give them actual sechud, maybe. Maybe read_only is enough. Personally, I don't use sechuds much so I really dunno if they need full access to them. EDIT: Thinking about it, most likely not necessary. And while it could be used to set tresspassers to "arrest", this DOES feel like it'd be outside of blueshield's job.
  18. Hello, hello, I make this post today to present an idea, and discuss it with ya all. Idea is - giving blueshield security comms. "Why do they need them? They are not security!" - You may say, and while you are right, they are NOT security, their job often INVOLVES security. So, why SHOULD the blueshield have access to security comms roundstart? Minor examples of it are tresspassers - blueshield is to protect command areas and detain trespassers. He however MUST pass the trespasser onto security force for brigging. In this scenario, it'd mostly be convenient, but it's by no means necessary. Now, more important point - communicating threats. In theory, captain and HoS can communicate any threats via command comms. In practice, they often do not. Knowing what are possible threats helps you be more prepared to save command when it is needed. Falling under the same category - fast communication about threats. No captain will yell "vampire in science" on command comms, and it sure as hell helps you stand near RD and make sure vampire doesn't get him. Blueshield's job is to also prevent something happening to command. Not only to save them after the fact. This leads to last point - security comms would help coordinate rescue efforts with security. This is rather self-explanatory. In general, it just sucks to not even know what is going on because command comms are silent. Now, what would be the downsides? Or, well, at least the downsides I can think of. Not many! Most important one, is that it could shift mindset of blueshield players into fighting antags for the sake of it. It's a valid point, but I do not believe it would affect that much. Nobody is stopping you from asking warden for sec comms already, and there is a good chance you will be granted them. My point here is, if you want to redtext the antag man for no lawful reason, you can do it already. I would love to see the response to this. Hear if this change would be positive or not? If feedback is rather positive, I will gladly figure out how to code it myself, so do not worry about that.
  19. Have you ever been given whole CCTV lawset as a personal AI before? Well, now I have been.
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