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  1. I saw a video one time of a dude playing an SS13 montage. The airlock at escape was open. Motherfucker walked into the hallway near chapel which was completely depressurized from the airlock being left open (and i guess the firelock failsafe wasnt working), the dude flew at like mac 10 directly from where he was standing and out the airlock which was probably like 50-100 tiles away all within a split-second. I support this thread because thats the type of decompression i want Of course I did read up and i understand it depends on Atmos sytems and theres different ifs, ands and BUGS that apply. It would be cool though I also often find myself just walking around in depressurized rooms that have one or multiple holes in the wall and floor (i understand the floors a little different since you cant be sucked into the floor), which makes 0 sense at all. The risk of going into a depressurized room with no suit and boots to grab a body or a cigarette should be way higher than it is now, as its pretty easy to escape space death if you're quick in and out. I remember back in the day you would get FUCKED walking into breaches and things like that if you didnt have magboots, literally game over, prepare to be bashed 100 times and then ejected into space
  2. I don't mind the crewmate pointing out how much work it would be, as it would be a lot, as for finding someone to do it, i have no clue, maybe was hoping one of the at-home paradise coders would do it or something :3 I also agree, if Vox would have their 'own blood', then plasmamen the same - however, yes, i understand it would be a lot more code-work than Greys, Slimes or IPCs, which respectively have Sulfuric Acid, Water and Oil blood (things that are already present and easily accessible on the station). I also thought diona already had tree sap blood. Thatd be cool too, if they didnt have it already. And I like the plasma dust/grounded plasma idea for plasmamen, which also seems like it'd be easier to integrate, given there is already plasma lying around in every Chem Dispenser on the station (Unless im mistaken, but im pretty sure you can get plasma for chem dispensers? I wouldn't doubt that im wrong, which in that case, would make plasma-blood a bigger problem to implement). While this was originally a Vox thread, i dont mind expanding it to discuss other forms of species-blood. Also, i dont know who the big bosses who make these decisions are, but i cant wait to see what they have to say about this suggestion. Thank you all for your input in expanding this thread and getting the thinking gears rolling! PS I recognize you spacemanspark, i remember when you were just a wee player times change, its cool to see you still here, as an admin of the team, 4000 posts (and about half a decade) later! lol
  3. If vox blood is already like this, then ill close this topic myself if someone can let me know But as far as i know vox blood is the same as human blood, meaning they can take blood from normal bloodpacks, its just blue Considering vox blood moves nitrogen it should be its own special thing. Logically at least. First and foremost, they wouldnt even have hemoglobin if their blood was blue, Horseshoe crabs are the only creatures we know with blue blood, and the blue comes from the copper compound (instead of iron, which gives our mammalian blood its primal red color) within their version of hemoglobin, called hemocyanin. Both hemocyanin and hemoglobin move oxygen, but my point is, the color difference is due to real chemical differences that make hemocyanin toxic to humans. Furthermore, not only is vox blood blue, it doesnt even move oxygen, it moves nitrogen, theoretically making it even -more- toxic to humans, and vice versa. Therefore i think vox should have their own special blood type/blood packs. Ribosomes are still cool. I understand this would be a dick pain to code and would also require adding new items to medbay an shit like that, but i figured it would be a cool thing to see implemented, given SS13's extreme attention to detail
  4. Czardoc

    Sign language

    All right, so, looking back over this thread, I do like what you guys are saying. Writing custom and descriptive emotes to communicate has always been something I'm fond of seeing. However, I've also seen the mute substitute this with writing. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this, but I'm saying this could be utilized by the people who wouldn't have found themselves doing these emotes anyways. Otherwise, rather than deaf and mute folk automatically being able to sign, it could just be instead assigned as a secondary language. It may provide an easier platform to communicate quicker, if needed. But, the more I think about it, the more obsolete it seems. Personally, I'd use it in situations where I can't describe something at all, and just have to say it. Usually, I'd settle for a PDA message or writing, but I use sign occasionally, as if my character is testing if the other person can read it or not (which is always a nice little 'test') @davidchan Didn't think about this. Considering lots of signed words require both hands, I'd assume you couldn't sign it all. Of course, I wouldn't know how all of the encrypting and coding would go, though.
  5. Czardoc

    Sign language

    Good suggestions. I'll continue on with the suggestion, then. I didn't think it was too necessary to post this, but here are some examples. You have good ideas, though. If someone signs an with an exclamation point, it will look like this. John Doe excitedly signs, "A quick brown fox just jumped over a lazy dog!" If someone signs with a question mark, it will look like this. Jane Doe quizzically signs, "Did a quick brown fox really jump over a lazy dog? If their sentence ends without punctuation, or with a period, it would be 'regular.' Jack Doe signs, "Yeah, a quick brown fox just jumped over a lazy dog." If you were injured and are stuttering, instead of dashes, there would be a set of ellipses - to imply that you are taking longer to sign, rather than struggling to speak. Jace Doe signs, "The... q...quick fox.... j...jumped over... dog. Not sure how they'd be when drunk, though. My idea is, maybe they'd sign words twice or have a similar effect to being injured.
  6. Coming back to the server, I saw the 'mute' disability was implemented. I'm really happy it's an actual disability now, rather than just something a person chooses to role play, and I've seen a lot more people role playing this disability with the installment of this new mechanic. Anyways, this reminded me of my old suggestion, which I saw didn't bring lots of traction. Sign language. Not everyone can understand it, and just like muteness, not everyone thinks about role playing it, until it's an actual mechanic. It'd act like a regular language, with someone using a key in say chat (ex. :m). Deaf and Mute people would be able to speak and understand this language, alongside anyone setting it as their secondary language. It would just be a cool little addition, if it can actually be implemented.
  7. Czardoc


    an actual request from krews and I: draw jellie (slime person) and kachiyachihika (vox if not obvious), making it apparent theyre friends (probably kachi's arm over jellie, holding them close as if hugging) preferably, jellie wearing a nurse uniform w/ the hat and kachiyachihika wearing a scientist uniform kachiyachihika holding a pug for extra snowflakes (in the other arm) really really really dont expect it to be super detailed vox-in-lingerie level, no color and sketch-looking is fine i mean i can probably offer up hotline miami 2 js or the ship if you really want the ship
  8. Czardoc


    quite the image
  9. Czardoc


    no one can stop nest crates
  10. just re-read it myself. i'll be rewriting it to be somewhat sensible edit: rewrote it
  11. The addition of Vox formal names. note: I did originally suggest Use Names, then I re-read the wiki and realized it might seem disrespectful for Vox to call eachother this if they are unfamiliar with eachother). Except from the wiki: Formal names. A long string of descriptive titles, clan affiliations, notable jobs, military service, and physical or mental features of note. Stalwart Second-Deck Overseer of Rolling-Wave, He of Many Quills, Lancer of the Third Wing, Strong-arm, Born to Yellow-Tree. Vox, when in character setup, can write their own Formal Name, and RNGesus will conjur up a random classical Vox name (the ones you're all familiar with, like Hakichayacha, for example). Humans would see Vox names as their regular, classical Vox name, but other Vox will read their names as their true, formal name as shown in the excerpt from the wiki. To reduce confusion from humans hearing their classical Hakichayacha being called "One Who Walked On Water" by some Vox, Vox would either be allowed to check a Vox's classical name by examining them (allowing them to speak it that way when speaking to each other in Common), or the names will be auto-replaced with the classical Vox name when spoken in Common (My suggestion is that this only effects Humans but this sounds hard enough to code already). **I edited this to make it more intelligible, please tell me if you understand what I'm saying here!
  12. Czardoc


    What you is trade for vox maid? want some steam cards
  13. this should have gotten more replies can they also view paper? allow them to do that
  14. so ive been dicking around trying to find the code to enable job objectives (mainly the ones from robotics). We also shouldnt set these objectives to STATION WIDE, bc then when there's no miners its gonna be a shitfest. Things such as shipping plasma or making metal can be specific to cargo or mining. And there's no way to ship this shit to other vessels besides CC, and thats only for crew trasnfer. my two cents is tell our hops to make more announcements advocating mining. maybe you can add an objective to Miners that says "produce x amount of materials"? and same for botany
  15. Czardoc

    Cigar shop

    nice new idea, but whill this be a new job added to the board and where will it be located? i think he implies an actual vending machine. theres no cigarette vendor now, there shouldnt be a cigar vendor, useless