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  1. well, i would not make that validhunting... just, something like this: Shit, hes the man on the poster... better alert security! and not Shit, he's the man on the poster *crafts a shotgun* Goon has those posters since... well... A while, and i still havent seen anyone validhunting
  2. So,I noticed that a large part of criminals (even EoC!) can easly escape security just because the civilians dont know who the criminals are, and let them escape without even questioning them Why they are running in maint handcuffed. Sooooo, here's the solution: Wanted posters! it will work in this way: You log into a security records console, then, select the criminal's profile, at this point, go at the end of the page, and select: print report in the report there will be a BIG WANTED and under it, the name and the picture of the wanted man, so, security officers can edit the crimes section and the notes section, notes will work like a warning, or something important (or even not important) about the criminal, like be carefull when approaching him, he's armed and dangerous, or has murdered 2 people, or even he spends much of his time at bar I think this is all you need to know, about the sprite, I think it should be something simple like a light-brown piece of paper large one tile that can be attached to walls without needing tape, but cannot be attached to doors. APPROXIMATIVE CODING LEVEL: simple-medium
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