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  1. I was told to add my contribution to the Gamer Chikitita subplot:
  2. Randomize maints each round using pre-made rooms the same way Lavaland dungeons are randomly placed. Give each shift a 1% chance to start with all wires in a randomly-selected 5x5 space on the main z-level deleted, to keep Engineers on their toes. Make the janitor's mop automatically wet any tiles you walk over while holding it (but not clean them, since they're just walking down the hall with a mop on the floor). Add an extremely small chance for people walking over exposed wires to cause frays, shorting the wire and electrocuting anyone else who walks over them. Invisible except through examine text, of course.
  3. Go to the bar to celebrate the +25% height buff I just got, get back to cleaning, end up in medbay when I inevitably get attacked by a stranger for minding my business in maints
  4. Reappearing two months later! Here's a gift(?) I drew for my good friend @SlimeBirdto celebrate Chikitita Day. <3 Based on the painting Saturn Devouring His Son.
  5. Initially I didn't say much to avoid going off-topic, but since it seems like a lot of people are nodding towards the idea of a map change to fix things, I might as well chip in as well. First off, huge agreement with basically everything said here. This more or less summarizes my thoughts on not only Dorms but other roleplay-oriented areas. As for my own input and thoughts as to how things could be improved, they're pretty rambly, so I'll put them behind a spoiler just to spare people from scrolling past a word wall. To summarize: I think it's less about Dorms being boring and more about the station's layout discouraging people from visiting. If Dorms were more central and Bridge more isolated it would likely make a huge difference.
  6. I have some thoughts on the dorms and why they get ignored/ways they could be improved on, but like Woje said, I don't want to derail the thread with that. Personally I don't have an issue with people loitering around Bridge (aside from the fact that they tend to give me a lot of extra work as a janitor main...) but I'm in agreement that it's really strange for it to be such a constant. Especially when the area explicitly built for casual roleplaying is largely unused.
  7. Thank goodness, there's lore for the best cyborg. This is really good, and the Mister Plushie lore is both funny and sad at the same time. Love it!
  8. [Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo has a Crew Record post here. Seeing as that forum is more oriented to official Nanotrasen documents, I thought I'd take time to write a more in-depth bio here as well.] Basic Information Full name: Ooom-Vraah Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo Gender: None (recorded as Female on Nanotrasen records) Pronouns: She/her Species: Drask Height: 7'6" (2.29 m) Age: 49 SolGov years Born: 6-23-2516 (approx.) Homeland: Uuuin-Kvaamm (drask station-colony) Religious views: Vkk-Lllnuuumrr/"Deep Ocean Faith" (branch of Hoorlm Animism) Sexuality: Indeterminate (not hugely important to drask, nor do people usually bring it up) Affiliation: Nanotrasen Supply & Service Division Preferred line of work: Custodial duty Personality Viisk is generally a courteous and patient individual, and happy to converse with the rare crewmate who will bother to strike up a conversation with her. That said, her patience is vulnerable to stress, and too many frustrations without time to decompress can quickly put her on edge. She prefers to keep a dedicated space for herself to relax for exactly this reason, and usually uses her designated workspace to get some privacy during tense shifts; because of this, any intrusion on this space by delinquents or otherwise unwelcome guests is frequently met by a very snippy drask. As a drask, Viisk finds the "human-tolerable" environment of the Cyberiad to be a bizarre and unpleasantly hot one. Though she's adapted fairly well to the cultural oddities of other species, the temperature difference remains a problem, and she frequently searches for ways to keep cool while on the job - whether it be rolled-down jumpsuits and cold packs stuffed in shoes or sneaking into the station's holodeck to lay down on the floor in the "winter field" setting. Moreover, as a fairly devoted follower of traditional drask animism, Viisk believes in the sanctity of life in all forms; she avoids violence and is apalled by the idea that any one being's life could ever be more valuable than another's. This doesn't mean she's a pacifist, of course, but she prefers only to fight if it's necessary to protect herself or others from aggression. Viisk's two key words when it comes to making friends are "politeness" and "communication". She likes to see the good in people, so as long as someone acts respectfully and talks in a way she can make sense of, Viisk will generally get along swimmingly with them. On the other hand, rude, selfish, or aggressive people tend to register as just another annoying aspect of the job. While it's difficult to outright antagonize Viisk, it doesn't take much to be noted as someone for her to steer clear of. Backstory Early life: Leaving home: Mining career: Present day: Relationships Interpersonal Faction alignments Miscellaneous Information Housing: Fun facts:
  9. Event: Photo Day Quick description: The Librarian (and any assistants they can rope in) is tasked with taking yearbook photos of as many crew members as possible. Reason for suggestion: Librarian has always felt like one of the least "engaged" roles on the station, so I and some friends have put a lot of thought into how to make it more fun and involved. This morning while joking around we came up with an idea that seems both fun and doable, so I thought I'd put it here. Necessary map changes: No, this event should be feasible on any station that has a camera and a photo album. Necessary code changes: No, this should work completely within the current system. Ideal player count: Should work with any number, but 60-80 is probably the ideal range? Detailed description: Potential modifiers: Notes: Best for extended/"quiet" shifts, as it will involve a lot of people being dragged away from work for a few minutes and as such will be extremely difficult to pull off if the crew is distracted by a blob attack or at risk of abduction. Head of Personnel and Captain should be informed via CentComm fax when this event is happening, as they play minor roles in it. I recommend requiring around 60% of the crew for objective completion; it's enough of a majority to feel both challenging and worthwhile without being such a majority that it's nigh impossible to complete.
  10. I don't draw a ton of SS13 art, but all of my friends have made threads for theirs at this point, so I thought I'd join in with the pictures I do have. First, an ID card I made for my drask character (template courtesy of Skygummi; writing and image by me): Second, a doodle of Viisk featuring Angel Anide (Punkalope) and Chikitita (Heather): This one stems from a joke about Viisk and Angel starting a station vlog highlighting unique drask culinary habits. Viisk never thought to ask if it was safe for humans to consume some of the things she enjoys.
  11. Name: Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo (full name Ooom-Vraah Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo) Age: 49 Gender: Female Species: Drask Blood Type: B- General Occupational Role(s): Custodial Technician, Cargo Technician, Paramedic. Formerly Shaft Miner. History with Nanotrasen: Originated from the drask station-colony Uuuin-Kvaamm. At age 41, signed on to a Nanotrasen work training program as part of a regional harboring deal. Following the certification process for plasma mining and general labor, spent approximately five years working for NSS Cyberiad's supply department before temporarily retiring due to severe injury. Several months later, after being deemed physically unfit for heavy mining work by a post-recovery assessment, re-entered Nanotrasen work training to receive higher certification under the general labor category. Has continued to work on NSS Cyberiad for the three years since. Qualifications: Received NT skill-and-safety certification to work as a plasma miner. Certification level: Medium. Received NT skill-and-safety certification to work as a generalist laborer. Certification level: High. Employment Records: Extensive record of Supply department work, fielding as both a miner and cargo technician; has retired from mining work due to related injury. Now works primarily as a station custodian. Security Records: No notable trespasses on past record. Seems to hold a neutral/disinterested view of security officers. Medical Records: Minor permanent injuries sustained in mining incident. -Rightmost trunk is severed and has been surgically sewn shut at half-length to prevent infection; this causes her to have a slightly nasally voice. -Often walks with notable limp in left leg, presumed due to chronic pain from above injury. Personnel Photo (Appearance text): [ID card template by Skygummi, art/writing by myself.] Viisk-Hoorm-Vroo is a tall (about 7'6") drask with navy-blue skin and amber-yellow eyes. She is lean, fairly muscular, and usually looks either bored or annoyed regardless of her mood. Notably, the rightmost trunk on her face is partially severed, and she tends to walk with a limp in one leg. Other Notes: Housed by Nanotrasen Residential Services, but is not assigned to standard housing unit; instead lives in maintenance corridors. See NRS Administrator's notes.
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