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  1. Yeah, it's a hard trade off. More space for more pods at the expense of less maints space. One thing to keep in mind is that part of the area I took out for the pod construction room was literally just space with glass around it. Personally I've only ran into people hanging out in maints a few times, but I do see your concern, as when I do run into people it's always like a group of 10.
  2. I like your design. I was afraid it would cut too much into that maintenance tunnel and I saw that big empty room lol. I figured it was like that to make it look more industrial
  3. Just the ones facing the maintenance tunnels, or in general? Here's an alternate design I threw together:
  4. Here's what I came up with. I give you: The Pod Construction Area! As you can see, it houses 4 pods comfortably, everything for making pods has been moved to the new area, and the surrounding maint tunnels have been tweaked to allow for the new area. I actually just had an idea for a whole different design that might work even better than this. I'm going to start an alternate design and if the thread hasn't bumped by then attempt to update this post with the alternate design.
  5. I think it would be possible if that maintenance tunnel was reconfigured a little with the only bottleneck being the exit door. I'll load it up and play around with it a little bit and report back.
  6. I may have misspoke. I'll try to think of a better way to explain the general thought process behind the change. Basically though with the current set-up it's much easier to get blocked in purely by accident, where this gives just a tiny bit more room to move around, so an experienced mechanic has more room to work on and move pods around, where a less experienced mechanic has the opportunity to learn pod shuffling. Intentional blockage is still possible, accidental blockage is slightly less likely, but guaranteed blockage is reduced.
  7. I am unable to submit this as a pull request, so I am doing it here: ## What Does This PR Do This PR changes the mechanic's pod bay doors to 4 tiles high instead of 3 tiles high, and changes the adjacent maintenance tunnel to match the change in shape. ## Why It's Good For The Game This is good for the game because it prevents being able to block the podbay doors with a single pod. This also could allow for up to 3 pods to be stored at a given time with enough shuffling and creativity. With the current set-up it's much easier to get blocked in purely by accident, where thi
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