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  1. Name of Event: Blackbox Short Descriptor: The Trurl has fallen, only one (Or a handful) Trurl personnel have evacuated to the Cyberiad as a response to this sudden, and completely silent destruction. The remaining Central Command Officials have ordered the crew of the Cyberiad to retrieve the onboard station-side blackbox on the Trurl, as it contains highly classified and important information. Map Changes: Yes/No Yes, but very minor and easy map changes that only affect the Trurl, just gotta add a blackbox and make the station look destroyed. Optionally any admins can spawn in whatever enemies they want to the Trurl, simple mobs, Syndicate trying to recover the blackbox, etc. (Though these are not the intended threats.) Code Changes: Yes/No No. Suggested Number of Players: This will likely involve whoever the admins deem fit, this can extend to every crew onboard the Cyberiad willing to venture into the ruins of the Trurl, it could also just be a handful of designated people (By the Central Command officers or just by the on-station Command.). It is suggested that there is a minimum of atleast 4 people, but I personally recommend ten. Full Description of Event: This is meant to replace the midround of a round, or take up the entire round depending on how long the admins involved wish to take this. This can either be a minor, or major event once more depending on the preferences of the Admins who like this idea. The entire basis of it is that it gets the crew off of the Cyberiad and into the familiar yet very unknown ruins of the Trurl. The method of the station's destruction is entirely unknown, and will be throughout the event purposefully kept that way. It is encouraged that anyone who does know simply responds to questions about the events that lead to the Trurl's destruction as 'Classified' Information. The crew of the Cyberiad can pretty easily get to the Trurl via the ERT Shuttle, which will also be the starting point of this event. The end goal of the event is for the crew to retrieve the Blackbox (Might have to be spawned in manually in a secluded, high security area.) onboard the Trurl. it is encouraged that during this event two major departments are forced to co-operate with eachother, that being Security and Engineering, though of course Command will also be heavily involved on who must take part in the recon mission (Or the entire crew if you wanted something major, though I dont recommend it.). Security will defend the Engineering team from any threats onboard the Trurl that may still remain there. Generally speaking, the main 'threat' of this event is meant to be kept Mysterious. Admins can choose between several different possible threats to throw at the crew, but it is recommended that the Trurl be completely devoid of any threats at all. (It's just okay to put some there incase the admins prefer that, the zero-gravity environment might just make combat tricky.) All threats are meant to occur very soon after the Recon Team recovers the Trurl's blackbox. Possible Threat Number 1: Is a classic, you could simply just say that whatever destroyed the Trurl will forever be left as a mystery, and that it's simply by wanting intelligence that the Syndicate would obviously send in an SIT Team to recover the Trurls blackbox. Afterall, what's more valuable than knowing about some sort of super-weapon or organism that can supposedly very easily take down an entire base of operations for Nanotrasen? #2: This one is stretching it, but you could make this an entirely roleplay centric event depending on how many NT officials you send into the Cyberiad (These could be all admin controlled or some ghost roles thrown in, as well.), you could then likely introduce a bunch of other representatives of other factions (Or members of Nanotrasen from other places much like the Trurl.), and really get the ball rolling on seeing if, perhaps, there is a traitor among the Trurl officials willing to sell off this blackbox to one of the major factions. These other Faction Representatives would likely be ghost roles, as well. RP would be heavily encouraged here. It's also not necessary to say there's a Trurl Traitor, but that one of the Major Factions (Or multiple) simply plan to snatch the blackbox Data when given the chance. It can be implied perhaps, that this visit of other Factions leaders (or Diplomats, 'diplomats') was always intended on this day, but the destruction of the Trurl.. Not so much. Obviously such a catastrophic event would make quite some noise. #3: I do not know much about the USSP Or SolFed (Two separate entities, I know.) but you could likely involve both in some way, the latter more so if you wanted to somehow involve a Biological Threat to the whole situation. Though the only thing I find likely or able to be done within reason is probably.. #4: A blob spore turns out to have been latched onto the recovered blackbox, causing a catastrophic number of blobs to spawn (Im thinking depending on the population as much as three around the station. Admin jurisdiction applies here, since pop amount can vary.) Anyways, this event is probably a shot in the dark, but I thought it'd be fun to take such a familiar place like the Trurl, and have it be destroyed in one instance. It'd be like stepping into such a familiar, but broken place that I hope invokes feelings of Mystery, and awe at the destruction of such a goliath. While I could probably think up of an actual reason as to why the Trurl was destroyed, by who, or by what, I think that for this Events purpose, it is best kept completely shrouded in mystery. Atleast, for now. Open to more ideas/criticisms and what not, just thought this could be fun. Partially inspired way back when the crew of the Cyberiad became "Nukies" and attacked a Syndicate base, that was fun. Though this one is less action-y admittedly.
  2. [Recognize The man in the Mirror]
  3. GORDON MAKES AN [[Offer you cant refuse]] DO YOU [[Accept]] ?
  4. Just a small doodle for today!
  5. Basic Information First Name: Gordon Last Name: Whitlock Gender: Cis Male (He/Him) Orientation: Bisexual Nicknames/Alias: Grungle, Gordie. Age/D.O.B: 30 Place Of Birth: The Intes Cluster, aboard the S.S Terminal. Approximately 12 light years away from Sol and located within an Asteroid belt. Species: Human Blood Type: A+ Alignment: Chaotic Good Affiliation: Nanotrasen Employee, hired first as apart of the Research Division. Religious Beliefs: Gordon has no true god he worships, but can be seen constantly attempting 'contact' with multiple gods or idols. [Addendum: When asked of the significance of his hair flower, there is reason to believe it was once viewed as a charm, or relic.] Character Biography Appearance: Standing at 5'8 Gordon Whitlock carries himself with a very energetic and upbeat posture, smile lines appear somewhat faded around his cheeks and underneath his eyes. His graying hair has white streaks running from his scalp to the tips of his ponytail. Whitlock's complexion is a pale white, not including the darkened scarred tissue that begins below his elbow and runs to right below his prosthetic left hands wrist, where the flesh ends and the metal begins. His eyes are a soft green, and nestled gently within his somewhat unkempt hair is a flower pin whom's artificial coloring has begun to fade from time. ART BY https://twitter.com/lolkickdude_ PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT! ART BY https://twitter.com/lolkickdude_ PLEASE CHECK THEM OUT! Character Voice: Gordon Whitlock carries a very rugged voice, the tone of which is usually spoken in a sly, smug know-it-all tone in almost any scenario in which he isn't thanking someone. Sarcasm and sass are very apparent in almost every sentence he finishes. (Video is just my interpretation of what Gordon likely, loosely sounds like. Feel free to imagine his voice however you see fit to him :) Personality: Gordon Whitlock is an eccentric and abrasive person with a side of being abhorrently neurotic. Though in the past Gordon had found it difficult to respect authority, recently his outlook has completely mellowed out when in regards to higher ups, and he has generally become a much more passive person. Though Gordon can often panic, it is often never shown on his outer appearance other than a handful of nervous tics that he has. Whitlock has been described by his peers as a 'Mad Scientist'. Medical Record: Character Relations Family: Personal Relationships Romantically Involved | Romantic Interest | Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Hate | Fear | Faltering Memory Of Faction Relations Allied | Neutral | Dislike | Enemy Other Information I will definitely be adding onto this as Gordon grows as a character, many things are subject to change in this biography. And! If I forgot anyone's character, please do let me know!
  6. Will add on to this assuming I draw again!
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