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  1. Hello Everybody, hopefully this is the right section to post this. I'm here to ask about something that came to my mind while performing EVAs to set up solars(and placing bombs to depressurize sections of the station): would it be possible to have no sound at all(or really muffled, kinda "bumpy") in space? the sound "amount" could be directly proportional to the pressure around the player(going into density of the gas to give a different sound effect would be a nightmare to do) and that would give a LOT more immersion, maybe also emphasizing the breathing sound of the player through internals(see: dead space 1(and 2 i believe?)space walk section). Imagine hearing no sound at all, and then , while the airlock repressurize, hearing back normally, gradually...would be really cool! Tho, i have NO idea about how much of a nightmare that would be to make...please, let me know if it is somewhat feasible, if already suggested or undergoing some work...Thanks!
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