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  1. I honestly disagree with the health indicator. I personally believe that it should say that someone has entered full cardiac arrest, rather than that person being dead. The reason for this is that defibrillators are used to restart the heart after it stops beating. It doesn't make sense for a person to be considered dead if a defibrillator is still capable of reviving them. Some of you might argue, "Well, it's a game. You can't apply real life circumstances to a game." You are absolutely right. However; It's because it's a game that I feel so strongly about this. I hate taking some
  2. I had an interesting debate with my security team today. I was arguing that a suspect could not have committed murder because the victim was successfully defibrillated after entering total cardiac arrest. So, here's my issue. It doesn't make any sense that you can defibrillate a victim and then still charge a suspect with murder. The point at which a person -should- be considered dead is when defibrillation is no longer possible. Therefore, it should not be murder if a suspect's cardiac function is restarted. I know that this is a game and that's part of the reason why I would choose to charge
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