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  1. TL:DR: re-add the toggle music notes button to headphones, so they don't have to be used as only an instrument, positive & beneficial change for immersion reasons without negatively affecting anyone. So, headphones used to just be an accessory, where you hit a button and it toggled the visible music notes around your character. At some point it got changed to an instrument, where you copy and paste the music pattern, like any other instrument. Now, I can maybe understand the reason for this, but I am going to go out on a limb and say I never see anyone really using the headphones aside from myself, and that going back to the original would probably not affect too many people. I would not be surprised if it was arbitrarily added because TG code had this functionality just to match with them. I initially was going to ask to revert the headphones back to their old function of just a toggle button, and then Charlie pointed out that the option to toggle could just be added in addition to the instrument function. I know this seems a minor change that will have no big impact, but I think it would be helpful for cultivating a more real and immersive experience for some people without inhibiting anyone else. I usually used the music notes when listening to music irl, and had it more or less as if my character was listening to that music. It also opened up conversations where people asked what my character was listening to IC, and led to some nice IC chats about music. I would not be surprised if more people used it for this reason if it were to be re-added.
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  2. First Name: Tao / Yin / Yang (This format will be used for the rest of the bio and explained later :p) Last Name: N/A Gender: None / Female / Male Orientation: N/A Nicknames/Alias: Three (by other TAO-line IPCs) Picture: (Sketch by Serinuku on discord - Tao's chassis has antennae in game, and the white/black display is more formless) Age/D.O.B: 18 Place Of Birth: Fafnir Experimental Positronics HQ Species: IPC Blood Type: N/A Alignment: Neutral Good / Lawful Good / Chaotic Good Affiliation: Fafnir Positronics and NT Religious Beliefs: Tao's feelings on religion are muddled, both as a collective and individually. They are spiritual, however, and will refuse to invoke the name of gods like Nar'Sie, among other things. Childhood: Tao was raised by researchers and other figures at Fafnir Positronics' headquarters, as part of a still-ongoing project to study the psychology of 'dichotomies' - IPCs with a specially-designed posibrain that hosts two consciousnesses and allows them to share control over the chassis. These systems are called 'dichotomies' as the constituent parts - in this case, Yin and Yang - are opposed or part of a matching set in some way or another. For Tao, as can be assumed by name(s), their constituent parts model the concepts of Yin and Yang; or, passivity and activity. Adulthood: Currently, Tao is contracted with NT to spend time aboard their stations and, occasionally, work odd jobs in service, so that Fafnir Positronics can gather data on how they perform outside of a controlled environment. Original testing was also planned to separate Yin and Yang, placing them in different chassis, but this has been postponed indefinitely following an incident with one of Tao's predecessors. Detailed Information Appearance: Tao has an average-height - for humans - chassis, with a silver paint coloration and normal antennae, mostly for decoration. There's a logo impressed into the back of their head, depicting Fafnir Experimental Positronics' logo, and their screen shows two mostly-formless black and white masses, which swirl about each other. These masses show the control Tao's constituents are exerting: in a case where both are balanced, but Tao as a whole isn't stressed, they'll swirl lazily. If they're both stressed, and in balance, they'll swirl more chaotically, and one mass will overtake the other - leaving a dot of the opposite color in the middle of an otherwise black/white screen - if Tao falls out of balance. Character Voice: Tao speaks with a neutral, gender-ambiguous tone, although it seems to harmonize very slightly with itself. If they fall out of balance with Yin in control, their voice becomes more feminine and softer-spoken, with an occasional stutter, and if Yang comes into power their voice raises in volume but lowers in pitch, becoming more akin to a boisterous male's. Personality: As a whole, Tao is a generally calm person. They offer bits and pieces of advice which can come off as wise or esoteric, at times, and they occasionally fall into lapses of silence as they consider something internally. They're fairly difficult to catch off-guard - at least, visibly - and tend to go with whatever whoever they're with's doing. Medical Record: N/A Character Biography Background: Tao was raised by Fafnir Positronics' researchers and staff, which is where they developed a taste for old Sol literature and mythology, aligning their interests with that of the staff. Most of Tao's background was covered in the childhood/adulthood sections earlier. Family: Tao's family is the TAO-X line of IPCs, as well as some of the people who raised them. On-station, this means Caden 'Ahab' Shea and TAO-5. History: Tao's lived in Fafnir space for most of their life, and is now on NT station(s) to get new experiences and, recently, speak to friends made aboard these stations. A more detailed history - as above - was covered in their childhood/adulthood sections. Personal Relationships Caden 'Ahab' Shea - "He raised us! But.. we feel like we're missing something, just beyond the surface.." ARMA-993 - "It's Arma! One of the first people we met in NT space. They seem a little off-balance, but we're helping. We think." Iota - "We aren't sure what's up with her, yet, but it's always nice to see her regardless. It's a little hard to talk philosophy with her, though." P.U.R.P.L.E - "Stop trying to brush it off. Forgiveness won't come that easily." Sandpainter Despite Cadraenov-A - "We really need to speak to her more, if only we got the same shifts.." (I probably forgot a bunch of people - feel free to ping me on discord, and I'll add your character to here, if I can remember how they and Tao interacted :p) Admire | Respected | Close Friend | Good Friend | Friend | Acquaintance | Neutral/Unsure | Dislike | Fear Faction Relations Fafnir Experimental Positronics - "Our home! It's not a particularly large company, relatively, but it's home regardless." NanoTrasen - "We work here, and have met great people, but.. it's hard to trust a company that big." The Syndicate - "Violence isn't always the answer.." Synthetic Union - "We really should visit sometime." (All other factions are either neutral or Tao doesn't know enough to form an opinion.) Allied | Love | Like | Neutral | Dislike | Hate | Enemy
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  3. you can look at it this way. if syndicate wants some area gone, they would send in the nukies and remove the WHOLE station. bombing a single room/area would accomplish little on its own, and i don't see why syndicate would do that on the fringe of civilised space. your usual agent is there to accomplish a job, not sow terror and fear. syndicate (either one of their sponsor companies or NT themselves) wants to steal stuff or remove specific people. their job is stealthy by design, and would make little sense to go loud like that.
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  4. Yeah no. We shouldnt be encouraging extra extreme damage for no reason.
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  5. 1. Hijack objective already lets you go nuts with bombs. For this objective you already have the option to plant bombs in key locations of the station to try and force a shuttle call. 2. Bombs can already be used as a method of assassination if you choose to go that route, assuming that you try to avoid excessive collateral damage and such. In both of these cases bombs are one possible strategy you can take for accomplishing the goal you have but it isn't the only way of doing it. I personally prefer objectives that are a bit more open ended on how you can accomplish them. Additionally, I don't think there'd be a great way to actually detect that someone completed this objective code-wise.
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