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  1. I drew a cute vox Kenku A drawing of a DnD party memeber's character named Holly as a LoZ themed adventurer, and my character Auriel stuck in a tower.
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  2. I know you guys want more skrells
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  3. Just a lil snippet of a Wild Karri in her natural habitat. Decoration Creation Pile. This shift in particular saw use of 5 full paper bins, 7-ish rolls of tape, and 175 Marker Beacons for decorations, all done in under an hour.
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  4. God the vox really are alot like Kenku arnt they? Auriel gives me Zeke vibes, like that fancy victorian couch "ohh saaaavee meeeeee" Love it
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  5. I've also been DMing a DnD game the last few months and this was some custom art I've made for it! This is a very angular style that I like and feels rather interesting to work with and look at. The first piece is an enemy the players faced the Bramble Horse! There were also scared lumberjacks to help the players out in a possible future fight, which was solved diplomatically. axe version And musket version And lastly is the art for the game itself Mana Hearts!
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  6. Hey there, Tokorizo has asked me to post his latest work and some information behind his thought process on their creation here as he is currently unable to, and hopes you all enjoy it. "I might not be around that much anymore, but i'll still be doing art for the community from time to time. Either way, I hope my art brings joy or inspiration to people. Anyways, stay tuned folks. And Skrektastic." - Tokorizo/Octus All art below drawn by Tokorizo/Octus, please do comment and share your thoughts and feelings "The Intervention: So usually after a "Toko moment" it ends
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  7. So i randomly found this guy in maints wile building an autolathe there. We talk for a bit and we agree that we want to make the maints a better place as maints dwellers. I make my autolathe and a hydroponics tray he makes a chemistry both and sells his universal medkits to medbay. We fix up the room to look legit as all hell, it was a secret room in the beginning but we did everything to upgrade. Good times.
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  8. Sol-Oorm-La has a good bad day. [00:00] Hhhh. The shuttle ride is bumpy. Everyone else smells. You get used to it, in the same way one gets used to arthritis. Painful. Unpleasant. An unavoidable part of Nanotrasen Employment. [00:03] Tayata is not here. AGAIN. My little parakeet is out on special assignment, doing work in another solar system. It's likely not Nanotrasen, considering her name won't bring anything up in security records anymore. A waste of chloroform that adventure was. [00:05] There is the grey. James? It had a weird name. Likely why I
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