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  1. A few people who have spoken to me a couple of months ago might know that I was talking about taking a break from the game. SS13 and paradise in particular has always been very special to me. I had never taken part in a community like this one, and i must say I loved it. If you pair the million things you can do in this game with a community of nice people who are always willing to help and talk you have something good. I got to admit that I didn't come to this community as someone i can look back at with pride. I had a pretty bad start, did some things I'm not proud of. Ultimately, I do feel
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  2. Im always confused why the "End Game Karma Reminder" option doesnt give a POPUP. Instead, it gives a tiny ITALIC text line that gets lost in the mess that is the text box. I try to give out Karma nearly EVERY round (as long as SOMETHING interesting happened that I deem worthy of it) and sometimes I still forget just due to being in conversation with dchat or something. Having the ability to have a better "Hey, did someone deserve this today" might lead to people wanting to try to earn some Karma, rather than just let it sit. Edit: AffectedArc reminded me that popups stop actions, s
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  3. I am surprised I only noticed this thread just now. Well I gotta say its sad to see you go. Who am I going to bully now? May you find another fun place for yourself and not to mention you are always welcome here. o7 Also you are still a nerd and I will be taking that mask and beret.
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  4. The issue with this is that it introduces karma farming. Even if we try to come up with some ridiculously difficult requirements, people will inevitably find ways to simplify/ exploit it. That's less of a call out against the playerbase and more a mention of natural human behavior, mind. I'm addition, this might increase motivation to do one's job ingame, but it doesn't increase motivation to roleplay whatsoever. If anything, I worry it would lower standards even further as players merely focus on getting them karma points via any means possible. The karma system is undeniably flaw
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  6. @SlimeBird asked for it And so i did
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