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  1. Hello Meow. Welcome to Paradise! Hope you enjoy your stay here. If you have questions in game, press f1 and select mentor help. honk
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  3. Thank You! I'm sure I will like it!
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  4. I use it sometimes before stripping naked and committing random crimes for the surprise emag. Typically I like to wait for the officer to set the timer, then buy it and emag cell doors while the officer is still in view to confuse them into non-action as I make my severely unpractical escape. All 9 uses were me /s
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  5. I went through the spreadsheet myself - here's a list of the top ten items (unless there's less than 10) bought under each category, keeping nuke-ops exclusive items separate (besides ammo): Job-Specific Pickpocket's Gloves - 32 Poison Bottle - 30 Radiation Laser & Contortionist's Suit - 11 (Each) Stimulants - 9 E20 - 8 Poison Pen - 7 Syndicate MMI - 4 Safety Scissors - 3 Viral Injector & Power Gloves & Telegun - 2 (Each) Banana Grenade & Clown Magboots & Boozey Shells & Bee Briefcase & Ambrosia Cruc
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  6. I'm reviving this, mostly because I've been seeing a bajillion recent statements that people are getting addicted to coffee and tea now.
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  7. i am back! here is Mariya Sankinov, comission for @Rebel0
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