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  1. This is the list of every traitor purchase between July first 2020 - July 28 2020. I saw one of these haven't been posted in 2 years, so I thought I would make one. The spreadsheet of data is at the bottom. Note: This list INCLUDES Nuclear operative purchases and does not filter them. Note 2: I am dumb, and probably missed some of the job specific items due to a mistake, but I did ~180 searches in total and plus most of them are not bought. Note 3: Surplus crates include surplus crates AND super surplus crates due to logging. Note 4: Some of these are really skewed, IE, cha
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  2. I just want to know the story behind this, because...how...HOW IAN! HOW!
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  3. Name: Jean REGULIER Age: 29 Gender: Male Race: Caucasian. Place of birth: Mourmellon-le-Grand, Champagne, France, Earth Height: 185 cm Blood Type: A+ Hair: Light brown Eyes: Steel blue Body markings: None. Religious beliefs: Christian, Space Protestant General Occupational Role(s): Medical Doctor, all Medical roles Security Officer, all Security roles Appreance Jean's appreance is vivid, and his posture is notably good - apart from his English, which is, well, you have to bear with it. Happen you to note him aboard the Cyberiad, it is almost certa
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  4. Imagination is going to have to do the heavy lifting I feel. Its possible and would be neat to code individual effects for each addiction however it would make the code messy and snowflakey which are two things that I think the Maintainers and Heads are trying to avoid with our already pretty messy code.
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  5. MHMMM. Merman Zake is intruiging and...somewhat terrifying. EDIT: I'm an idiot because I read the first quote as "this is my first time doing merman Zeke and will probably be the last" XD And I did the double quote to call you out for drawing him again XD I fail.
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  6. Hello everyone! I am back after couple of months with new thing, I was asked to draw this two months ago already, but am pretty unreliable . So anyway, it is our beloved Chief Engineer and Bat Princess - Bela Aultmen @nice3333333333 !
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  7. In my experience being addicted to Coffee is a realistic experience @AffectedArc07
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