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    Just trying to have a little fun folks. Unathi have the same problem with thier tails. I think both would look really weird without tails. Some stuff in fantasy and video games doesn't make sense when applied to reality. Could find plenty of stuff like that in this game.
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    I am having trouble sleeping, so figured I would start a thread while I wait for sleep. Feel free to ask me any questions about the server and how it is setup. To start, some fun facts. We move about 9.8 TB a month in data, or about 3,300 HD movies a month. The server, is actually 16 different physical or virtual computers. Located across the United States, UK, NZ, AUS and BR. We primarily live in a datacenter in NY with most of our infrastructure at that location spread across two physical servers. However we also have virtual machines running on Vultr, Microsoft Azure, and a very random small cloud provider in NZ. We use AWS Route 53 for directing players to the closest Paradise network entry points for their geographical location. We run a combination of Microsoft Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04, and FreeBSD. We use SAMBA4 for directory management, and have OpenID and SAML based single sign-on for the various game admin things. For logs and NetFlow, we use elastic search and graylog. So.... Whatever you guys want, AMA?
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    And the megafauna who showed them it would have been irrelevant anyways
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    A continuation. An omen. A day in the life of an atmos tech and his mysteriously hudded pipes. A day in the life, and aftermath, of a mouse.
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    I appreciate how OP made an extremely detailed and intricate post on how to make vulpkanin more realistic and you just have ZN in the corner silently mumbling about vulp.
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    "Vulpakin are magnificent beings...." Tetra Vega whimsically states while twirling her hair seemingly lost in her thoughts.
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    This will derail the discussion towards pod pilot discussion but I will refute that “fact” add that I’ve observed almost every shift the sec pod pilots use the pod. They don’t use the pod the entire shift especially when shit hits the fan because it’s all boots on the ground from there on in. Instructors will also work the same way. When they have time to do so they can maintain their other duties, but when it REALLY hits the fan sec officers must remember they’re still a sec officer. Just like in the army: EVERY MAN IS A RIFLEMAN FIRST. Some people unfortunately fail to grasp that idea. Perhaps people who haven’t been exposed to a paramilitary organization... another thing to consider: Its up to the player on how to handle the job... No matter how unique it sounds. If you have a cool unique job idea I bet the community would love to hear it! Another thread would be a cool idea! Back on track: This will be inevitable based on how some players play. It will have to be handled case by case and hopefully SOPs can be established to prevent it. Eventually there will be some things where code and mechanics can’t prevent it, that’s where players come into play to do something about it! We’ve had that shift with a shitter nt rep, blueshield, or magistrate. We’ve had the NT rep who centcomm stamped everything and made it sound like it was a official centcomm order. We’ve had the blueshield become redshield, we’ve had the magistrate wear the white wig... From there on in however it’s up to the player’s initiative to speak up and act. We can make the SOPs, but it’s natural a person unfitting for then job will come by every now and then. As a karma job the instructor job will naturally have a higher standard, that being said job bans would probably be the best option if it is necessary. But @Regular Joeand @Christasmurf Have a good idea on some of the SOPs and loadouts. Perhaps by the end of the month we can flush that out enough to draft a wikipedia page for the Instructor jobslot.
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    Mate, I'm not gonna lie here, That doesn't sound like grief, that sounds like you smacked him with a telebaton randomly, so he took it from you. If you abuse an item or randomly smack people around, it's gonna get taken. Ask any player here, if a sec officer starts to whack random people down, some assistant is gonna grab his baton and run off with it. From what information I gathered, he headpatted you, you smacked him with a telebaton multiple times, and he took it, That's not grief. That's action and reaction. Number two, it wasn't a stun grenade, it was a strange device that created soap, there's a difference, a stun grenade has the ability to blind you if they're used repeatedly in a short period of time, which could in some ways constitute as grief if he randomly ruined your eyes. However he slipped you with harmless soap. Three? You are dragging a scientist as the RD into maint, after shooting him with a syringe gun, everything about that screams 'EOC'. He has every right to scream, and kick, and call sec. That's his duty. If we had a standard of nobody screaming out when an EOC grabbed them, Security would be out of a job. Lets keep going on. You, as the RD, told the CMO that they were an EOC, The CMO doesn't have to trust that at all, unless you are in an EOC marked body-bag, and the Captain/HOS can recall it, or the HOS/captain have said he is an EOC, the CMO can over-ride that and clone him at any time, that's not the CMO's fault. Now, lets go into any reasonable roleplay aspect, you offered him his job back, since CMD isn't actually forced here, he remembers that you just killed him, now, lets put you in his shoes, yeah? Fear roleplay comes into effect here, you have a brig, where you can be protected, security forces who are more than capable of taking care of a single vampire. You have to pick between going to work for a boss who legitimately just killed you, or going to security? I'm pretty sure you already know the answer for that yourself. Now, lets tie all this into the perspective your taking here? You understand that this is a roleplay server, we're low-med roleplay, meaning you are still roleplaying a character, what Koala Ice may have done, doesn't reflect on the player behind them, and your post clearly seems to take a OOC aspect to this, as do the DM's you've been sending to the guy. This sounds like alot of your actions were based on OOC distaste, or dislike of the guy, including how you've been likening him getting back at you ICLY for you randomly smacking his shit around with a telebaton as 'griefing'. I think you have very slurred lines between IC and OOC, and you need to understand that what happens IC isn't directly a reflection on the player OOCLY I play multiple characters, ones an extremely egotistical self centered Vulp Anothers an insanely kind, and overly-trusting IPC I have another thats a very angry/snappy Tajaran with a really kind hidden heart. These are characters, both ranging from the complete opposites of each other, to being similar in small ways. it doesn't reflect on me as a person OOCLY as I am playing them ICLY. That's the spirit of roleplay, to play a role, to play a character. Finally? This doesn't seem like an apology at all, this seems really like your trying to incriminate a guy who just put a ban appeal up to lessen his chances of getting unbanned, I understand that you may be 'attempting' to make an apology, but it seems very half hearted, and at the very least insulting to another player of the community.
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    Ayo! I’m Praxis: one of the NSS Cyberaids Best Human Chemists. Medical Chemistry is one of the most important jobs on the station for the same reason that a Blacksmith can’t create things with his bare hands. Medical doctors can’t function without their medicine. Thus, it’s your job to create that medicine! This guide was created due to the fact that the Guide to Chemistry is just a recipe list [spoiler2]That labeled a chemical that created Corgi’s as a Unique Healing Medication before I got my hands on it[/spoiler2]; there is no information about setting up, your tools, what’s necessary to make, how to distribute what you make, or even what your role really is. Thus, we have a lot of MedChemists that do nothing except create Meth and Explosions, which in turn destroys Medbay. Thus, this guide spawns. On a separate note this shit is really important for several reasons so here’s the link: http://nanotrasen.se/wiki/index.php/Guide_to_Chemistry This guide is not optimized. In fact, it is FAR from optimized. Double in fact, a few of these are recipes I made up myself. However, this guide is enough to get you not fired and/or job banned. So, if you’re brand new to chemistry (or even medical in general), then I hope this is useful to you! 1. The Difference Between Medchem and Sci Chem [MEDSCI] 2. Your Workplace [TINY] 3. What Do I Make? The Recipes [bOOM] 4. What Do I Give Out? [LUBE] 1. The Difference Between MedChem and SciChem (Yes there is a difference) [MEDSCI] There are two departments that contain chemistry equipment. The first one is Medical Chemistry, which is what the guide is written about. This is the role that just says “Chemist” in the job selection screen. Their room is the size of a broom closet, they get constantly harassed by the general public for not making them Explosives/Meth/Acid, and your co-workers generally end up being more of a detriment to you than anything else. You also get no blood monkeys. Their job is to MAKE MEDICINE. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. MAKE MEDICINE. The job space EXPLICITLY states that chemists “Create important and required medicine for the doctors and cryogenics”. The reason being is that Medbay starts off with very basic and few pills and patches. The Medbay can not function properly if they don’t have the tools to sustain themselves. Make those tools. But what if I want to just blow shit up? Well, thankfully there’s Science Chemistry. In the job selection screen, go to the role scientist and change your name to “Chemical Researcher”. Their room is practically large enough to run a full race around, is rooted deep in science for privacy, and even has its own box of monkeys, AND a stack of metal and glass, AND a testing chamber that IS ABOUT TWICE THE SIZE OF MEDCHEMS ENTIRE LAB. Their job is to dick around and blow shit up. Fuck you Nanotrasen. In all seriousness, their only real obligation is to create sulfuric acid for RnD and Robotics, as Acid is needed to create circuit boards. Other than that they have free reign to test out all of the cool shit to their heart's desire in a safe and controlled environment. If you wanna blow stuff up and have fun creating creative ways to murder people, you’ll want to go here [spoiler2]AKA, chances are, if you’re reading this, you want to go here[/spoiler2]. 2. Your Workplace[TINY] The Machines Chem Dispenser: Where you get all your chemicals! Much like a soda fountain, this machine lets you dispense pure liquid forms of chemicals into a beaker or bucket. You’ll be spending a lot of time mixing here. Just click how many units you want to dispense, then click your chemical. You can also dispose of a certain unwanted chemical without getting rid of your entire mix [spoiler2]somehow[/spoiler2]! The dispenser can dispense 1000 units of chemicals before it runs out of energy (The energy bar is wrong:it should be 1000 units), thus forcing you to wait for it to recharge (Which takes ages). You’ll know you’re doing your job right when it runs out of steam. Chem Master 3000: This takes your medicine[spoiler2]/illegal drugs/abominations[/spoiler2] and turns them into a usable form, be it pills, patches, or bottles. You can choose how many units each pill or patch contains to a maximum of 50 units, and bottles to a maximum of 30 units. Will eventually drowned in the hundreds of patches/pills you hopefully create. Chemical Heater: Heats up chemicals! Temperature here (and in chemistry in general) is measured in Kelvin, which is basically Celsius except with 0 being absolute zero:The lowest possible temperature you can reach. Certain recipes will require you to heat up the container before they react, generally to around 400K. You are a heat resistant god that can carry beakers and buckets that contain reagents that are 9 times the boiling point of water, so just set the machines target temp to 1000K and let it run. It’ll heat up your reagents much faster. The Fridge: The connection between chemistry and the peasants. It’s where the doctors get all of their medication. It starts off empty and it’s your job to get it filled up with the medication, so that the doctors can actually doctor. Fuel Tank: Here you have a wall mounted Fuel Tank. It works the EXACT same way as a regular fuel tank except it doesn't blow up. It also frees up a lot of space in the chemistry lab, to the point that it is physically possible to move around in it. Don't forget it's up there. Reagent Grinder: Toss just about anything in here and grind it to reduce the thing into it’s base chemicals. Useful for getting Omnizine out of Donk Pockets and grinding your pills back into a liquid. A fifth large beaker spawns in here, so snatch it up! Your Equipment Firstly, what you have inside the lab. Large Beakers (5x): Can carry a maximum of 100 units. There are two next to each dispenser, and an additional one in the Reagent Grinder. Mostly used to store your Component chemicals if you’re like me and don’t like sorting through bottles. You’ll want to use buckets for your main mixing. Small Beakers (7x): Can carry a maximum of 50 units. They’re all in the beaker box next to the Reagent Grinder. Toss them in grenades or use them for passing out small amounts of reagents for the bartender or virologist. Hand Labeler (1x): You can use this when you’re starting out to label your buckets and beakers (Mixing, Acetone, Diethyl, yadaya). Chemistry Cleaner (1x): Contains 250 units of space cleaner. [spoiler2]Don’t ask how a spray bottle that can fit in your pocket can carry more than twice the amount of shit as a full sized bucket[/spoiler2]. You can fill it with any nefarious thing you like more space cleaner when you run out. Syringes (7x?): Can carry 15 units of reagents. Mostly used to get blood, but is also commonly used to inject liquid forms of medicine directly into the bloodstream (You probably won't do this since you can just make them into pills). Advanced Mass-Spectrometer (1x): Scans reagents in a living things bloodstream. The Advanced Medical Scanners that the doctors carry around have the same function, so this item won't exactly be used. Component Locker (1x): Inside contains 300 units of components! Sulf acid, Oil, Acetone; tons of important shit! Be lazy as fuck! Pure Plasma (1x): Grind it up for 20 units of plasma. I’m not sure why it’s here, but I think it’s from a time when plasma wasn’t in the chem dispensers… Sounds like a scary time. Pill bottles (14ish): Storage for your pills and patches. They’re in the lockers in the room below you. Go ahead and unlock them for the doctors. Chemistry Bag (2x): They’re in the wardrobe near the fridge. You can use them to store a crap ton of your medicine. Use it to transfer your meds from the Chem Master to the Fridge. Goggles (You spawn with them): To protect your eyes. Having them on also allows you to view the exact amount of reagents in the container; pretty useful for not accidentally blowing yourself up. Droppers/Pipettes (4?): Like syringes, but with a lower capacity. These are the only items that can carry 1 unit of a reagent. They also allow you to inject reagents into IPCS. You can use them to experiment with different mixes, but ignore them for now. Wrapping Paper?(Why?): You tell me. Gas Masks: You get two gas masks in your wardrobe, WEAR THEM. In the latest chemistry update, any poisons you create will spit off fumes. In order to avoid these fumes, you need to wear the gas masks. Cyanide (a component for Pent Acid) will therefore kill you if you don't wear this Gas Mask, PLEASE PUT IT ON. Secondly, things outside the lab that you should be aware of. Buckets: BUCKETS BITCHES. These things carry 120 units instead of the default 100 units that large beakers can hold. The first thing you should do when the shift starts is grab these things. Three spawn initially; two in the garden and one near the fish vendor. Run down the arrivals hallway; you can’t miss them. If you arrive late, or someone is actually using the garden [spoiler2]It happened. Once[/spoiler2], then you can ask for buckets at Cargo. I personally only use two buckets, but feel free to grab all of them. Blue Space Beakers: The holy grail for chemistry: these things can carry a godly 300 UNITS of reagents. You'll probably never use them; by the time the research is done to create these things, you should be done your meds. Regardless, if you want some, run over to RnD about halfway through the shift and grab one. NanoVends: They carry a bunch of medical equipment for doctors, and more importantly a bunch of extra chems that you don't have to make! There are five (that I’m aware of): Two are in the hallway around the CMO’s office, one is next to the Morgue, one is in the Virology hallway, and another one is actually in Virology. The meds in here are things that you do not need to make; if someone bitches at you for not making charcoal or ether, just point them to these things. No one ever touches the ones near Viro anyhow. This is also your source of Spaceacillin! Monkeys: In genetics and virology there are monkeys. Take one for yourself; they’re your primary source of blood. At the beginning of the round you should bitch at the geneticists, virologists, or CMO to get you one, under the threat that if they won’t get you a blood monkey, they’ll become your blood monkey [spoiler2]And likely die[/spoiler2]. IV drip: Near the sleepers directly below Chemistry. You can use it for blood if you want, but they aren’t mandatory. See the blood section for more details. Medical Scanner: An item for doctors to discern what the damage is. The Scanners outnumber the maximum amount of doctors 5 to 1, so if you're bored you can play doctor and feed people medications. You did make the medications after all, so you should probably know what they do. 3. What Do I Make? The Recipes [bOOM Components “OH NO THIS CHEMICAL THAT I NEED ISN’T IN THE DISPENSER WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO?!” No worries! A lot of the good medicines need components, for example Oil, Sulfuric Acid, and Acetone. This section will cover all of the ingredients that you WON’T find in your dispenser. Welding Fuel: Use your container on that fuel tank in the middle of your room to get 10 units of the fuel. Easy. Used primarily for Oil, Acetone, and Pentetic Acid Water: Why YES, water can be found in your dispenser, but we’re trying to be as efficient as possible here! Run over to the sink down the hallway and fill up a container with the water. You can save a lot of energy this way. It’s used in a lot of stuff, including Mannitol, Cryoxadone, and Saline-Glucose. Omnizine: This medicine is used to create Strange Reagent. You can get it in trace amounts from Warm Donk-Pockets, or large amounts via dialysis from an upgraded sleeper. Since it has an overdose rate, and it's a pain in the butt to get most of the time, it's seldom used; however, it's used in our SR, so here's how you get it. 1. Get a Warm Donk-Pocket. Two of the most accessible places to get this stuff is from The Kitchen or The Virologists Lab. Toss a Donk into a microwave and it'll heat up. Don't toss multiple Donk's in at a time, they will burn. 2. Grind it in your Reagent Grinder! You'll end up with 4 Omnizine and 4 Nutriment. You generally only need one in order to get enough SR to last the shift. Blood: Blood type doesn’t matter, nor its color. If you get an abnormal blood color, like Neara blood [spoiler2]Seriously, what the fuck ARE those things?[/spoiler2], the recipe's will still work. There are multiple ways to extract it, and I’ll cover ALL of them. 1.Use the syringe on yourself. This is the fastest way to obtain blood, but far from the most efficient due to the obvious fact that… you’re losing your own blood. In order to counteract the effects, you’ll have to waste your dispenser energy on Iron or Saline-Glucose in order to keep yourself from dying. I personally recommend against this method. 2.Use the syringe on a monkey. Self explanatory. Ask Genetics or Virology to deliver you a monkey or other abomination (What the fuck IS a Neara), then strap it to the chair in your room. (Drag the sprite of the animal onto the chair.) After that, just take the blood from the monkey and put it into an empty beaker. This method is used by the best chemist on the station with a very specific way of sucking up blood that I don’t know how to put into words (I may explain it later). This generally takes up a bit of time, which is why I stick with the third method 3.Hook up an IV to a monkey. Follow the steps above to get a monkey, then grab an IV drip. Attach it to the monkey, right click the IV and set the mode to “Take Blood”, and attach a large beaker. Done; it’ll suck up the blood automatically while you go on to do other things. The next few have to be mixed. The first six can be found in your component locker. Oil: Component for Perfluoro, Acetone, Phenol, and Cyanide. Easy to mix. Recipe: 10 Carbon, 10 Hydrogen, 10 Welding Fuel. Creates 30 Oil. Ammonia: Component for Pentetic, Silver Sulf, Diethyl, and Cyanide. Easy to mix. Recipe: 30 Hydrogen, 10 Nitrogen. Creates 30 Ammonia. Sulfuric Acid: Component for Atropine and Syptic Powder. Easy to mix. Recipe: 10 Hydrogen, 10 Oxygen, 10 Sulfur. Creates 20 Sulfuric Acid. Acetone: Component for Cryoxadone, Atropine and Mutadone. Make and bottle separately. Recipe: 30 Oxygen, 40 Welding Fuel, 10 Carbon, 10 Hydrogen. Creates 90 Acetone. Phenol: Component for Atropine. Make and bottle seperately. Recipe: 10 Welding Fuel, 10 Carbon, 10 Hydrogen, 30 Water, 30 Chlorine Diethylamine: Component for Atropine. It’s a special case (See Atropine). Recipe: 10 Ammonia, 10 Ethanol. Heat. Creates 20 Diethylamine. And here are the rest of them. Unstable Mutagen: Requested by Botany if Botany’s actually doing stuff. Also a component for Cryoxadone, Mutadone, and Strange Reagent. Easy to mix. Recipe: 10 Chlorine, 10 Plasma, 10 Radium Formaldehyde: A poison for Pentetic Acid. Recipe: 10 Ethanol, 10 Oxygen, 10 Silver. Heat. Cyanide: The other poison for Pentetic Acid. Recipe: 10 Oil, 10 Ammonia, 10 Oxygen. Heat. Holy Water: If you feed these to Vampires and Shadowlings cool things happen! (Someone help me with this). Also used in Strange Reagent. Security will ask for this a lot, just go ahead and provide it to them. On a side note, the substance will just say "Water". Don't worry, it's holy. I swear. Recipe: 10 Wine, 10 Water, 10 Mercury. The Medicine Recipes Here is the recipe list of all of a bunch of drugs that I personally store. It is in NO way optimized, and other chemists do things much differently than I do. This list will, however, make enough medicine to generally last the shift. If you have an alternative recipe that’s more efficient, PLEASE let me know. Tips And Tricks -If you place down your beakers and buckets onto a table, they're sprite will appear on the top of a stack. That way, it won't drowned in the thousands of meds that you've hopefully made. -You can actually transfer reagents to beakers that are in your backpack. Open your backpack and you can pour stuff into the beakers in your backpack as if they were in your hand or on a table. [spoiler2]PHYSICS![/spoiler2] -If you're starting out, go to your chem master and make sure that the button is set to "beaker" and not "disposals". You might accidentally waste a lot of your meds if you aren't paying attention. -If you bottled some components but don't want to store it in your fridge by accident, then you can use your chemistry bag! Click on the bottles, then click on the bag to drop them onto the ground. -Wear the gas mask to not die from poison fumes This guide assumes you have access to buckets. If you don't have any buckets, take the time to get some. Mannitol (Brain): All clones created come out with brain damage, and it’s a pain in the ass to startup surgery EVERY TIME a new clone is created. Thus we have this nice drug that heals up clones brain damage in an instant. Recipe: 40 Water, 40 Sugar, 40 Hydrogen. Makes 120 Mannitol. Distribution: 10 unit pills. Create 24 pills. (Repeat the process twice). Mutadone (Genetic Defects): All clones ALSO generally come out with a genetic defect, and Clean S.E.’s from genetics leave toxin damage. This pill will fix any genetic variations that you may have. Can also be shot from a syringe gun to stop a hulk; what fun! Precursor: 30 Acetone (Feel free to use the starting Acetone in your component locker) Recipe: 30 Acetone, 30 Bromine, 10 Chlorine, 10 Radium, 10 Plasma. Makes 90 Mutadone. Distribution: 5 unit pills. Create 18 pills. (Just do it once.) Perfluorodecalin (Oxygen): Your standard oxygen medication. Heals up oxygen like nobody’s business, but leaves the user mute. Since the doctors using this medicine will have to be with the patient in order to distribute it, the user won't exactly need to talk or yell for help, since they have a doctor with them. In addition, Perfluoro is much easier to make than the inferior Salbutamol [spoiler2]for some strange reason[/spoiler2]. Recipe: 10 Welding Fuel, 10 Carbon, 40 Hydrogen, 30 Fluorine. Heat. Makes 90 Perfluoro. Distribution: 10 unit patches. Create 18 patches (Twice.) Pentetic Acid (Toxin/Purging): This little bitch to make is your standard toxin medication. It deals with toxin damage and purges everything out of your blood stream (Including other medication such as Saline Glucose, so be wary). The downside is that it deals some minor brute damage. An upgrade over charcoal. Precursor: 20 Formaldehyde, 20 Cyanide, 20 Ammonia (Take the starting Ammonia; the Forma and Cyanide you’ll have to make seperately; check the components section) Recipe: 20 Formaldehyde, 20 Cyanide, 20 Ammonia, 20 Welding Fuel, 20 Chlorine, 20 Sodium. Creates 120 Pentetic Acid. Distribution: 5 unit pills. Create 24 pills. (Once.) Saline-Glucose Solution (Brute/Burn/Blood): These nice little pills are easy to make and slowly heals up any brute or burn damage you may of experienced, as well as restores blood. Two of the best chemists, Squish and Halogen, have differing opinions on it; the former says it mandatory to make while the latter doesn’t even bother making it. Regardless… well, here it is. Recipe: 40 Water, 10 Chlorine, 10 Sodium, 30 Sugar. Creates 90 Saline Glucose. Distribution: 10 unit pills. Create 27 pills. (Repeat three times.) Silver Sulfadiazine (Burn): Your basic burn patches. That about sums it up, pretty useful. Note that we’re entering patch territory now, and the medicine for Brute and Burn damage uses up a SHIT TON of dispenser energy because it’s the most common damage type. Recipe: 1. 30 Hydrogen, 10 Nitrogen, 20 Chlorine, 20 Sulfur, 20 Silver, 20 Oxygen. Creates 100 Silver Sulf with 10 spare Ammonia. Repeat once to get 20 spare Ammonia. 2. 20 Chlorine, 20 Sulfur, 20 Silver, 20 Oxygen. Creates 100 Silver Sulf and uses up the spare Ammonia. Go back to step 1. Distribution: 20 unit patches. Create 30 patches (Repeat that entire process twice.) Styptic Powder (Brute): Your basic brute patches. Functions exactly like Silver Sulf. Recipe: 1. 20 Aluminium, 40 Hydrogen, 40 Oxygen, 20 Sulfur. Creates 80 Syptic and 20 spare Sulf Acid. 2. 20 Aluminium, 20 Hydrogen, 20 Oxygen. Creates 80 Styptic and uses up the spare Sulf Acid. Distribution: 20 unit patches. Create 32 patches (Repeat recipe four times.) Also, save 11 bottles of Styptic for Synthflesh later, if you’re using the normal recipe. Mine is slightly different and doesn’t need bottles. Synthflesh (Burn/Brute): These emergency patches heal both burn and brute damage. They’re a pain in the butt to make because they require Styptic Powder as a component, but I have a work around. I’m including two different ways to make it because I believe my method is fairly unique, and every other chemist uses bottles. My Recipe: 5 Sulfur, 5 Hydrogen, 5 Oxygen, 10 Aluminium, 10 Oxygen, 10 Hydrogen, 40 Carbon, 40 Blood. 120 Synthflesh. I can hear Squish dying from here. My Distribution: 20 unit patches. Create 30 patches (Repeat five times.) Save about 90 units of it in bottles for Mitocholide. Literally Everyone Elses Recipe: 30 Styptic bottle, 30 Blood bottle, 30 carbon (Bottle up your styptic after you’re done making it’s patches). Creates 90 Synthflesh. Literally Everyone Elses Distribution: 30 unit patches (Less awkward with 90). Create 30 patches (Repeat ten times.) Save about 90 units of it in bottles for Mitocholide. Atropine (Brute/Burn/Oxy): Feed it to crit patients (Below -25 health) and their brute and burn damage will heal up, and their Oxyloss will cap off, with the side effect of them being confused. I personally don’t tend to make this often and I’m not sure how many other chemists do it, but it’s used in Oculine anyways, so why not? Precursor: 60 Acetone, 60 Phenol. Recipe: 1. Fill a bucket with 30 Hydrogen, 10 Nitrogen, and 90 Ethanol. Heat. 2. With a separate bucket/beaker: 10 Sulf, 10 Oxygen, 10 Hydrogen. Afterwards, pour in 20 Acetone, 20 Phenol, and 40 of the bucket from step 1. Creates 100 Atropine. Distribution: 10 unit pills. Create 26 pills (Repeat three times, but save 40 Atropine for Oculine). Oculine (Eye/Ears): Heals up your eye damage and hearing damage. Mostly used to make the surgeons lazier, but in emergencies when medbay get’s hectic, you’ll be glad you made them. A bit of a bitch to make. Precursor: 40 Saline-Glucose Solution, 40 Atropine, 40 Spaceacillin (Run over to those nifty nanovend machines and TADA; 6 syringes full of it.) Recipe: 40 Saline, 40 Atropine, 40 Spaceacillin. Creates 120 units of Oculine. Distribution: 5 unit pills. Create 24 pills (Just do it once). Cryoxadone (Brute/Burn/Oxy/Toxin/Cloning): What you fill the cryotubes with! Chances are people have been yelling at you to make this already; that’s because Cryoxadone is also used to stock the cloning machine, as Cryoxadone is used to create synthmeat. You can make this one first if you so please, but the general consensus is that the doctors shouldn’t be relying on those damn cryotubes anyhow. Precursor: 90 Acetone. Recipe: 30 Acetone, 10 Water, 10 Nitrogen, 10 Chlorine, 10 Radium, 50 Plasma. Creates 120 units of Cryoxadone. Distribution: Create 30 unit bottles. Get 12 bottles (Repeat three times). Save a few of those bottles for Mitocholide. Mitocholide (Internal Organs): The bitchiest of bitchy medicines to make. Heals up organ damage without the use of surgeries. This again, makes surgeons even lazier, but again, this drug is useful if both of your operating rooms are in use. Precursor: 90/120 Cryoxadone, 90/120 Synthflesh. Recipe: 30 Cryo, 30 Synth, 30 Plasma. Results in 90 units of Mito. Distribution: Create 15 unit pills. You can make 18 or 24 pills (3 or 4 times). It honestly just depends on which of the two methods you used to create the synthflesh: you either get 90 or 120 of it, so just distribute it depending on how you like. Strange Reagent (Revival)*: This is a strange and very dangerous drug that can either save the station from a disaster, or create that disaster in the first place. Consuming it will instantly bring a person back to life, however, if the person has more than 150 combined brute/burn damage, they will explode in a shower of gibs. Good for Vox or someone that's been dead for longer than ten minutes. Precursor: Omnizine, Wine (You'll have to go hunting if you want to make this. Recipe: Just toss in some Chlorine, Radium, Plasma, Water, and Mercury. Distribution: I tend to make 20 0.5 unit pills. If the medical staff you're working with seems like a bunch of idiots, don't store these pills, chances are they'll blow themselves up. If need be, you can keep a beaker or bottle hidden in your lab until it's needed. Why didn’t you make… You probably noticed there are still quite a few meds that can be made. They’re not in my routine or generally anyone else's routine for the reasons that I’m going to list below. If you feel otherwise, let me know. Charcoal/Ether/Epinephrine/Spaceacillin: All are found in high quantities in Nanovend machines (4 bottles each in 5 machines, about 300 units of each drug.) Salbutamol/Salicylic: Harder to make AND lower quality than their alternatives. Calomel/Potassium Iodide/Diphenhydramine/Haloperidol: Pentetic Acid is a drug that accomplishes all of these effects, including the effects of Charcoal. The reason we make Pentetic is due to Energy Efficiency: you want to get the most value out of each med so you have enough Energy to blast through your shift with a good amount of meds. If you decide to make 240 units Charcoal instead of 240 units Pentetic, you'll also have to create 240 Calomel and 240 Potassium Iodide to cover off all of Pentetic's effects: AKA, using three times the energy that you need to. Iron: Same reason as above; Saline-Glucose does the job. Antihol: Fuck you. Ephedrine/Hydrocodone/Simethicone: I don't find any of these important to make; let me know if you know of a reason. 4. What Do I Give Out? [LUBE] Occasionally people will run over to you and ask you to make them stuff. Mostly meth [spoiler2]why does everyone only want meth? We have all of these cool narcotics, and we only want to get meth[/spoiler2]. Granted, you can give out anything you want, but you could also blow yourself up and die the second you walk into your lab. Since you DON'T want to get fired, here's what you SHOULD give out and to whom. Botanists: Ammonia, Diethylamine, Unstable Mutagen You see these guys a lot if there are good Botanists on the station. Botanists can and won't ask for Ammonia and Diethylamine for fertilizers since they don't care about what quality fertilizer goes into their plants. They do want to mutate and radiate the ever living shit out of them though. When Botanists pour Mutagen on their plants, they can modify and make cool things such as literal money trees. Be chill with them and maybe they'll give you neat stuff. Roboticists: Sulfuric Acid Science Chem is relatively new, so back in the day all the scientists came to the MedChem and get their Sulfuric Acid. It's used to etch circuit boards, which are then used in cool electronics. Nowadays, scientists have access to their own chemistry lab. But roboticists don't, and if no scientist wants to help them out, they'll come to you for their Sulf Acid. You may as well give it to them. Virologist: Radium Virus's and Radium does... something. I can't remember what as I write them, I think they cure viruses or something cool, I dunno, I stay the fuck away from Viro at all times. Someone clarify this for me? Security/Command: Basically Anything These motherfuckers will arrest you for creating a workplace hazard, just give them everything. You're the go-to guy to provide security with stuff they ask for, which is a bunch of stuff. Holy Water, Chem Implants, Stun Resistant Drugs, they might ask you to scan stuff, etc. Security can be comdoms sometimes, but honestly that isn't your problem. Use your best judgement here. Bartender: A bunch of weird shit Right, I don't know WHY, but the Bartenders like tossing stuff like blood, ether, sulf acid, epinephrine, and a bunch of other weird stuff into their drinks. If the bartender asks for a strange drug, you're probably in the clear, but either way here is a list of what chemicals are used in what drinks. -iron (for the drinks Amasec and Beepsky Smash) -sulphuric acid (for the drink Acid Spit and the food Diona Roast) -ether (for "Neurotoxin", different to chem neurotoxin, an extremely strong drink and stunning agent) -epinephrine (for "Suicider", a drink) -radium (for "Singulo", a drink) -blood (in a syringe, for Demons Blood, Devil's Kiss, and Red Mead, all drinks) -silver (for Patron, a drink) For an exclamation on specifically why you should or shouldn't hand out what, jump onto page two of the guides replys and check out TZO's blurb on the subject. Other Cool Things I'll be tossing Cryomixes, Synthmeat (if you need to make it yourself), and MAYBE dialysis (I've yet to be convinced that it's efficient enough.) Credits -TZO wrote up a large blurb on what to distribute to people. I wrote up my own version, but TZO still gets all tha credit. Find what they wrote on the second page. Special thanks to all of the insane chemists that have spent at least a year working out all of this information before hand. -Primarily Ansari, whose initial guide helped me get started learning about chemistry (Though I still stumbled quite a lot). -The three chemistry masters: Squishika Sirius, Halogen, and Kiyaka, whom helped inspire me to keep working in this job. -The other regular chemists that I work with: Jacob Ryals, Elizabeth Hartman, and Cid Squishings. -Tully, whose amazing guides served as my inspiration. He also graced us with a giant mutant man eating tomato named Frank. Editors Pssst, hey. You. Reply if you noticed anything that's wrong here. Get your name on dis fancy list. -PinataColada and NTSAM for clarifying the uses of the goggles, Droppers/Pipettes, and Wrapping Paper. -ShadeyKins for spelling (Welcome to the OMNIZONE, MOTHERFUCKERS *John Cena theme music playing in the background*) -FlattestGuitar managed to fix the Mito recipe I fucked up. (Yes, I know it currently looks ugly as fuck right now. I'm going to go find ways to make it look nicer later. Thank you for reading.)
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