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    was interrogated by sec.
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    >Howabout you just fucking get robust
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    I hate vigilantes. A lot. Even when I'm not an antag, I have gotten my ass handed to me1 on a silver platter because I was finding out the wires on the shoes vendor. As an antag, it's even worse. Multiple times non-coporate and non-robocop AIs dedicated most of their time to security and getting me busted (if I was known). I have had a civilian walk in on me emagging a door leading to cargo in maintenance and just straight up challenged me to a duel. Granted I won because of the Chad sleepypen, but I was in critical and had half of my bones broken. To add: there is a grey area for powergaming. Stock up on every gun in the armoury as Warden "just in case"? Powergaming! Defend yourself after getting shot with a gun? Not powergaming! Seeing someone jump over the bartender's table while they're awol and decide to ruff em up a bit? Eeehhhh.. Those are the reasons why if I ahelped on any of these situations I'd sound like a whiney goof. VALIDTRON 2.6 Validhunting AIs are the bane of my existence and whenever I confront one as an antag I just want to fucking smash a hole in my computer/NES/iPad/Nintendo switch. They get a pass if they're RoboCop and a frown of dissatisfaction if theyre corporate. Any other laws besides tator/overtaken/shitter laws are a total no in my book. They are Omniprescent basically and can track you like a rabid dog. These guys seem to ignore every other channel but security.. REEDshirts Now, I'm not talking about your average decent security officer who tries to do his job - I'm talking about Mr. HeyChaplainGetUsTankzOfHolyWaterJustInCase, Mrs. ScientistsMassProduceAEGSForUsJustInCase and we can't forget Professor EngineersPleaseReinforceSecurityMaintAndEntrancesJustInCase. All actual things said by actual fucking players. These people are not looking to make sure everyone including themselves have fun. They have a "win" mentality. They have to beat "them ANTAGS." Not fun at parties for sure. Fix It Felix Engineers can really make just about anything a hell hole for antags. Like, but not limited to 1:Making cameras in maintenance 2: Making high security areas like the CQs and bridge's cameras motion trackable 3: Remove sustenance vendors from perma because "the prisoners might get k-k-k-knives!!" Dr. Coyle Scientists can make stupidly OP bombs that fuck over synthetics and humans alike, make stupidly OP machines from the comfort of RnD, break into lockboxes without using an emag (fluro-aid if I can remember) and get stupidly OP weapons. Did I mention how a scientist can win a fight in xenobiology just by having a slime jump onto you using the slime console? Yeah, isn't the ideal place to fight a competent xenobiologist. At fucking all. In short: Vulp are OP and should be nerfed by getting non contagious GBS when eating chocolate.
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    I've been seeing this a lot recently, like, at the very start of the shift. I'm curious as to why its became so popular all the sudden. Bonus points if they dismantle the sec records, cam, and ID console, which I've had happen as well. By the magistrate of all people If I read this 6ish months ago I'd nod my head in agreement and frustration. Now though, whenever I see stuff like this and as others mentioned going on in-game, I can't help but to laugh at how serious some people are about 'winning.'
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    In the real world many toxins damage the liver and kidneys, but in ss13 I've never seen anyone suffer from kidney failure. How does kidney failure even work ingame? If we had more ways people could get hurt it could increase the fun for both the antagonists and medical staff. I suggest: Introducing a new reagent as the principal kidney toxin; Ethylene glycol(commonly known as antifreeze), this is an interesting toxin because of its sweet and pleasant taste, it could give the generic "You can taste the sweetness" message when imbibed. Introducing a new synthanol based drink that is sweetened by ethylene glycol, this makes sense because it is used to cool machines and both toxic and non-toxic glycols have been used in alcoholic beverages to provide sweetness and improve mouthfeel. Since we already have the very potent liver toxin carbon tetrachloride in the game under the name firefighting foam, i suggest it be renamed to its proper name and given the ability to actually cause liver damage in addition to putting out fires. Consider adding kidney toxicity to transfused blood of the wrong blood types. Consider adding delayed liver damage to amatoxin(perhaps this is already in the game?) If kidney failure has not been coded, it could cause a buildup of generic "toxin" and thus be able to be alleviated by dialysis. Since both of these toxins have at least one alternative usage they can be obtained from the chemist with some social engineering. My suggested recipe for ethylene glycol: 3 parts oxygen 3 parts welding fuel 3 parts water 1 part silver Heat to 473k I am willing to attempt spriting the new IPC drink. Should it be a "girly" drink since it contains a lot of sweetener? Help me come up with a name and recipe. If you have any thoughts about these suggestions or know of another reagent you think should cause organ damage, please post in this thread. Here are some snippets from Wikipedia on the toxicity of these compounds.
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    My previous drink sprite attempts were too large. This one is a little smaller, the peach phase is at the top and i've added an umbrella. Let me know what you think.
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    Being tortured by a child-like demon while two others watched on helplessly is not how I pictured my day...
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    I like pulling this one as a cling in a way. I'll transform into someone else, beat the hell out of someone in public, run off into maint, beat the hell out of myself a bit, then transform into someone else. When sec shows up I'm like "Oh thank god! They went thataway!" and I get brought to medbay for treatment.
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    Station "Cyberiad" data log entry 01 09/22/2562 Unit 072537720173(f) - C.L.A.I.R.E Today marked the first day of my model being sent out for real use in the system, no more controlled tests or constant tweaking of my personality to make me ideal for my model's purpose. Finally given the freedom I've been looking forwards to for so long now, even if much of that time is difficult to recall on account of all the resets and hardware adjustments. Today I became my own entity to find my way in the system, having been sent to a "NSS Cyberiad" to start myself off which seems quite fortunate thus far. The station itself is large, far larger than any of the test environments I was put through before and there were so many people I couldn't keep track of them all! So many people going about their business, all with a different job to do with different loads put upon them by their peers. My function to limit hardware stress was a standard civilian, for the previously stated reason and to grant myself the time I required to learn the station layout. I mapped out most of the station quite quickly, saving a digital blueprint to my backup storage should anything happen to primary and then found myself standing outside of the "Head of Personnel" office simply watching everyone going by, occasionally poking my head in to speak to the Head of Personnel who for my first day was a woman by the name of Amy. She was a magnificent person, everything about her filled me with curiosity and wonder. Her hair, the way she spoke and acted, her kindness, the company she kept. That final point especially. I was allowed to meet Amy's partner or as she said potential partner, a decently sized Tajaran male who had a name I never could recall but proved to be an acceptable individual. Their relations too filled me with curiosity, as they demonstrated I have never felt before or even been a witness to. All the labs and testing environments I was in were very standard, considering everything and none of them showed me the affection that they showed each other. I know kindness, anger, sadness and even hatred but what they demonstrated is far beyond anything I've come to be familiar with yet and deep down I believe that I too would one day like to feel these things towards a living being as Amy makes it look like a truly wonderful experience. Perhaps an even better one than saving a life or managing to satisfy myself in finishing previously unresolved data points. Time will tell though, I suppose. For now I'm to take things slowly and carefully as I've already burned through one chassis, even if I was lucky enough to manage a full data backup before I was destroyed some of it has appeared to be corrupted. I cannot recall what it was that destroyed my chassis or the few minutes leading up to the event but I know it must have been bad to not just have my old one repaired. -Data log concludes-
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