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    Fighting games? You mean mash the button until you win games? I prefer something with more skill and strategy, now excuse me while I go to mash the button to robust spacemans.
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    David MacTavish, Rooster Cogfeld, P.A.T.C.H, Kennard Rose, and a few others
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    So, I wanted to make myself ID for NSS Cyberiad Crew Records, and I had some free time, and thought "Why not make more and share it?". So I made a couple of ID sheets like this: I made empty IDs for every department, heads, ERT, CC, prisoner and some "Syndicate ID". If you for some reason would like to use it. I dunno, place it into your Record or whatever feel free to use it. Command: Captain: HoP: CE: CMO: HoS: RD: Department: Civilian: Cargo: Security: Medical: Engineering: Research: CentCom: NT rep: ERT Leader: ERT Security: ERT Medical: ERT Engineer: ERT Janitor: Syndicate: Syndicate Agent: Prisoner:
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    Do you have any characters that make your shifts interesting? For me it's: Slith-Skaar Kristopher Anderson Sam Aria Kitchi Ikamura (Hope i spelled that right) and etc. Chad Wolf and furries also make my day.
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    Ryan Xovr asks, "Mr Ruum, mind telling me what kind of porn your race makes?" Ruum-Ovv-Oumn says, "Why do-o yo-ouu ask." Ryan Xovr says, "Oh, pure curiosity." Ruum-Ovv-Oumn drones, "Ffmooum ffm ee. Ongg vrrm hoorb hhhffmeevrrm mn ooum ooormooum vrrm ooormee" Ruum-Ovv-Oumn asks, "That a goo-ood explanatio-on?" Ryan Xovr says, "Yes, thank you Ruum."
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    Ayyy, clown and mime? Whatever you like. Also try to stick to one character, people may remember your name after some rounds. See ya in the field.
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    To whom it may concern, Unfortunately, due to recent events in my life and the amount of personal projects I'm taking part in, I am retiring from my position as an administrator. The last two years I've spent here have been an incredible adventure I can't thank you guys enough for. As always, I'm online on Discord and will be there most likely until the end of my days, so feel free to PM me for a chat. See ya.
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    No...the whole point of perma is for them to escape. That's partly why perma is so isolated, to give prisoners a chance.
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    I think perma is fine the way it is. Yes, it's easy to escape, but you escape with pretty much nothing, an orange jumpsuit with sensors you can't turn off, and a tracking implant inside you if sec was competent. Also, you usually need outside help unless you're a species that can survive the vacuum of space, in which case, security should've locked you in somewhere more secure.
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    JUST PLEASE TELL ME WHO ARE YOU GUYS? That's just a shorter version of the post.
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