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    Please see the updated version of the server rules.
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    Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well as you read this. The topic of this post as you can tell isn't going to be very happy, but it is something I feel the need to actually write a post about. Paradise has been a central part of my life for the past year. Unlike other games and communities in my past, this isn't a place where I could just put it down, shrug my shoulders, and do something else, without looking back. I play all sorts of video games, and Paradise has been the only one that's managed to keep my interest for an entire year. I've made all sorts of friends and managed to properly integrate into a community for a change. Most of the time I'll play a game and almost never talk to anyone that wasn't already in my friend group. Paradise has been a very different and very positive experience for me. I've made so many good friends and I don't think it's an exaggeration to say I've grown into a better person for having known so many good people. So why the goodbye? Well, since there's so much making me stay, there's got to be quite a bit pulling me away. I think I'll start with the simplest things and move on from there. The most common reason that anyone can understand is burn-out. As expansive as a game SS13 is, there's always a limit to the amount of times one can play any game before wanting to do something else. It's something I've felt as early as October of last year, but at the time I had just become mentor, so getting a chance to contribute to the wonderful community that Paradise has was more than enough to keep me invested and interested. So what happened next? In early December, I was offered the chance to apply for Trial Admin. I had some reservations about this, mostly due to the fact that it's against my nature to be an enforcer of rules. If it helps you get an idea, I only have a total of 9 hours played in Security, not even enough to play the HoS, as game admin with over a thousand hours. It's really not something I enjoy, but it's a responsibility I've taken in the past before. I don't like turning down opportunity or responsibility, so despite knowing I would not enjoy the work I accepted the offer. Let me take a moment to talk about that work. It's really hard work. It's no exaggeration that admins have to deal with a lot of frustrating, exhausting and thankless work. Moderating a server on a cramped map with over 100 people is really tough. It's really something to keep in mind when thinking about the admin team, it's not an easy job they do. Take some time to thank them for that. While you're a trial admin, you have to put in the work for two months before you can play with any of the serious perks of being a game admin. While the hard work was obviously a reason to not stick around, having the benefits of reaching game admin kept me going through January and February. Unfortunately, once I finally became a game admin, a lot of my spark of creativity had been burned out. I had no interest in making a CC or Syndicate officer. Event ideas that once bounced in my head all the time were suddenly missing. The only real idea left was to mess with people in small ways, like playing silly sounds, spin people around, swap out the models for mobs, and with a small peak of sending a Space Pirate to roleplay with and attack a mechanic and his few buddies on the white ship. However, after only about two weeks of being Game Admin, it finally all fell through for me. One of the closest friends I had made playing on Paradise had left not shortly before, and his reasons are his own, but it compounded yet another reason for me. It was at least time for a break. I've taken some before, but usually I'd come back, after at most two or three weeks. I figured out by mid-April I wasn't coming back at all. Burnout is one thing, but another piece of common knowledge is that every server has it's own set of problems, and Paradise is no different. There's a lot of problems big and small that I could talk about, but there's a very specific one I want to mention. I spent most of my time here as a player, with a player's perspective on things. One of the issues that always weighed down in the back of my mind, has been the rules. Both how they're enforced, and why they're enforced. There were quite a few bans and rulings that took place before my time on the staff but during my time as a player, that I had serious disagreements with and questions as to how and why they happened. The rules as they exist are very vague and ill-defined, mostly by necessity. There's a *lot* that can happen in SS13, it's an huge task to try and be specific with what is and isn't allowed in given scenarios. Ideally in this case you'd want to know the *reason* a rule exists. If you know the reason a rule or set of rules exists, it's much easier to follow along with, and the rules hardly cross your mind. A lot of the time I spent as a player in relation to the rules was that of "walking on eggshells." Some bans would go in place that seemed way too harsh or that seemed to be made arbitrarily. The results of these bans had made the game feel a lot more uncomfortable, and unwelcoming. Overall though, I never knew how things went admin-side. There was no way to know, it was all hidden. I like being optimistic and giving people the benefit of the doubt, so as a player, I always assumed most of these bans were placed with good reasons, and there was simply something I wasn't seeing as I wasn't an admin. Well fast-forward several months and I believe a lot of my doubts I had as a player hold weight as an admin. With a lot of rules, bans, and bwoinks there's not much of a consistent goal or reason behind them. It's up to each admin to decide a reason as why a rule should be enforced. This creates inconsistencies, both big and small. The inconsistencies result in the "walking on eggshells" feeling, or in the words of another player this very month, "im always paranoid im doing something wrong." With individual admins enforcing rules for the reasons they're left to discover for themselves, you wind up with what feels like different rules for different admins. Worst still, it opens up the possibility for admins hunting for potential rule breaks, and banning specific people for personal reasons, which I suspect has happened, though I have no hard proof. Often times dis-agreements among the staff are discussed through, and if a agreement can't be met, a head-admin will make a final ruling both are expected to abide by. Part of the problem is the lack of real list of intents or precedents set for these rules. We only very recently got the Expanded Rules, which you can find on the wiki. The expanded rules were the best thing I've seen in months. It's intended to be a clear cut place where precedents and the intent of each rule exist, and its open for anyone to read and understand. The problem is it's a very weak document. When it was created there wasn't an expectation that we enforce the intent of the rules, and many of the intents within are just as vague and generalized as the main line of rules. Admins are still able to enforce the rules for reasons they see fit, and there's no consequence for failing to enforce, or enforcing for the wrong reasons. I understand that it's described as a living document, but having little impact as it is, I do not have a lot of hope for it having a serious impact in the future unless it's enforced seriously from the head admins. And maybe if this was the only problem, I might be sticking around. As I said, every server has their own problems big and small. A lot of other problems push me away, but this is the one I see as the biggest threat to Paradise's future, and the one I want to call attention to. As for myself, I could have done a lot more. I could have tried to better communicate this problem to the heads. I could have tried to be more consistent myself, and make an effort to call out inconsistencies. I could have tried harder, pushed harder. Honestly, I was too afraid to rock the boat, too afraid to make enemies, and too afraid to look like an idiot for claiming a problem exists that others might not see. As of now, I don't have the energy or the will to fight for it. I still have a lot more to grow as a person. This is an effort to be more authentic regardless of the consequences. The best thing I can do as I go is not leave silently, but call out a problem at risk of making enemies, of making a fool of myself, and of burning whatever sort of bridge might remain with the staff after stepping down. I apologize for leaving on such a sour note, but the nature of goodbyes aren't exactly happy things. I wanted to get a commission to celebrate my time here. I've been gifted numerous good memories from the people here, and I'll treasure them. It also doesn't have to be a final goodbye, my DMs on Discord are always open, and I've already reached out to some of you to remain in contact with. There's a lot of you to remember, so please reach out to me if you'd like to keep in touch! Until then I hope you all stay happy and healthy. See you later, Spaceman!
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    Hi all, As some of you may be aware, a few days ago 6 people were banned for metagaming, including two mentors. More bans may follow as we continue to investigate. Needless to say I'm incredibly disappointed, especially with the two mentors we placed our trust in. Not only does this completely violate the letter and spirit of the rules, but is a personal insult to have our trust violated by people who claimed they wanted to help new players by mentoring them. Taking advantage of our trust and their positions to supposedly help the community is incredibly low. This occured on a private discord server, whose owners seem quite upset that someone would reveal that it's being used to metagame. I've seen terms like "metagrudge" and "witchhunt", being thrown around at the people they suspect revealed them, as well as people being put in "quarantine" to avoid further leaks. This is pretty blatent admission to me that they have no issue with said metagaming - just it being revealed. . We will have absolutely no tolerance for that at all, and I personally find it pathetic that they think that those who were "undermining integrity of server" were those who revealed it, not those who metagamed in the first place. The evidence provided to us was concrete, and I have no reason to doubt its authenticity - especially seeing as there have been admissions of guilt from some of the parties. However, if people wish to dispute that they were breaking the rules, they're more than free to appeal. We've acted on the information we are given, but are happy to discuss such things. I'd also like to take this chance to remind you we take allegations like this seriously. If you suspect something like this is going on without proof, please let an admin know - we won't be banning anyone for unfounded allegations, but tipping us off means we can look into it with the many tools we have. As long as you're not clearly using this to attack people you dislike, then it's ok to be wrong here.
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    (Still very much WIP, especially on the design front!) A newborn being of pure energy has come to the station, drawn both by curiosity and the enticing power flowing through its machinery. They desire only to feed, grow, and learn, but the crew may find this interfering with their work... and safety. As creatures of energy, Luminaries are not subject to many physical restrictions, enabling them to travel through the station's electrical fixtures such as lights, computers, and consoles (though only powered and unbroken ones). They are also immune to most forms of attack, and in fact absorb fire and energy projectiles; though disablers, ion rifles, and temperature guns on low settings are effective. Those wishing to stop a Luminary will likely have to use different tactics than a guns-blazing chase, however. On the other hand, Luminaries by default have no directly harmful abilities. Even their melee attack only does stamina damage. They may sometimes unlock deadlier powers as they progress, however... GAMEPLAY Luminary objectives include gathering a certain amount of power from the station's devices and learning more about the things on board the station (via interacting with certain things in certain ways). As it gains more power and knowledge, a Luminary will develop new skills/powers, likely based on what it has been studying/doing. Here are powers as designed so far: Transmission: The Luminary's most basic ability, incorporeal travel via electrical devices. Works similarly to bloodcrawl. Galvanization: Finding a dead creature, the Luminary probes its internal energy pathways and figures out a way to restore the flow, reanimating the body with a surge of energy. Corpses missing hearts or brains receive a couple... improvisations. Reanimating humanoids may count towards a learning objective. A corpse with no owner becomes eligible for ghosts, which creates a new mind with no memory of the body's original life. Such beings may or may not receive objectives (as some kind of reanimated minion, probably), needs discussion. Assimilation: The Luminary feeds itself into various machines and computers around the station, learning how to use/mess with them. For instance, entering an autolathe. Another probable research objective. Network Lance: One of the Luminary's few offensive abilities. Having studied the powernet, the Luminary directs it against a single (or not?) target, causing arcs to strike them from nearby machinery. More machines nearby, more arcs, more damage. Lightning: A non-damaging variant. The Luminary discharges chain lightning, stunning nearby humanoids. Translation: The Luminary gains the ability to pull an incapacitated (or willing?) target into the airwaves with it when it transmits.
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    To continue with this character, I drew a second little thing after someone took the time to cook her some PIES. Meat pies. The favorite of many a liznerd. It ended up looking like a talk show...
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    I don't know what to title this
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    What a year it has been. Honestly this marks around the year mark I started playing space, or at least, very close to. How the time flies, honestly, I’m astounded by how things progressed. From watching a video about a strange ‘Checkers’ guy playing an obscure, low graphics game, to becoming admin of one of the servers said games. It constantly astounds and impresses me, the amount of kindness and welcoming energy this community has. Though some things may have changed, some people have shifted here and there, that sense of gentle joy of seeing so many people interacting and crafting characters and worlds together has not gone anywhere. The art that’s been made, the stories that have been crafted, the people that have been met… it’s all just amazing. I’m not sure what I’d be doing if I hadn’t found Space Station, but likely it wouldn’t have been something that got me so many wonderful, and loving friends. Honestly. You all are some amazing people. Though there’s always a few hiccups, I’ve had an amazing year. Thank you all. Really. Here are some images that have been made for me, it’s really just an honor to have such people around me that’d… well, make anything for me, honestly! Thank you so much!
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    Hello everyone. As you probably know, I was recently elected by our staff team to be a Head of Staff for Paradise. You may not know exactly what a Head of Staff (henceforth: "Headmin") does, or what my plans are in particular. This thread is going to explain those things. First, what does a headmin do? Headmins have a few responsibilities beyond those of a normal Game Admin: Co-ordination and management of all branches of the staff team Handling Admin Complaints Enforcing staff policy and admin guidelines Moderating interpersonal conflicts, as needed Managing certain back-end things, such as our Patreon Voting on the acceptance/rejection of PRs submitted to our Github (IE: changes to the game's code, features, sprites, etc) Representing Paradise to other SS13 servers Handling anything that doesn't get handled by other people, eventually, for whatever reason Like any Paradise headmin, I will be doing these things, as they are inherent to the position. That said, most staff (including me) who run for election as headmin also have a specific platform that they run for election on. My platform was: Transparency Accountability Better Communication I know those sound a bit vague. So, let me give you some concrete examples of what I intend to do. First, let's take PR voting. Yes, headmins vote on PR acceptance. But I plan to do more than simply vote. I consider every PR author that contributes to our codebase to be valuable - part of the team that makes our server awesome. I want to encourage PR authors and grow the number of people who contribute to our codebase. As such, I will be following a set of best practices, designed to ensure PR authors feel valued, and treated fairly. My hope is this will encourage quality contributions over time. I will not be voting against any PR, any author's work, without first explaining exactly why, clearly and directly, on the PR itself. If my issue with the PR is fixable, I will explain how it can be fixed, and give the PR author some time to fix it, or at least respond, before I consider voting against the PR. In essence I want to be sure PR authors know they are getting a fair shake, that they never feel like they're being left in the dark, and they never feel like they need to guess what they need to do in order to get their PRs merged. If I consider a PR idea totally unviable, to the point it cannot be fixed, I will aim to say so as early as possible, so that the author doesn't invest more time into it under the false impression it has good chances of being merged. More generally, when I comment on PRs, I will aim to be very clear about who I'm speaking for, and what I mean. I will also make myself available to any PR author who has questions. While I recognize that this will give PR authors direct feedback they're not used to getting, ultimately I think (and as a PR author myself, I believe I have good reason to think) they will quickly appreciate it and be encouraged by it. I have also be encouraging other headmins and maintainers to follow these best practices. More generally, I want a more constructive, informative atmosphere on our github and I am working with everyone involved, especially the maints and other headmins, to achieve this. As part of this effort, I have already appointed someone to be responsible for helping to moderate Github, and discourage toxic comments there. Second, let's take accountability. I have already promised to put myself up for re-election in 6 months by the staff team, so, if they don't think I'm doing a good job after that time, they can boot me out and get someone else in. Accountability is for everyone, though, not just me. This includes admins, players, and even visitors who don't play here. If someone has an issue with an admin's conduct, they need to explain the issue in our Admin Complaints forum. It is against the rules to discuss bans and other punishments in our discord server, and for the sake of eliminating toxicity, holding admins accountable under our guidelines, and holding players accountable under our Discord rules, I will be enforcing this rule, and pushing admins more generally to do the same. Consider this your forewarning that under my plan, complaining about being banned in our Discord will not be tolerated like it has before. This also applies to in-game LOOC, deadchat, OOC and similar. This is not a new rule - such talk has been against the rules for a long time. What is new is that I will be enforcing the already-written rule, and encouraging all other admins to do so as well. Third, let's talk about better communication. One of the long-standing issues we have as a server, with our elected leadership, multiple branches of staff, etc, has historically been a lack of unified vision for the future of the server. Obviously, this is an enormous topic to tackle, and progress on it is going to require lots of work, and not just by me. It is the sort of thing that will require lots of discussion over a period of time. Still, I am already taking steps to move us in this direction. The first change you may notice is the creation of a #changes-wanted channel on Github. This channel is the new central repository for lists, posted by headmins and maints, of all features/PRs/etc they want implemented for the server. There are many benefits to this, such as helping PR authors choose a PR topic that's more likely to get merged, triggering healthy debate on server direction, etc. Ultimately though, this is just a first step towards what I really want for the server: a more general development roadmap. I know we're a volunteer project, a 2D spaceman game, and we're never going to be as organized/detailed in our future development goals as a professional game company is. Still, I don't think its unrealistic for us to take basic steps, like agreeing a list of long-term goals, trying to make progress towards them, and tracking that progress. This discord channel is the first step in that direction. I hope I've given you a sense of what I'm about as a head of staff. Obviously, the changes I want to make will require that I work closely with the rest of the staff team. My hope, though, is that I can push the server in the right direction. That I can get people pushing together in the same direction more effectively. And, if not, well, the staff can always vote me out again in 6 months. Here's to the future! -Kyet
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    A piece I did for some SPESS people! The commissioner asked for some interesting looking characters on the poster, but wasn't descriptive on who exactly, so I got to make up some different likely spess adventurers. The little red dots make up the constellation for Scorpio, as it's a project that the commissioner is working on, and I'm wishing them luck! This was enjoyable to work on, I got to draw space which I always enjoy, and I got to draw just some... different sorta characters!
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    @BonkaiTheRoris streamed Slime rancher for me... and I couldn't get it out of my head that Jasmine was the one ranging these dastardly squishes. So I drew it! I cheated a bit with the background, I'm sorry. Jasmine is a good squish.
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    It's Pride month, and I was asked to draw a very Cone-ie Vulp showing off some colours of celebration. I was happy to oblige. I hope everyone of all flavors and persuasions are doing well in this tremulous time. I love and appreciate all of you.
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    I did it. It's taken a full month, and I think there may still be some stuff in need of polish, but I finally finished making Paradise's Cyberiad in Minecraft. If you want to view it, you'll need a few things: EITHER - the Twitch launcher in order to download mod packs easily OR knowledge of how and where to backup and place Minecraft directories. Project Ozone 3: A New Way Forward Mr Crayfish's Furniture Mod for 1.12.2 (it doesn't come with the above, so you'll need to download and place it yourself) Minecraft 1.12.2 WITH Forge 14.23.5+ (any latest forge for 1.12.2 works, as far as I know) 8GB+ RAM and knowledge of how to allocate it in Minecraft. Trust me on this. Here's the ZIP for the directory itself; save, mods and all: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uan6jdnp5oeqeif/Project Ozone 3 A New Way Forward (1).zip?dl=0 And here's the ZIP for just the save file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ryca3xigbrcehxv/cyberiad.zip?dl=0 I'd give instructions myself, but I'm pretty addled and tired from all the work this took. Help each other, yeah? The only caveat is that you should probably toggle the resource pack to on, because it was built with it in mind. If you have any questions or suggestions of other projects I should build for everyone's' amusement, feel free to share. If you don't really feel like downloading it, I totally get it, so here are a few sneak peeks, and you'll get the picture from these. Security Lobby Engine Containment Locker Room Bridge Medbay Lobby
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    I didnt think I needed to write this but people asked so here goes. Reasons for resignation are as follows: - Im not happy the direction the server is going in - I am tired of the way members of this community are treated, not even being informed, let alone asked before big changes happen (The community managers werent even informed of the nickname changes, and thats just one example) - It ate into far too much of my time and honestly just hurt to deal with (Not to mention this shit is literally right in the middle of my finals) Let me just elaborate/debunk a few reasons people thought I was gone: Salt over boxen being removed: I requested that removal as part of my leave Salt over being fired from mentor: I asked to resign as part of my leave The fluff cuff removal PR: I made that, and I dont plan to be a tiger repeat Thanks for a good 2 and a half years, but I am moving to better places now, possibly see some of you around on other servers, but for now, goodbye - AffectedArc07
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    Stealing all the berets and replacing them with kitty ears!
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    I've been trying to keep up with the art. Here's a small drawing I did for a HRP server I've been checking out with some peeps, I gotta say I do appreciate the more in-depth character interactions. I'm going to make an effort to use the me verb more often on para... They're basically the equivalent of an Unathi, working as a Corpsman- or military medic. Viola Farin.
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    It's beeen a wHIILE with uni starting up and things, but I did another commission for the wonderful Karski. They good skrekbird, yaya! They wanted something in a similar style to Aelwyn's reference, and I was happy to oblige.
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    Certain in-game roles (Captain, NT Rep, IAA, Magistrate, etc) are expected to be played with some level of seriousness. When playing one of these roles, if you photograph your ass and fax it to CC, you're probably not playing the role with the appropriate level of seriousness. It is appropriate for the Clown, or a random Civilian, to try pranking CC in this manner. It isn't appropriate for the IAA, Captain, or other crew trusted with fax access, to be doing it. Previously, we've handled this via strictly IC means, like demotions, or BSAs. Now, I'm going to start considering butt-faxes like this as Captain/NTR/Magistrate/IAA as a sign you're not taking the role with the required degree of seriousness. This means that if I see an IAA butt-fax CC for no reason within a couple minutes of shift start (as I saw yesterday), henceforth I'm going to consider that a good reason to job ban the player from the role, until they start treating the role with the higher level of seriousness it requires. Roles like Captain, IAA, NTR, Magistrate, etc are intended to be taken somewhat seriously. While we understand and expect some antics, treating them completely non-seriously will get you job banned.
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    Hi everyone, I recognize it was probably a bit improper to leave without so much as a bye. I've had a lot of fun over the five or six years I've spent here. I've spent a lot of hours frittering away on projects (wiki out of date ree) and spent even more time just shooting the shit with members of the community (including staff!). It's been a pleasure having the opportunity to work/play with all of you and I wish you all the best going forward. It's my hope that someone will eventually take up the reins for the wiki (most of the hard work is done!) and that the community continues to be the warm, glowing, and sometimes stressed out and shouty place it's always been. Paradise is a project that I've easily sunk several thousand hours into, so I hope and look forward to all the best things in the future for both the server and the people who elect to continue playing/volunteering here. I have tremendous regard for the community here and I know that you'll all continue to diligently work, play, and contribute to making Paradise the server that it is. Godspeed, Cyberiad. - Shadeykins (brb absorbing people in the morgue)
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    Who's THAT PLASMAMAN? It's AKIRA! With their habit of plasma bars and plasma drinking habits that lead to plasma alcoholism (Like normal alcoholism, but more deadly and flammable)
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    Jason Jedd! Diona and chill 2 the x-treme. A commission I had to get done before someone's birthday, I think it turned out well. Gosh!
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    First off, I would like to say I'm sorry.
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    Hiya! This is going to be a pretty long post considering it's kind of a big thing for me and I want to write out everything I can. I'll still be in discord if anyone's got any questions, but having a lot of answers in one place is probably a good idea. So you guys have probably noticed that I've been showing up less and less over the past few months up until now, until I've pretty much been entirely silent a good majority of the time. I've got busy work with school and the like to deal with since I've started at college, and I've been working more towards getting things settled life-wise. On top of that, my interests have shifted pretty significantly since around the start of summer, changing to different games and hobbies that I've been having a lot more fun with. I'm not nearly as in touch as I used to be, and I've been taking what feels like too much of a back-seated approach to headminning for some time, which, being an advocate for a much more active headmin role, doesn't sit right with me. I've had a lot of fun with you guys over these last 4 years, and I hope to continue to later, maybe as a player again, or as an admin if I ever find myself invested again, throwing about seals and random space horrors as usual. I've also met a lot of good people, some of whom I'm spending a lot more time with as of late, who've hopefully become lifelong friends of mine. For as eccentric and strange as the community is, the majority I've met are pretty awesome people, and I hope that doesn't change. As far as what I've been doing, I've been getting into other games and text roleplay with some of our community members and staff. Nonsense involving For Honor, Divinity OS 2, Pillars of Eternity 2, and some more casual stuff D&D with some people IRL (If you want my steam I'll throw it here https://steamcommunity.com/id/dumbdumn/ ). In terms of more serious stuff, I've been upholding my grades and handling my current job working for my university. With only so many hours in the week, all of these things combined makes it hard to focus and usually ends up in me jumping from one thing to the next without much of a coherent schedule. As of next week on Saturday, I'll be stepping down from my position and hanging around as a bluemin to see if less responsibility from the role has any effect on my activity or interest, since sometimes headminning and playing the game can feel more like work and less like a neat thing I can chill out with. If that doesn't work I still fully intend to stick around in the general discord, retired or not. That's about as general as I can make it without throwing in an information overload, but if you guys have questions or want to talk about something I'll be looking out for replies on this thread for the next few days. See you nerds around, Dumb.
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    USE A TITLE LIKE THIS: "Banned by ADMINNAME: Ban appeal for [YOUR BYOND USERNAME HERE]" EXAMPLE: "Banned by Regens: Ban appeal for [insert ckey here]" IC NAME: The character name you used when you got banned CKEY: This is your username on BYOND DATE OF BAN: Date you were banned, shown in the ban message you get when entering the server DURATION OF BAN: Same as above ADMIN BYOND KEY: The admin who banned you. Please type '@' in front of their name, so it looks like this: @Kyet. If you don't know which admin banned you, ask one of us privately to look it up for you. REASON FOR BAN: The reason as to why you were banned. Shown when you connect to the server. DO NOT edit this, quote the exact ban reason shown when you connect. YOUR APPEAL: Explain why you think we should unban you. The best approach is generally to read the rules, then explain which rule you broke in your appeal, explaining why you won't do it again if unbanned. If you're truly convinced you never broke the rules in the first place, you could alternatively explain why - but that approach has a much lower chance of success. Try hard to identify which rule you broke. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ EXAMPLE: IC NAME: Grayman Tide BYOND KEY: Greytide16236 DATE OF BAN: 7/9/13 DURATION OF BAN: This is a permanent ban ADMIN BYOND KEY: Regens REASON FOR BAN: Insulting people YOUR APPEAL: I broke rule 1, and openly insulted another player in OOC. I am sorry I lost my temper and did this, and will not do it again.
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    unknown voxxy seems like i have a problem with revolvers
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    Hello! Just finished my new work! This time I was drawing Dayana @White In Sky, friendly Slime person I know for a couple of months. It was always a great time to see her around and it was a pleasure for me to draw her. It was my first try to draw slime person and I know it could be done much better Anyways I am glad for all of your support and I appreciate that. Love you all ! *squish*
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    A commission of Katlyn Hudson, with Saki! They're doing some moving in, with their newly adopted pet Eevee. @Veloxi was, and is still being, very patient with me in my getting-of-commissions-done.
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    Why haven't I done this before?
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    I... I don't remember who the admins were when this Tip came about... but... Good to know there's a consistent stream of good advice coming from our Tips. This one was very important. Yaya. Bonk.
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    I hate it every time I choose to play a fat guy, everyone calls me fat Yeah, thanks. noticed. Then they try to force me to drink weight-loss shake. I wanna play as a fat guy, can I please be left alone? Why should I get my secway stolen by a clown, only to never ever be returned because I choose to be fat? LET ME BE FAT. So what if my sec belt has nothing but donuts stored in it? I demand that all the bad guys stop running so fast, I can barely breathe, stop trying to give me a frickin heart-attack, damn you.
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    Who's that pokemon? It's Seshi! With a GUN. Where'd they get that gun? Put it down. They're in a fancy Unathi R.I.G suit.
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    This was a commission done for @Esenno who's a wonderful trial of a nerd. It's law. MARSHAL law. Here they are doing some reading on a particularly difficult case. Probably the murder of 4 grey-shirts who broke into the kitchen via the chef who made them into delicious burgers. Trespassing in the kitchen will do that. or maybe not. He's probably looking at something a lot more serious. At least he's got some company to keep him motivated. *chirp
  34. 13 points
    This is a suggestion for our discord, instead of the game. I feel an 'Art' discord channel would do wonders in helping the players of our community express their work! Sure, you can use the forums, but sometimes you have sketches or works in progress that you want advice on and don't want to post on the forums. In addition to the more low effort art pieces that are funny, but in no sense forum worthy. I've spoken to many people on the discord, and the overall opinion of this idea seems positive. I think it would help foster creativity in the player base, and I always enjoy seeing other peoples work. Unlike PRs it would be pretty easy to add/remove. I would like to at least try it for a week or two, and if it doesn't work we can always get rid of it! What do you think?
  35. 13 points
    I'm also trying out a new drawing program, Paint tool SAI 2. I'm really liking its shading, and the ability to modify lines after you draw them. To test it out I drew a toaster-head I've been seeing around a lot, and who seems to be carrying medbay on their back a few times. Wyldcard! They're a neat player. I think it came out pretty nice. I think I'll try to use SAI 2 for a while. Also I love an appreciate all your comments and reactions. Honestly I don't get much reply when I post up my art on other platforms, which is likely why I mostly post on this forum with my art now you guys, honestly, are so kind, and your feedback is astounding!! JEEZE
  36. 13 points
    Hello forums! I have seen a lot of great work from artists in here and wanted to share something too! ^.^ This is one of my very first attempts to draw character from server and specifically it is Natalya Sokolova (one of the most robust officers I have met). It has been great moments to spend time with her on station and the player is very nice and kind too @Norstead! Only additionally.. I know that it is nothing special and it has many mistakes in it.. and I expect criticism, also I would appreciate some suggestions or tips from anyone who is willing to give me some! ^.^
  37. 13 points
    Greetings everyone! I have finally finished my drawing in a bit different style! It is Saki Kobayashi and Katlyn Hudson @Veloxi on night out! I hope that you like it.. love you all! ^.^
  38. 13 points
    Just a whole load of art I've been bad at uploading. One of which is a commission! Then we've got some portraits for some ID cards, and of course, Port! Port is such a neat character, honestly one of the most seemingly developed on the Cyberiad. They actually feel like... well, a crew-member on a space station. Old grumpy man. He's amazing.
  39. 13 points
    It’s t i m e For small art dump The IPC of a friend named CID Uhhhhhhhhhhhh decided to draw a vox captain and well.. yes. Also this question’s been bothering me for a bit, how would shoes work on vox?? My take on a mouse pAI And last but not least your local mask wearing beret stealing Fredrico >:c I don’t know how lighting works help Okay see you in another few months
  40. 13 points
    That sound... you sometimes hear... When Jay is around... That Ocelot meow. This... this is where it comes from.
  41. 13 points
  42. 13 points
    Who's that VOX? It's Kar-ski! This is a commission from them and I gotta say they're really polite and nice. I also have to say, I really appreciate the effort Kar-Ski puts in every round. When they're a surgeon, they're taking an effort to improve the ORs, getting Vox Blood to SM them when they need, and is just generally making their workplace really good looking. When they're NT rep they dress up fantastically, and do some real nice re-modeling. When they're just trading? Well, that's when they shine. Their shops are amazing, and astounding, and honestly Its a shame I don't get to head over and investigate more often. Their creativeness is honestly quite inspiring, and I always feel like they help build up any round they are a part of. It's always wonderful to see them round. That said, welcome to Kar-Ski's Skipjack Trade Shack!
  43. 13 points
    J'eff is the only character I've seen fit into the role of hair stylist so easily. Shame he bald tho. It's like Beethoven, the best artists cannot enjoy their own art... sometimes...maybe. SCHWING SCISSORS
  44. 13 points
    Yea keep in mind this thread is in the unban requests declined section I posted it there on accident. This is something I was replying to someone on discord about when he asked. I also didn't use google to look up these facts I've known about them for the longest time. Political correctness is in no way shape or form used by our current president. The BLM movement is illogical considering that under 50% of the US is not racist. Leaving the BLM with no point in existing. These statistics are a complete educated guess based on my analysis of things going on with race now a days. We have black history month, black entertainment television, martin luther king day, black only scholarships and clubs, the majority of the NBA is black and making millions. However the people that protest against the black lives matter movement are almost equally illogical other then there statistics which are based on fact for instance there are far more black on white murders then white on black murders. However aknowledging the true statistics isn't a good idea because it leads to a bias against black people giving no room for the good eggs to shine. My opinion on the BLM is that it shouldn't exist based on the assumption that I have made due to all of that, that under 50% of the US is racist. A very slim minority speaking. The KKK is dying and the Arian nation only has like 4-8 people in each HQ. You cannot gather accurate statistics on racism because if you make a national poll being a "Racist" is largely based on opinion that questions the moral values of the individual regarding race. When you generalize a race or a group of people by statistics it leave almost absolutly no room to aknowledge the good eggs and if the statistics show mostly good the bad eggs. This is Buford Prescot self educated deep thinker haha. I say that the people that protest against the BLM movement are illogical because they try to imply by statistics that black culture is overun by immoral rap, violence, and gang banging. Which statistically is true but should NOT be used as a tool to attack the entire race considering that there are a lot of good people that are black and should be valued like barack obama and morgan freeman. Response to someone claiming they are a terrorist group equivelant to the Neo Nazi's and all that: All of them are a hybrid between different groups of people. The violent protesters and the people that try to use there form of "Logic" which isn't logic it's completely stupid to communicate that there is a lot of racism in the US and they strive for equality which is a complete dellusion. Most of these people are the BLM self proclaimed leaders who primarly appear on television interviews and Coed activist groups. They are composed of there self proclaimed leaders and coed activist groups* They aren't a terrorist group as a whole. Response to acclaimed CIA manipulating statistics due to racism or an agenda: I know nothing of BAMN. But the CIA in no way shape or form manipulates statistics. Most of these statistics were taken during the period of 1995-2017 a time where racism was and is severily declining by taking the crime statistics by police records and documents on crime. CIA is a covert group that sends agents to area's to convert the enemy into becoming double agents for them. Or to train rebel groups against government. They have in the past worked with some shady people in the mafia and drug lords. There whole purpose is to disrupt and manipulate groups and governments while trying to keep a low profile and to minimize the blame of the actions on the United States. Some individual people of the enemy in authority positions by bribing them, indoctorinating them, finding people that disagree with there government and organization I ment. Response to someone commenting about the CIA supporting drug lords in south america: They used to but ever since nixon declared a war on drugs operations of the CIA have been severely minimized when it comes to manipulating and bribing drug lords. During the cold war when the soviets attempted to invade afghanistan the CIA funded and trained there militia along with Bin Laden being one of them since he had a major influence on the population. They gave them gear and they succesfully defeated the russians. Later on Bin Laden fucked the US over so they killed him. Yea don't ask me how I know this LOL. In game playing HoS as Buford Prescot I made a couple fuckups as a basic security guard by using what the CIA coined "Enhanced Interrogation Methods" which was basically an innocent term for torture. I even said were going to use "Enhanced Interrogation Methods" Kinda funny lol. Then I got boinked and stopped. The CIA's method of torture was water boarding, stress positions, depriving them of sleep. Things like that. Response to someone commenting that the CIA is dangerous and a threat to democracy: When it comes to covert spy operations every government has them. During the cold war russia had the KGB. China today has the ministry of state security. Even Afghanistan when they killed Bin Laden they built a government based on the principles of the US to gain a stronger foothold there covert spy operations department is called National Directorate of Security. Well almost every country has them but there effectiveness varies. They CIA does answer to certain points of authority. Basically they have blood feuds with congress similar to the blood feuds and disagreements between central command, magistrate, captain, and the HoS. The* The CIA is basically a department that feuds with congress and tries to hide things from them or cover up/manipulate them while congress makes the ultimate decision on the fate of certain members of the CIA or the way they operate they are the equivalant to central command. The president is the equivelant to the captain. Also, magistrate and NT rep can't accurately be implemented into this analogy.
  45. 12 points
    Well, seems like I am late but hey. Might aswell start sharing my pixelart pieces! Currently working on 1 bit style, meaning I can only use a shade of black and white to make a piece. See below my first try at it. In this example I made a kind of ss13 RPG, with dentha as the main character and spark as the 2nd character.
  46. 12 points
    So uh I draw sometimes? Not nearly as much as I used to, but occasionally, I come out with something I like. Lately, my interest has been spess-related art-- mostly IPCs, but I have other stuff in the WIP pile. IPCs L-U-M-I and S.A.M., or alternatively, when you both get spaced and only pinging at each other is what keeps you both awake in the endless void: (gif) L-U-M-I; I wanted to play with his monitor style (gif) LUMI? (spooky plot stuff regarding the blue monitor) again. Quick doodle, my tablet was being a butts LUMI's humanoid chassis, Lumi Liebhardt. Mechanic LUMI in spaaaaace (gif) A quick, messy doodle of one of my other IPCs, D.I.T.T.Y, in a fancy outfit, which turned out cute. wrong head accessory though
  47. 12 points
    A commission I did for some people, the Blacksheild of a HRP server. It was fun to do, I will say that uh... Uniforms are hard to vary. I DUNNO IF I SHOULD BE SHARING art of different spess plesses but uh... I do WHEEEEEEEEEEEE I love you all
  48. 12 points
    As somebody who's often seen as incredibly light on the spectrum of admin strictness, I can definitely understand the primary concern of the issue. There have been several incidents over the years in which, even on staff, I have had significant disagreements with the way a number of bans and dealings have gone on across the server's history. It can be easy, from a staff position, and even a head position, to worry that you're stepping on eggshells with other members of staff. A number of times I've felt strongly against something, though being in the minority, there's not much you can do to sway opinion if that happens. It can be incredibly discouraging, and so the paragraph below definitely resonates with a number of my own experiences. The thing is, this isn't bridge burning, it's honest criticism coming from somebody who didn't feel they had the channels open to discuss their discontent with a current system. Though I understand I wasn't head until you began your break, I take it as a personal failure to keep things feeling open, and for being unable to make you feel as though your opinion would not only be welcome, but would also be considered and hopefully incorporated into staff workings at large. From personal experience, being a timid person in a staff team can be difficult, it can have that 'eggshell' feel whenever you push up your own personal opinion, and it can feel as though breaching that might be seen as 'confrontational'. Believe me, I've taken insults for opposing staff decisions before, it's not completely crazy. The thing is, Headmin enforcement buckling down on things won't make everyone happy likely for the very same reason. Even we don't always disagree, most notably between me and Kyet, and to some degree, Neca for both of us, each concerned with the other's way of addressing people and our way of addressing bans and how/when to apply them. Frankly, if I'm going to be honest with how I'd deal with the situation, I'd have to tell you that I don't honestly know, these sorts of problems go beyond simple rule and policy changes, as, especially with a staff team this big, getting consensus on even one rule can take weeks or, at worst, several months. The important thing to note though is, this isn't a sour note, it's bittersweet at the very worst. It's honest and open criticism and I can completely respect the position you're coming from. The best you can really do is try to change things around and speak your piece well enough that you can manage to get people on your side, but that takes a bit of that boat rocking and, inevitably, you'll likely step on toes. Life without upsetting people is impossible, of course, but what matters is the way in which you upset them. If your arguments are as well reasoned, well worded, and as diplomatic as these posts here, you could certainly avoid a lot of the pain and discomfort you might've expected from providing an opinion you've got every reason and right to be able to provide. Para has helped me grow a lot in these past six years, and from the looks of things, it's certainly had an effect on you. If you ever feel up to it again at any point or if you'd be willing to give debates and arguments a shot, feel free to come back any time. On top of that, if you had any suggestions, arguments, or concerns you wanted to pitch that you didn't feel comfortable putting in this thread for the sake of the aforementioned 'eggshell' worries, please, chuck me a DM on discord. Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you around. - Dumb
  49. 12 points
    TWO for the price of one! I've been sick for the past few days, but I managed to get these dones before/after. Hazel! I see her around and she said she wanted draws... So, I decided to oblige, because Hazel Ray has been someone who I've seen as Bluesheild quite a bit, always quite the robust defender. Annnnnnd A commission for @AmericanToxic of their character, Aaron Whelen. Defending their office from an interloper with their pointy metal stick!
  50. 12 points
    Here's some art of my vulp, Tariq Yon-Dale, mostly. I like drawing cartoons first and foremost.
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