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A club for Vox kin, and human supremacists pretending to be Vox kin.
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  2. Is Kichiklackaki, or shortened to Kaki for people who have too much dusts in their lungs to say long words. He took a job of fly a crew of raiders and cargo to their needed places, but crashed the skipjack and destroyed the cargo, leading to the people who hired him hunting him down (vox mafia), and trying to pay off the skip jack dept to a skip jack renting company. Before this he lived on the third ark ship and enjoyed the shinys he had in his dorm. Now he lives on station and insists the true spelling of vox is "Voks" and voxxy (or voxxie) "voksey" he does a variety of different jobs to pay off the skipjack debt and tries to avoid the vox mafia, also he would always try to loot a nuke ops despite him knowing it could explode. The profile picture is him in game but with RTX on.
  3. When skrek CMO tellings you how to do chemistries but is terribles at its
  4. Skreking floorpills is be skreking poors voxxies right the skrek up!
  5. Leaking one of Rachidiyayarikirahihirawk songs, you know that stupid gimmick my spessbird has:
  6. (NOTE: .gifv files don't seem to work with the "insert other media" function, but if you remove the v most image hosting sites will show just the .gif version) Is best thread for pictures, gifs, and videos of voxxy doing voxxy things yaya. Singing and snacks! Wetskrell.nt is have lewds for every race! Start of shift and is getting outfit together!
  7. Is Yakihikraekhekh. Was used to be just Yakihikra, but then kins say, "You is cough like EKH EKH!" so is now Yakihikraekhekh. Is best Detectivox and star of Vox Cops™ newsreader show. Sometimes is best Voxgineer, yaya.
  8. Is Rachidiyayarikirahihirawk, Dustlungs always callings me Rachidi... IS DUSTLUNGS NAME IS HATING RACHIDI ITS RACHIDIYAYARIKIRAHIHIRAWK! Mes is workings in genetics mostlies, ors whatevers is opens. Is can do many thingsies. Is not liking the captains artings and gettings in trouble with skrekcurity. IS WANTS SHINIES BUT SKREKCURITY TAKES AWAY THEN STEALS VOXY TANKIES! IS HATINGS DUSTLUNGS IS ALWAYS MEAN TO VOXY, SLIMIES, WETTIES, FURS ARE FINES.
  9. Is names Zentykrex. Voxxie explorings gateways n' spacies for shinies. Findings shinies for Syndiskreks as wells. Yaya. Mes thinks to tryings new thingies but nots sure yets. IS A SHE *flaps wings ANGRILY* SKREKURITIES NOTS EXPERIENCIES WITHS SHES, CANTS TELLS HES FROMS SHES. *skrees* SKREKS! (I think I add lots of S's to things due to the unathi I used to use a bunch prior to unlocking vox...I sorta make them speak the same)
  10. Me voxxy is be Ahktaaaa. Is be just generic voxxy, yaya. Voxxy is does seccies and engies, sometimes voxxy is does medicals. One time is trick fluffy meat with disguise voxxy borrow from medbays. (But really though, that one time I 'tricked' the HoP, who I think was @FlattestGuitar's Eli, or whomever his Vulpkanin was, into promoting me from Assistant to CMO with a doctor outfit I stole from the medbay. I didn't really trick him, but he found it so hilarious that he played along.)
  11. I decided to make a new Vox just for the hell of it Kitikatiskraaaaaa She's a Vox pop idol. Her newest album, SKREESKRAAAAKAKAKAKAKATIKATAKA!!! is out now at local stores! Enjoy her hit single, "Your loves is my shiny. I is take nows yaya" with that special someone.
  12. My vox is named ''Makaraskreevaya'' He specifies in mechanics and engineering. And he loves being a clown.
  13. This needs to be here. Kill as little as necessary Waste as little as necessary Preserve the arkships Preserve materials Adapt and expand to all circumstances

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