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For the distinguished and elite. Plasmaman club.
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  2. I've been around for years now, man... Paradise has existed since earlier than 2014? In any case, I guess enough people remembered me and gave me enough karma for the Plasmanmen unlock. If I'm not on my regular toon, Grzeslaw Nowak, I'm the Plasmanman "NO.WAK."
  3. Heya! Just realized this club exists! I play Bunsen, the perpetually chilly, colorblind scientist. If he is not currently on fire, he's too cold.
  4. So I just unlocked Plasmeme today, and started out with the name Eacles (which is the name I used on a bunch of different servers that had plasma men as well). Though I've decided to rename to Argon, seeing as I got Eacles from my moth on Hippie station, and Eacles is just a genus of moths.
  5. Yep, being named after a star or a chemical is the way to go. I play Procyon, one of the first timers I played her was also one of the first times I played as a miner. I found the kitten out on the asteroid and wondered if it was named after the founder, and took like the first 4 letters of their name at first. :p
  6. Plasmemes can never be as HOT as my pompadour
  7. I unlocked plasmaman three weeks ago, i play Cosmos,Nebula and Astro, i decided to name my plasmaman's over celestial bodies.
  8. Name it after eitheer some unstable/flammable chemical or a star system!
  9. I'm not there yet but on the way too it. Im torn over the name though, any ideas?
  10. Vega. I play him when i'm tired of EMPs and my hands dropping off.
  11. Dimethyl here. You'll likely see them in any role indefinitely, however, most commonly Tourist and Chemical Researcher. Pleased to make your acquaintance.
  12. I just unlocked plasmaman a few moments ago (yay!), and I play Radon.
  13. My plasmaman is Pandora, I play her every now and then.
  14. Ikelos is my Plasmaman. I enjoy the species enough I got my own special suit.
  15. I occasionally play my plasmaman Mateus, as a miner. Rarely, a brig physician.
  16. I am the person behind Ununpentium, the asshole in science. Always yelling at cargo because they dont fucking order a machine prototype and being rude to alot of people. If situations are dire he says stuff like: "Fuck it guys I go to space." and leaves. Ununpentiums name is based on Element 115. Initially I planned to name him Elerium, but apparently 2 things happened: 1st.: Reference Rule on server. 2nd.: IUPAC decided it was cooler to name Ununpentium "Moscovium"... DESPITE ELERIUM BEING A SUGGESTED NAME WITH QUITE A FEW SUPPORTERS...
  17. Phobos is the name of my Plasmaguy. He.... is still feeling out his place, but has had a few command positions and enjoyed them. Current focus is getting the Cap's office converted into a plasma atmos so I can invite my Plasmafriends to relax out side of them stuffy suits :)
  18. Hey there, you hot, smoking, sexy person. Who do you play? I play Tithonus. You'll see him doing all kinds of jobs, expect for science. Tithonus is a rad dude, not a nerd.

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